Customs and Superstitions

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2,[ritualStart] [eventAny], [riteClause] 1,[privilegeClause] [someRites]


1,Among our people, there is a custom 1,Amongst the lower classes 1,It is blasphemy 1,It is customary 1,It is expected 1,It is inscribed in the Great Rock 1,It is our belief 1,It is proper and good 1,It is said to bring luck 1,Our custom mandates 1,Our lower classes believe 1,Some say 1,The Ancients teach us 1,The old ways dictate 1,There is a custom among our people 1,There is a tradition 1,We believe 1,We have a tradition 1,You are [obl]


3,to [someRites] 1,for a priest to [riteAny] 1,for a villager to [riteAny] with [officiator] 1,the whole village should [riteAny] 1,to [riteAny], and for [officiator] to [riteAny] on behalf of those present 1,to [riteAny]—fools and charlatans will [riteAny], to their great peril


4,[riteAny] 2,[riteAny] and [riteAny] 1,[riteAny], [riteAny], and [riteAny]


1,a [of1]


2,priest 1,[boygirl] 1,blindfolded [manwoman] 1,crippled [manwoman] 1,old woman 1,priestess 1,village elder 1,virgin priestess


1,[adolescenceEvent] 1,[astronomyEvent] 1,[culturalEvent] 1,[deathEvent] 1,[goalEvent] 1,[marriageEvent] 1,[naturalEvent] 1,[punishmentEvent] 1,[womanEvent] 1,after [babyEvent] 1,before [buildingEvent] 1,when [initiationEvent] 1,when [militaryEvent] 1,when [supernaturalEvent]


1,before one may [privilegeAny], it is necessary 1,in order to be considered ready to die, one should seek 1,to be cleansed from sin, one is [obl] 1,to ensure the return of game, one must 1,to keep the sun in the sky, one must 1,when a community is in turmoil, its elders need


1,a conquered army surrenders their arms 1,a new military rank is achieved 1,a treaty is signed 1,accepting the surrender of a defeated enemy 1,an enemy appears 1,completing military service 1,dishonored in battle 1,enlisting with the army 1,preparing for battle 1,retreating from battle 1,the enemy sounds fearful horns 1,victorious in battle


1,a [children] is taken by the hidden people 1,a [manwoman]’s mind is broken by evil 1,a burial mound is found empty 1,a young [manwoman] is bitten by a [ao] 1,[ao] bones are scattered on the threshold 1,nets return malformed things from the sea 1,the corn crake warns of ghosts 1,the dead are restless in their graves 1,the moon devours the sun 1,the storm ghosts howl


1,a [children] is born under an ill omen 1,a [children]’s first steps 1,a child is stillborn 1,the adoption of a [children] 1,the birth of a [children] 1,the birth of a leader’s [children] 1,the birth of your first [children]


3,child 3,daughter 3,son 1,changeling 1,malformed monster


1,boy 1,girl


1,man 1,woman


1,at the marriage of your [children] 1,at the marriage of your first [children] 1,when a [manwoman] wishes to lie with a [manwoman] 1,when a man takes a new wife 1,when a name is chosen for a [children] 1,when a royal [children] gets betrothed 1,when a royal [children] gets married 1,when a wife chooses her husband 1,when the parents of children arrange their marriage 1,when your [children] gets betrothed 1,when your [children] gets engaged


1,clearing land for a building 1,commencing work on [works] 1,dedicating [works] 1,dedicating a plot of land for building 1,laying a cornerstone 1,unveiling [works] for approval


1,at any Equinox or Solstice 1,at sunrise 1,at sunset 1,at the Autumnal Equinox 1,at the Summer Solstice 1,at the Vernal Equinox 1,at the Winter Solstice 1,during a full moon 1,during a new moon 1,during a waning moon 1,during a waxing moon 1,when a comet is seen 1,when a lunar eclipse occurs 1,when a solar eclipse occurs 1,when an eclipse occurs 1,when the moon mocks the earth 1,when the stars go dark 1,when the sun dies 1,when the sun returns 1,when the year dies


1,after the death of a [children] 1,after the death of one’s [olderRelative] 1,after the untimely or violent death of one’s [olderRelative] 1,if a [manwoman] touches a dead body 1,when a king is killed in battle 1,when a loved one is killed in battle


4,on a young [manwoman]’s 1[Dice.digit]th birthday 1,at the menarche of a young woman 1,at the onset of puberty of a young [manwoman] 1,during the period of apprenticeship 1,when a young [manwoman] chooses to follow the path of [List of gods.main] 1,when a young [manwoman] is deemed ready to become an adult 1,when a young man wishes to prove himself 1,while a young [manwoman] is learning to be a [Fantasy Profession.main]


1,after a woman escapes the Fire 1,after a woman gives birth to a [children] 1,after a young woman’s first menses 1,after menopause 1,on a [manwoman]’s [Dice.1d6][Dice.Digit]th birthday 1,when a woman is pregnant


