Dungeon Room

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  • [Dungeon Dressing.main]

  • Exits (clockwise from [Compass direction.4]) First exit: [Doors]. Second exit: [Doors]. [Doorsmaybe][Doorsmaybe][Doorsmaybe]

  • Inside: [Inside] [Andobjectmaybe]
    1,Amphitheater 1,Animal Crypt 1,Antechamber 1,Armory 1,Audience Hall 1,Aviary 1,Banquet hall 1,Barn 1,Barracks 1,Bathroom 1,Bedroom 1,Bestiary 1,Cage or Cell 1,Cistern Room 1,Classroom 1,Closet 1,Confessional 1,Conjuring Room 1,Courtroom 1,Crematorium 1,Crypt 1,Den 1,Dining Room 1,Divination Chamber 1,Dressing Room 1,Embalming Chamber 1,Forge 1,Gallery 1,Game Room 1,Granary 1,Great Hall 1,Guardroom 1,Gymnasium 1,Hall 1,Harem 1,Inscription Chamber 1,Interrogation Room 1,Kennel 1,Kitchen 1,Laboratory 1,Lair 1,Larder / Pantry 1,Library 1,Lounge 1,Map Room 1,Mass Grave 1,Maze 1,Meditation Chamber 1,Meeting Chamber 1,Mess Hall 1,Mine 1,Monk Cell 1,Morgue 1,Museum 1,Music Room 1,Observatory 1,Office 1,Oubliette 1,Padded Room 1,Planning Room 1,Pool 1,Pool 1,Reception Chamber 1,Robing Room 1,Salon 1,Sauna 1,Scriptorium 1,Servants Dorm 1,Shrine 1,Smokehouse 1,Solar 1,Stable 1,Statue hall 1,Storage 1,Study 1,Summoning Room 1,Tannery 1,Temple 1,Testing Room 1,Throne Room 1,Tomb 1,Torture Chamber 1,Training Room 1,Treasury 1,Trophy Room 1,Vault 1,Vestiary 1,Waiting Room 1,Wardrobe 1,Weird Alien Birthing Chamber 1,Well Room 1,Workshop
    10, 5,and also: [Fantasy Assignment.Object]
    1,aiding 1,chasing 1,eating 1,fighting 1,hunting with the aid of 1,killing 1,negotiating with 1,selling something to 1,that is apparently terribly worried about 1,that serves 1,travelling with
    50,[Weird Fantasy Monster.Main] 20,A trap: [Traps.main] 5,A trap: [Traps.main] And: [Weird Fantasy Monster.Main] 5,A trap: [Traps.main] And: [Weird Fantasy Monster.Main] (actually several) 5,[Weird Fantasy Monster.Main] (actually several) 5,[Weird Fantasy Monster.Main] (actually several) [Complex] [Weird Fantasy Monster.Main] 5,[Weird Fantasy Monster.Main] (actually several) [Complex] [Weird Fantasy Monster.Main] (actually, several) 5,[Weird Fantasy Monster.Main] [Complex] [Weird Fantasy Monster.Main] 5,[Weird Fantasy Monster.Main] [Complex] [Weird Fantasy Monster.Main] (actually, several)
    4, 1, Next exit: [Doors].
    6,. Because 1,. Maybe because 1,. Presumably because
    2,a valuable item 2,something of value 1,a [≈]ly valuable item 1,something of [≈] value 1,an item of [≈] value
    1,amazing 1,astounding 1,enormous 1,exceptional 1,fabulous 1,huge 1,immense 1,prodigious 1,stupendous 1,tremendous 1,vast
    50,Doorless archway 50,Ordinary unlocked door[→] inhabitants have abandoned this place 5,Locked, serious lock[→] [lsl] 5,Ordinary lock[→][ol] 4,Door has a broken lock[→] [dbl] 4,Door is alarmed or alerts nearby inhabitants/intruders[→] [daa] 4,Doorless archway[→] [dla] 3,Accidentally/organically “trapped”—the architecture falls apart in a dangerous way when you attempt to open this door[→] [aot] 3,Door concealed behind stuff[→] [dc] 3,Door has a broken trap[→] it[dbt] 3,False door[→] [fd] 3,Locked, but key is in this room[→] [lbk] 3,Locked, puzzle lock[→] [lpl] 3,Ordinary unlocked door[→] [oud] 3,Secret door, magically hidden[→] [sdma] 3,Secret door, mechanically hidden[→] [sdme] 3,Trapped, primitive but magical[→] [tpm] 3,Trapped, primitive/simple[→] [tps] 3,Trapped, sophisticated (mechanical)[→] the [tsme] 3,Trapped, sophisticated and magical[→] [tsma] 2,Ornate but unprotected[→] this [obu] 1,Locked, magically[→] a recent emergency in the dungeon has caused an inhabitant to go around and magically lock as many doors as possible
