D6 Lovable Villians

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A slightly modified version of the table created by U/Applejaxc on Reddit, original can be found at https://www.reddit.com/r/DnDBehindTheScreen/comments/5oiaf5/d6_lovable_villains/.

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1,This villain is a [int] [monster], who exhibits a[flaw], and insists on being referred to by [referred].


1,It uses [supplement], it has an understanding with humanoids because [cooperates].


1,Folk still live in the Villain's domain because it offers vastly superior [benefits], and because those in the villain's favor receive special [rewards] if they can weather the Villain's perilous [hurts], as long as the don't run afoul of it, and it's [punishes].


1,The Villain revels in [favorite], but loathes [leastfavorite]. The greatest threat to this Villain's reign is [threatened], and the possibility of facing [fear].


1,The Villain's dominion has [presence], and is uniquely prepared against [resist] ever since [firstcame], which facilitated it's [rise] rise from [usedtobe] to it's current position.


1,Upon learning of the party, [party].


1,[Fantasy Profession.adventurers] 1,[Fantasy Profession.religious] 1,[Fantasy Profession.law] 1,[Fantasy Profession.nobility] 1,[Fantasy Profession.illegal]


1,Kobold, leading a clutch of [dice.2d20] kobolds 1,Beholder, eye tyrant 1,Mindflayer, escaped from Elder Brain control 1,Giant 1,Yugoloth, with [dice.2d4] minions, and [dice.2d4] lesser Yugoloths 1,Vampire, with [dice.3d6] [int] Undead 1,[fanpro] from a [settle] of [Fantasy Race Generator.race]


1,city 1,kingdom 1,village 1,settlement 1,hamlet 1,colony 1,town 1,land 1,roving band 1,tribe


1,of Mutual benefit 1,of a Great debt or contract 1,of a Misunderstood prophecy/religion 1,Local humanoids are very creative liars 1,Something worse threatens the land 1,Humanoids make better minions/comrades when they're "free"


1,a Shameful secret 1,a Horrid phobia 1,Waning magic/powers 1,an Uncharacteristic fondness 1,Dietary/magical needs 1,a Desire to turn a new leaf


1,Afraid 1,Grateful 1,Confused 1,Worshipful 1,Hateful 1,Divided


1,Feared 1,Respected 1,Loved 1,Hated 1,Worshiped 1,Welcomed


1,Protection 1,Magic 1,Traps/fortifications 1,Political leverage 1,Knowledge 1,Wealth


1,Magic 1,Wealth 1,Power 1,Protection 1,Knowledge 1,Transformation/modification


1,War 1,Magic 1,Poor negotiation 1,Useless knowledge 1,Poor temper 1,Poor reputation


1,Magic 1,Poverty 1,Demotion 1,Exile 1,Keeping secrets 1,Transformation/modification


1,Civil service 1,Debates/negotiation 1,Enforcing the law 1,Accounting and economics 1,Protecting the people/warfare 1,Advancing a personal cause


1,Civil service 1,Debates/negotiation 1,Enforcing the law 1,Accounting and economics 1,Protecting the people/warfare 1,Advancing a local cause


1,Adventuring parties/heroes 1,An old rival 1,Other monsters of the same kind 1,Wrathful gods 1,Bad luck 1,Aberrant magic/regional effects


1,The undead 1,Slaves 1,Magically enhanced workers 1,Intimidation/fear to reduce foreign labor costs 1,Magic to complete tasks 1,Considerable wealth to hire experts and extra workers


1,Name/family/clan/title 1,Deed/action 1,Title/epithet, foreign 1,Title/epithet, self-assigned 1,Religious/cultural/symbolic allusion 1,An obnoxiously long list of Names, Deeds, Titles and Religious terms


1,Benefit the people 1,Benefit the region 1,Had little impact on the people 1,Hurt the people 1,Hurt the region 1,had no noticeable effect, the change of power was recent


1,Peaceful 1,Non-peaceful, but lawful 1,Non-peaceful 1,Violent, but lawful 1,Violent 1,All-but forgotten


1, Prejudice against a species 1, Prejudice against a religion 1,n Insatiable desire for conversation 1,n Insatiable desire for entertainment 1,n Insatiable desire for wealth 1,n Insatiable desire for power


1,The Villain is happy to see them 1,The Villain is hesitant 1,The Villain is fearful 1,The Villain is uninterested 1,The Villain is curious 1,The Villain desires to see the party in combat, overcome a challenge, or answer him in debate


1,A minor villain of little renown 1,An ineffectual villain who found political office easier than true villainy 1,A bully that has now relaxed 1,A wanderer, lost soul, or lonely individual 1,A major villain who has retired to less dramatic pursuits 1,Something awful they don't like to talk about


1,Monsters from the Underdark 1,Monsters from the Lower/Upper Planes 1,Goblinoids, Gnolls, bandits, other such monsters and thieves 1,The undead 1,The fey 1,Magical enemies


1,The populace was much smaller 1,The territory was much smaller 1,The demographics were less diverse 1,The demographics were more diverse 1,The territory was much larger 1,The populace was much larger


1,Uprising/coup/revolution 1,Defeat in an upcoming election 1,Assassination 1,Loneliness/boredom 1,Completion/breech of a prophecy, contract, or agreement 1,A return to mindless villainy


1,Mindless 1,Bumbling 1,Averagely intelligent 1,Reasonably intelligent 1,Tactful 1,Hyperintelligent