Dungeon World Bonds

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<sgdisplay iterations="4">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,[relation] [action] [modifier] [subject]


1,________ has much to teach me about 1,________ insulted me by 1,________ misunderstands me about 1,________ owes me 1,I am bound to ________ for 1,I blame ________ for 1,I lied to ________ about 1,I rescued ________ from 1,I respect ________ for 1,________ may not know it, but I stole from them for 1,I travel with ________ as we both seek knowledge about 1,I implicitly trust ________ for 1,I will convince ________ about 1,I will protect ________ from 1,I have much to teach ________ about 1,________ must forget about 1,I will help ________, they are destined for 1,I will learn ________’s secret about 1,________ is untrustworthy because of their role in 1,I will sooth ________’s concerns about my involvement in


1,the ridiculousness of 1,always calling out 1,always pushing for 1,always relying on 1,never accepting 1,never believing in 1,never forgetting 1,never learning from 1,running a con on 1,running away with 1,speaking poorly of 1,the ritual of 1,being central to 1,avoiding tragic 1,always believing in 1,never yielding to 1,speaking highly of 1,the destruction of 1,the creation of 1,the dangerous allure of


1,angered 1,knightly 1,golden 1,blood 1,arcane 1,bitter 1,holy 1,illicit 1,family 1,eternal 1,king’s 1,forbidden 1,noble 1,primal 1,guild 1,diabolic 1,prophetic 1,nature’s 1,apostatic 1,lecherous


1,heirloom 1,reputation 1,dreams 1,brother 1,wealth 1,argument 1,sanctuary 1,gifts 1,honor 1,secrets 1,authority 1,knowledge 1,corruption 1,faith 1,friendship 1,violence 1,ramblings 1,visions 1,magic 1,advances </sgtable>

This generator was originally created by Jeremy Friesen [1] and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. [2]