Deadlands Injury

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For use with Deadlands Plots and Oracles. Generates Random encounters.


Yur' Hurt Pardner. Looks like ya got hit in the...

<sgdisplay iterations="10">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,Unmentionables: The hero suffers an embarrassing and painful wound to the groin. If the injury is permanent, reproduction is out of the question without miracle surgery or magic. 5,Arm: The character catches one in the [rightleft] arm. The arm is rendered useless. 20,Guts: Your hero catches one somewhere between the crotch and the chin. [Guts] 3,Leg: The character's [rightleft] is crushed, broken, or mangled. His pace is reduced by 1. 3,Head: Your hero has suffered a grevious injury to his head. [Head]


1,Hideous Scar: Your hero now has the Ugly Hinderance. 1,Blinded: One or both of your hero's eyes was damaged. He gains the Bad Eyes Hinderance. 1,Brain Damage: Your hero suffers massive trauma to the head. His Smarts is reduced one die type (min d4).


1,Broken: His Agility reduced by a die type (min d4). 1,Battered: His Vigor is reduced by a die type (min d4). 1,Busted: His Strength is reduced by a die type (min d4).


1,right 1,left