D and D 4th edition monster

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This generator courtesy of Max and copied here with permission.

And the brave heroes encounter

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,[first] [second] [third]


1,black 1,blood 1,bone 1,death 1,demon 1,doom 1,dread 1,flame 1,ghost 1,grim 1,ice 1,iron 1,night 1,poison 1,razor 1,spell 1,stone 1,storm 1,thunder 1,wind 1,acid


1,blade 1,blood 1,bond/bound 1,claw 1,cloak/cloaked 1,doom 1,fang 1,fiend 1,fire 1,gaunt 1,haunt 1,horn 1,maw 1,rake 1,scale 1,spike 1,tusk 1,warp/warped 1,wing 1,wrack 1,crawl


1,brute 1,creeper 1,delver 1,fiend 1,filcher 1,foamer 1,gnasher 1,horde/hordling 1,howler 1,hulk 1,lasher 1,leaper 1,racer 1,reaver 1,scourge 1,sneak 1,swarm 1,titan 1,wurm 1,bloodbeast


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