Drinking Binge

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This page is an "Abulafia-ism" of the random Drinking Binge tool at Slack n Hash. Useful for those moments that you need something other than "you all met in the tavern" or for a generic night on the town when a character isn't that descriptive of what they were intending to do in the tavern.

<sgdisplay iterations="5">[drink]</sgdisplay>



1,You go into the tavern intending to [reason]. However, you [overdo] and your overindulgence ends up costing you no less than 1d20x4+5 gold pieces. You wake up [consequence].


1,gather information from the locals 1,await the arrival of a mysterious stranger 1,celebrate the successful completion of an adventure 1,commiserate following yet another failed adventure 1,drink yourself into a blind stupor 1,find accommodation for the night 1,buy everyone a drink because you're just that kind of guy 1,track down your mortal enemy 1,drink to forget your last messy divorce 1,break your vow of sobriety once and for all 1,score 1,watch the naughty ladies doing their jiggly dancing 1,discover just how much alcohol is needed to cause irreparable damage to your liver 1,hang around until someone takes pity on you and buys you a drink 1,pick a fight with a complete stranger 1,make use of the latrines 1sample the finest wines the place has to offer 1,take part in the monthly trivia quiz 1,get completely off your face 1,indulge in the weekly karaoke humiliation ritual


1,overdo it slightly 1,get a bit carried away 1,take leave of your senses 1,become possessed by demons of debauchery 1,have a few too many 1,get completely wrecked 1,lose all sense of moderation 1,are particularly thirsty 1,lose count of how many drinks you intended to have 1,go on the bender to end all benders 1,overestimate your capacity for alcohol 1,resolve to buy everyone's drinks for the entire night 1,go temporarily insane 1,run into a bunch of sailors 1,decide to out-drink the dwarf that's been propping up the bar for the past week 1,lose fifteen drinking games in a row 1,end up in the company of some journalists 1,ignore the conventional wisdom about mixing one's drinks 1,lose control


1,stripped naked and shackled to a lamp-post 1,in a jail cell awaiting trial 1,in a heap of smoldering rubble 1,stripped to the waist and covered with welts 1,on the deck of a ship, three days out to sea 1,in a 30-foot deep pit 1,inside a gelatinous cube 1,inside a tiger 1,trapped in the form of a llama 1,locked away at the top of the tallest tower of the land 1,hanging from the weather vane at the top of a church tower 1,stark naked and handcuffed to [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] 1,on a big silver platter with an onion up your bum 1,trapped inside a small crate 1,lying face-down on a dung heap 1,in a cesspit 1,in pieces 1,wake up wearing nothing but a leather and rubber ball-gag with "property of [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle]" tatooed on your hindquarters 1,lying on your back on a stone altar 1,in drag with a horny chimpanzee advancing on you 1,in the middle of the wedding of an important dignitary, halfway through singing an obscene song 1,bound, gagged and in a leather corset 1,on a hospital bed with tubes sticking out of your nose 1,in the middle of the sea, clinging to a aringed-looking dolphin 1,fully armed and in the middle of a room full of cowering hostages 1,up to your chin in hyena offal 1,in a bathtub full of ice 1,in a genital-piercing parlor 1,soaked in flammable oil 1,standing over the vicar's corpse with a pickaxe-handle in your hand 1,in bed with the vicar 1,in bed with a frightened pig </sgtable>