1,a [olderRelative] is bested in single combat 1,becoming a warrior 1,entering as an apprentice 1,entering the priesthood 1,joining a guild 1,joining a particular vocation 1,joining a secret society 1,one’s formal schooling is completed 1,someone from another village comes to live here


1,at the commemoration of a great battle 1,at the coronation of a new king or queen 1,at the resumption of war after truce 1,during the feast of St. [Catholic Saint Names.main] 1,on the birthdate of a particular saint 1,upon the sacrifice of an enemy general 1,when commemorating an ancestor 1,when freeing a prisoner 1,when granting freedom to a slave


1,at the time of sowing 1,before the harvest 1,if a black snake crosses snow 1,if a doll’s-eye berry touches bare skin 1,if a quaking is felt in the ground 1,if lightning strikes one’s village 1,if one should fall ill 1,when one’s [olderRelative] falls ill 1,when the harvest is finished 1,when the sky groans with gallows-cries 1,when there has been no rain 1,when there has been too much rain and floods threaten 1,when winter lingers


1,after a [manwoman] exposes a [olderRelative] as a traitor 1,after a murderer is executed 1,when a person is exiled 1,when a person must be ‘shunned’ 1,when disinheriting a [children] 1,when reconciling feuding families for the patriarchs of each


2,father 2,mother 1,grandfather 1,grandmother 1,elder brother 1,elder sister 1,elder sibling 1,uncle 1,aunt 1,kinsman 1,relative 1,village crone 1,village greybeard


1,a [wk1]


1,aqueduct 1,bathhouse 1,chief’s longhouse 1,grist mill 1,military monument 1,new palace 1,new temple 1,offal-pit 1,palisade 1,ship 1,shrine 1,slave pit 1,stone circle 1,trading house 1,warding stone 1,ziggurat


8,[ritePurification] 6,[riteBodyModification] 6,[riteFoodDrink] 6,[ritePerformance] 5,[riteSacrifice] 5,participate in [riteCompetitive] 4,[riteDestruction] 4,[riteOther] 3,[riteNewness] 2,[riteSexual] 2,[ritePunishment]


4,wear only clothing of [clothingRestriction] 1,abstain from cutting the hair for [intervalLong] 1,abstain from lighting fires for [intervalLong] 1,abstain from sex for [intervalLong] 1,abstain from speaking for [intervalAny] 1,abstain from washing the body for [intervalLong] 1,abstain from washing the hair for [intervalLong] 1,avoid touching metal for [intervalAny] 1,bathe in filth for [intervalAny] 1,bathe in the ocean 1,be anointed with fine oils 1,be banished from the village for [intervalAny] 1,be buried in the earth for [intervalShort] 1,be fully immersed in sacred water 1,fast for [intervalShort] 1,sojourn in the wilderness for [intervalLong] 1,walk across hot coals 1,wash in a particular river 1,wash the hands thrice in blessed water 1,wear no [clothingRestriction] clothing for [intervalAny] 1,wear only [clothingRestriction] clothing for [intervalAny] 1,wear uncomfortable clothing for [intervalAny]


1,be branded with a hot iron 1,be circumcised 1,be smeared with mud from head to toe 1,completely shave off all hair 1,endure ritual scarification 1,get a nose piercing 1,get a particular tattoo 1,get both ears pierced 1,paint the face


5,[ClothingFemale.Cloth_Color] 2,[ClothingFemale.MaterialsCommon] 2,[Utility.Cloth] 1,[ClothingFemale.MaterialsFancy]


2,eat only [specificFood] for [intervalShort] 2,refrain from eating [specificFood] for [intervalLong] 1,drink a lot of alcohol 1,drink sacred wine 1,host a feast where [[FantasyMenu.Descriptor] [FantasyMenu.MainMeals] is served 1,host a formal ball 1,host a great feast 1,partake of a particular hallucinogenic drug 1,partake of a particular narcotic drug


1,assume the identity of a totem animal using masks and costumes 1,be hypnotized 1,dance naked around a fire 1,have a procession 1,jump over a fire 1,perform a particular dance 1,perform a particular piece of theater 1,perform sacred drumming 1,pray publicly 1,read a sacred text 1,reenact a particular event 1,sing a particular song 1,spend a night howling at the moon 1,tell a frightening story to the village youths


3,sacrifice [animalOblation] 1,drink the lifeblood of [animalOblation] 1,drink the lifeblood of [humanOblation] 1,give [animalOblation] to [officiator] 1,give a food offering of [specificFood] to [List of gods.main] 1,give a monetary offering to a temple of [List of gods.main] 1,give food to the poor 1,mingle one’s blood with that of an enemy in reconciliation 1,sacrifice [humanOblation]