    1,it’s old 1,recent fighting in the complex has fucked it up 1,the inhabitants know never to use this door and so use it as a sort of intruder alarm
    1,intruders want to shadow the PCs and take their stuff 1,it was hastily thrown together by intruders 1,the inhabitants want intruders to enter for some reason, but also want to know when they’re in here 1,they are tough but not great at making locks and traps
    1,a beast just destroyed it 1,intruders just picked it 1,the architects once kept [★] here but the inhabitants took it long ago 1,the inhabitants are primitive and suck at making locks
    1, was poorly made by primitive inhabitants 1, was recently sprung by intruders 1,’s old
    1,inhabitants forgot about the room and have piled stuff up in this room in front of the door 1,intruders are behind it and don’t want to be disturbed/discovered 1,this room is semi-abandoned and full of crap
    1,the inhabitants removed the door in order to make it into a residence 1,there used to be a door here, but it rotted away 1,this was a residence 1,this was designed as a temple
    1,a spell was recently unleashed in the dungeon that multiplies the façades of things 1,the architect(s) was(were) eccentric 1,the inhabitants have some ritual reason for needing them
    1,an inhabitant dropped it 1,only an intruder would be dumb enough to enter the next room and it’s a sort of trap 1,the next room is a prison cell
    1,it wasn’t designed as a puzzle lock, but the original mechanism has sort of fallen apart over the years and now is tricky to deal with 1,one inhabitant is crazy 1,the architects designed this place only to admit certain types of individuals
    1,the inhabitant includes a wizard 1,the inhabitants are protecting [★] 1,the inhabitants are sophisticated and this is just normal for them 1,the inhabitants are xenophobes and this place is forbidden to outsiders 1,this room contains [★]
    1,area is dangerous and has been abandoned by most of the inhabitants 1,used to be a temple
    1, the inhabitants are too primitive to do any better 1, the inhabitants thought no one would ever come down here 1, the real heavy locks are later down the line 1,, to the inhabitants, this is an ordinary place with nothing terribly valuable in it
    1,the front entrance was someplace the PCs already somehow passed, and nobody expected intruders to get this far 1,the lock has been broken by recent intruders 1,to the inhabitants, this is an ordinary place
    1,an intruder with magical abilities is behind it somewhere and does not want to be disturbed 1,the architects were magical and hid something behind it 1,the inhabitants hid something behind it
    1,the architects hid [★] here 1,the inhabitants hid [★] here 1,this room was a prison
    1,intruders who have a magic-user with them are in here and don’t want to be disturbed 1,it was designed to keep out vermin or children, not tough guys like the PCs 1,the inhabitant culture is primitive but has shamen/priests
    1,intruders are looking for something in here and rigged it up because they don’t want to be disturbed 1,the inhabitant culture is primitive/simple 1,the mechanism is old and no longer works as well as it used to
    1,architect culture was of a species that would not need to use the door the way a human would 1,architect culture was sophisticated and was protecting [★] 1,inhabitants hid [★] behind the door
    1,an inhabitant is a crazy wizard 1,the architect culture was protecting [★] 1,the architecture is alive </sgtable>