DOG WIZARDS Beasts and Horses

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<sgdisplay iterations="1">[intro], among them:</sgdisplay> <sgdisplay iterations="3">- one [quirk]</sgdisplay> <sgdisplay iterations="1">also, a [special-mount-quirk] </sgdisplay>

the ostler has:
<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Starting Equipment.simple-gear]</sgdisplay> <sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.3d6]0 silvers.</sgdisplay>

(a basic mount gets 2HD, AC12, +2 tohit, 1d4+2 damage. add stuff as required. suggested prices: 50 silvers for a regular mount, or 300 silvers for a good one, or 800 silvers for a special.)

if you don't want or need a mount but you do need a beast to act as a hireling: just have the guy deal in a war-pony/war-dog version of the same critters, instead of mounts. not so good for riding but you can take them inside the dungeon where the monsters dwell.

VARIANT as war critters: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[mount-weird]s.</sgdisplay> These are not rideable. 3HD, AC14, +2 tohit, 1d6+3 damage. a further +1 per level. prices as mounts.



1,a [guy] sells [general-mount]s that can be used as mounts


1,[pre-adj] [mount]


1,[pre-adj] [mount] mount, who [quirk]


1,[pre-adj-weird] [mount-weird]


1,[pre-adj-weird] [mount-weird] mount, who [quirk], and who [quirk]


1,desert 1,wooly arctic 1,forest 1,swamp 1,jungle 1,riding 1,racing 1,pack 1,draft 1,plow 1,tracking 1,climbing 1,jumping 1,swimming 1,


1,shadow 1,fey 1,amphibious 1,exploding 1,devil 1,skeletal 1,many-legged 1,insectoid 1,dire 1,flying 1,demon 1,goblin 1,armoured 1,[pre-adj]


3,horse 1,mule 1,camel 1,elephant 1,cat 1,hound


1,[Quick Zone Populations.power-animal]


1,[Quick Zone Populations.prequirk][Quick Zone Populations.race] [Quick Zone Populations.class] ([DOG])


1,is brave and loves crushing things 1,is sweet and loves sugar 1,is very hairy 1,is scaly 1,is completely fearless 1,is easily spooked 1,can only be ridden by maidens 1,is skinny and emaciated 1,is beautiful and inspiring 1,is very ugly 1,is ferocious, no-one has ever ridden it 1,tends to wander 1,can lead you to treasure 1,has strange horny growths 1,is very old 1,is mean and loves biting people 1,is missing a leg 1,is missing an eye 1,is massive and strong 1,is trained for battle 1,goes into a frenzy if attacked 1,wears a muzzle and will attack wildly if it is removed 1,sleeps all the time 1,is highly intelligent, can do maths 1,is very fast but charges everywhere and cannot be controlled 1,is extremely friendly, to anyone 1,is insatiable, eats everything 1,is rife with disease 1,is really a [Quick Zone Populations.animal] 1,[quirk-weird]


1,talks 1,is blind 1,was born with no eyes 1,never sleeps, or blinks 1,glows in the dark 1,has no head, but is somehow alive 1,is albino