Deadlands Encounter Generator

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For use with Deadlands Plots and Oracles. Generates Random encounters.



<sgdisplay iterations="6">[main]</sgdisplay>

The Disputed Territories

<sgdisplay iterations="6">[Disputed]</sgdisplay>

The Great Basin

<sgdisplay iterations="6">[GreatBasin]</sgdisplay>

The Great Maze (Land)

<sgdisplay iterations="6">[MazeLand]</sgdisplay>

The Great Maze (Sea)

<sgdisplay iterations="6">[MazeSea]</sgdisplay>

The Great Northwest

<sgdisplay iterations="6">[GreatNorthwest]</sgdisplay>

The High Plains

<sgdisplay iterations="6">[HighPlains]</sgdisplay>

Republic of Deseret

<sgdisplay iterations="6">[RepublicDeseret]</sgdisplay>

Sioux Nations

<sgdisplay iterations="6">[SiouxNations]</sgdisplay>



1,Disputed Territories: [Disputed] 1,The Great Basin: [GreatBasin] 1,The Maze (Land): [MazeLand] 1,The Maze (Sea): [MazeSea] 1,The Great Northwest: [GreatNorthwest] 1,The High Plains: [HighPlains] 1,Republic of Deseret: [RepublicDeseret] 1,Sioux Nations: [SiouxNations]


4,[Dice.2d6] Partisan Raiders (soldiers profile) 5,[Dice.2d6] Outlaws 1,[Dice.2d4] Veteran Outlaws 1,[Dice.2d4] Walkin' Dead 1,Glom 1,Mourning Mist 2,Jackalope 5,Prairie Ticks


4,[Angel] 3,[Dice.2d6] Union Soldiers 3,[Dice.2d6] Confederate Soldiers 10,[Dice.2d6] Outlaws 4,[Dice.2d4] Veteran Outlaws 4,[Dice.2d4] Indian Braves 2,[Dice.2d4] Veteran Indian Braves 2,Mojave Rattler 4,[Dice.1d6] Tumbleweeds 4,[Dice.1d4] Dust Devils


30,[Dice.2d4] Guardian Angels 30,[Dice.2d4] Lost Angel Cultists 40,[Dice.1d6] Iron Dragon Martial Artists 16,[Dice.2d4] Union Soldiers 16,[Dice.2d4] Confederate Soldiers 8,[Dice.2d4] Mexican Soldiers 20,[Dice.1d4] Dusters 10,gaki 10,[Dice.1d6] Wall Crawlers 20,[Dice.1d4] prospectors (use town folk)


9,[Dice.1d4] Guardian Angels 1,[Dice.1d4] Lost Angel Cultists


4,[Dice.1d10+10] Devil Rays 2,Maze Gragon 1,Giant Octopus 1,Giant Saltwater Crocodile 1,Giant Shark 2,[Dice.2d8] Wave Shadows 1,[Dice.1d4] Weresharks 8,[Ship] ship


1,Union Ironclad 1,Union raiding 1,Confederate Ironclad 1,Confederate raiding 2,Pirate 2,Chinese pirate 2,Mexican


2,Catamount 2,Chinook 1,Sasquatch 1,Wendigo 2,Wolflings 6,[Dice.2d6] settlers 1,[Dice.2d20] settlers 4,[Dice.2d6] Braves 1,Prospector


2,Adult rattler 4,Devil Bats 2,Dread Wolves 2,[Dice.2d6] Indian Braves 2,[Dice.2d4] Outlaws 2,Pit Wasp 4,Prairie Ticks 2,[Dice.2d6] Young Rattlers


1,[Dice.1d4] Wall Crawlers 7,[Dice.2d10] Nauvoo Legion (Deseret) 4,Catamount 2,Salt Rattler 2,[Dice.1d4] Automation Patrol 2,Walkin' Fossil 2,Tunnel Critter


1,Poison Woman 1,Pox Walker 1,Uktena 6,[Dice.2d6] Indian Braves 3,[Dice.2d4] Veteran Indian Braves 2,Prospector 2,[Dice.1d4] Prospectors 2,[Dice.2d6] Raiders (Outlaws) 2,[Dice.2d4] Iron Dragon Miners (Martial Artists)