5,single combat against a wild beast 3,athletic contests 2,a duel of poems 2,a footrace 2,a shouting contest 2,a wrestling match 2,combat against a prisoner 2,combat against a slave 1,a series of difficult tasks


1,break a bottle of wine 1,break a glass 1,break a piece of pottery 1,burn an effigy 1,cut a ribbon or cord 1,hunt and slay the moon 1,shatter a tortoise shell 1,slay a prisoner


1,allow oneself to be possessed by spirits 1,build a smoke lodge and seek a vision 1,bury a coin outside the village 1,commit pretend ritual suicide 1,commit ritual suicide 1,commune with the spirits of one’s ancestors 1,exchange a young [manwoman] with that of another tribe or village 1,make a pilgrimage to a sacred site 1,participate in building a new house 1,repair to the wilderness for a vision quest 1,rip off all clothes 1,strip off all clothes 1,tell a secret to the sea 1,throw a coin into the sea 1,visit a fortune teller


1,be presented with new clothes 1,exchange gifts 1,exchange gifts with one’s [olderRelative] 1,get a new name 1,get a particular hairstyle 1,give a gift to a [olderRelative] 1,give gifts to those present 1,learn a new dance 1,learn a new secret handshake 1,learn a new song 1,light a new fire 1,make a new coat of [Utility.LeatherHide] 1,make a new garment of [Utility.Cloth] 1,take a new vow


1,give pleasure to a [manwoman] 1,give pleasure to the woodland spirits 1,have sex with a temple prostitute 1,have sex with a virgin [boygirl] 1,have sex with satyrs or nymphs


1,be bled 1,be blinded 1,be burned alive 1,be flogged with [Dice.2d6] lashes 1,be pelted with rotten [Utility.Fruit]s 1,be stoned to death 1,be tied to a post for [intervalShort] 1,cut off a finger 1,cut off a toe 1,have the [Utility.LeftRight] eye put out with a burning stick 1,pierce the tongue, then yank a thread woven from cactus spines through the hole as fast as possible 1,thrust the hands into special mittens woven from fire ants, and hold them there as long as possible


1,[intervalLong] 1,[intervalShort]


1,[Dice.2d4] days 1,a day 1,a fortnight 1,a week


1,[Dice.2d4] months 1,[Dice.2d4] weeks 1,a month 1,a year 1,forty days and forty nights


16,a [ao] 1,a pair of doves


1,camel 1,cat 1,chicken 1,dog 1,dove 1,duck 1,goat 1,goose 1,horse 1,mule 1,ox 1,pig 1,rabbit 1,ram 1,rooster 1,sheep


1,a [ho]


1,maiden 1,old [manwoman] 1,prisoner of war 1,slave 1,young [manwoman]


1,[Utility.Fruit]s 1,[FantasyFarmstead.AgricultureProduct] 1,[FantasyMenu.MainMeals] 1,[FantasyMenu.Veggies]


1,Before a young man may [privilegeAny], he must 1,Before a young woman may [privilegeAny], she must 1,Before the Proxy God may [privilegeAny], he is [obl] to 1,Before the Proxy Goddess may [privilegeAny], she is [obl] to 1,Should a man be found [tabooGeneral], he must 1,Should a man be found [tabooSexualMale] 1,Should a woman be found [tabooGeneral], she must 1,Should a woman be found [tabooSexualFemale] 1,If perchance you should happen to [riteAny], you must also 1,Thou shalt not [riteAny] unless thou first


1,compelled 1,obliged 1,obligated 1,duty-bound 1,required


1,guilty of corrupting a young woman, he must 1,in adultery with his neighbor’s wife, they must both 1,lying with another man, they must both 1,lying with beasts, he must 1,lying with his [olderRelative], they must both 1,seeking after the wife of another, he must 1,the father of a child out of wedlock, he must


1,guilty of corrupting a young man, she shall 1,in adultery with an outsider, they both shall 1,lying with another woman, they must both 1,lying with beasts, she must 1,lying with her [olderRelative], they must both 1,pregnant by a man other than her husband, she should 1,pregnant outside of marriage, she should


2,guilty of stealing [animalOblation] 1,bearing false witness 1,disrespectful toward the village elders 1,given to too much strong drink 1,giving the evil eye 1,guilty of witchcraft 1,possessed of an evil spirit 1,seeking after the dark mysteries and forbidden truths 1,worshipping the gods of another people


1,[riteAny] 1,be considered an adult in society 1,bear weaponry 1,become associated with a totem animal 1,consume ritual narcotics 1,drink alcohol 1,go hunting 1,go on a boat for the first time 1,have children 1,learn the secrets of the elders 1,leave the village 1,marry an outsider 1,own land 1,own livestock 1,own slaves 1,parley with the dark one 1,seek a mate 1,speak in the presence of a king 1,vote in council 1,wear a [Color.color in color] garment