Elf Society

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The [type] elves are led by [leader]. They occupy most of their time with [industry], and are very proud of their [relic]. These Elves currently need to [problem].




1,accursed 1,alabaster 1,ash 1,blood 1,celestial 1,copper 1,crystal 1,dark 1,deep 1,degenerate 1,desert 1,ebony 1,eldritch 1,exiled 1,fiendish 1,fire 1,forest 1,frost 1,gold 1,grey 1,high 1,ice 1,jungle 1,moon 1,night 1,primordial 1,river 1,sea 1,shadow 1,silver 1,sky 1,snow 1,spider 1,star 1,sun 1,undead 1,valley 1,water 1,wild 1,wood


1,King [SGNP elvish.male] 1,Queen [SGNP elvish.female]


2,places of learning 2,bowyery 2,studying magic 2,animal husbandry 2,cultivating vegetation 2,healing 2,crafting magical artifacts 1,raising dragons


1,Amulet of Power 1,Enchanted Dragon's Scale 1,Ancestral Moonblade 1,Seeing Stone 1,Crown of Arcane Fire 1,archive of artifacts 1,World Tree 1,Crystal Scepter 1,shattered pieces of an ancient king's sword 1,magic bows 1,Singing Shortsword 1,Bow of Traveling 1,Sacred Pool


1,guard the evil locked away for centuries 1,rally unwilling allies against a secret imminent threat 1,drive these defilers of nature out of their lands 1,either make peace with the neighboring dwarves or make war against them 1,drive back the demons who appeared because of their arcane experimentation 1,find the cause of decay afflicting their Sacred Tree 1,find out why their magic has stopped working 1,overthrow their evil overlords


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