Disgusting Sex Acts

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I have no idea what any of these acts entail, but for your entertainment here they are...

<sgdisplay iterations="5">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,[prefix] [suffix]
1,[#]-[part] [suffix]

1,One 1,Two 1,Three 1,Four 1,Five 1,Six 1,Seven 1,Eight 1,Nine 1,Ten


1,hand 1,foot 1,finger 1,toe 1,nostril 1,tongue 1,eyed 1,card 1,cheek 1,nipple 1,story


1,[color.main] 1,Alabama 1,Cleveland 1,Dirty 1,Surprise 1,Rusty 1,Chocolate 1,Tony 1,Donkey 1,Golden 1,Wolf 1,Double 1,Jack 1,Backwards 1,Sideways 1,Purple 1,Standing 1,Happy 1,Truckstop 1,Diamond


1,Thrust 1,Corker 5,[American Census Names.female] 1,[SGNP modern american.COMMON MALE] 1,[SGNP modern american.STRANGE SURNAME] 3,[SGNP modern american.COMMON FEMALE] 1,[SGNP modern american.UNCOMMON FEMALE] 1,[SGNP modern american.STRANGE FEMALE] 1,[SGNP modern american.RARE FEMALE]] 3,[SGNP modern american.PROFESSION] 1,[SGNP modern american.MODERN AMERICAN YOUTH FEMALE] 1,Slammer 1,Steamer 1,Sanchez 1,Venture 1,Trombone 1,Sunday 1,Danza 1,Punch 1,Shower 1,Cookie 1,Tug 1,Handy 1,Porker 1,Toolshed 1,Quickie 1,Delight 1,Jubilee