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Recombinant Ooze Types

A Primer on Ooze Typology:
Slime: A thin, amorphous carpet-like mat, easily cut with blades.
Ooze: Takes a waist-high domed amoeboid form only divisible by a blade penetrating its entirety.
Pudding; A shapeless blob capable of reaching the height of a human. It can only be split with a solid strike from a long blade penetrating its entirety.
Jelly; A turgid, gelatinous mass capable of filling corridors and retaining a tall free-standing form. Challenging to bifurcate as they are usually thicker than most blades are long.

How to Kill an Ooze: Portions of any ooze less than 1 foot in diameter become immobile and lose their properties, but are still capable of growing and regaining them, but this requires providing it with organic matter. All oozes are resistant to other types of physical damage, absorbing blunt impacts, and impalement causing no hindrance. However, incineration via a sustained source of intense heat will vaporize any ooze. Furthermore, sufficient cold will slow them, and intense cold will freeze its liquids, ice crystals breaking its membranes and destroying it. If one can surmise the means to do so, dehydration will cause any ooze to deflate into a slime, though it may retain its motility and properties. Certain types of oozes may have other specific vulnerabilities.

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Preserved Rations

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Natural Cave Discovery

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Parish Name for Darkest Dungeon World

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Freebooters on the Frontier Magic Tradition Spells

Moons of Yngarr


Needs work, lots of overlapping concepts and too-simple synonyms in each table

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Book from the Libraries of Fellhold

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Gods and Followings

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1,[ooze_color] [ooze_form]: [ooze_activity]. Its grip is [ooze_grip], and surface contact causes [ooze_reactivity]. Anything fully engulfed by it [ooze_engulfment]. [ooze_vulnerability] [ooze_special_ability_chance]


1,[Color.light] transparent 2,[Color.bright] translucent 1,[Color.dark] opaque 1,[Color.dull] opaque


1,slime 1,ooze 1,pudding 1,jelly


1,It is inert; unmoving and displays no behavior 3,[ooze_behavior]


1,It will slowly [ooze_direction] any nearby [ooze_stimulus]. If harmed, it will defend itself by [ooze_attack]. It leaves [ooze_trail] 1,It will actively pursue [ooze_stimulus] with surprising speed, and attack by [ooze_attack]. It leaves [ooze_trail] 1,It will lie in wait [ooze_hiding] and attack anything that touches or moves near it by [ooze_attack]


1,recede from 1,approach


1,sources of light 1,footsteps or other vibrations 1,sources of light and footsteps or other vibrations 1,sources of magic 1,metal by scent, however faint


1,on ceilings 1,in pools, alcoves, or dark corners 1,mimicking a wall in a doorway, or stone formation in caverns 1,in pots or other vessels 1,around precious metals 1,mimicking a column or stalagmite


1,attempts to engulf with a mouth-like cavity 1,growing tendrils that grasp and pull 1,forcefully extruding pseudopods 1,ejecting globules 1,projecting and retracting thin strands 1,discharging jolts of electricity


1,slick, non-adherent 1,slightly tacky 1,quite sticky 1,strongly cohesive


1,no harm, but it feels weird and gross 1,poisoning, a toxic substance is absorbed by flesh 1,paralysis, causing rapid muscle contraction until contact is broken 1,oxidation, rapidly rusting metals and mild chemical burns to flesh 1,chemical burns from a weak acid, slowly eating away at flesh and any other organic matter, but no effect on metal, stone, ceramic, or bone 1,strong acid burns, rapidly dissolving flesh and other organic matter, and slowly melting metal and bone, but no effect on stone or ceramic 1,rapid dehydration, desiccating and draining water from skin and other organic matter 1,gelification, slowly turning flesh and other organic matter into this type of ooze, connected to the ooze surface itself until cut away. No harm is done, but it feels super weird, and... you're part ooze now. You lose normal use of whatever was gelified, but with practice, you can control the gelified area as an ooze could. 1,zombification, slowly takes over the nervous system of any creature, turning them into zombies with the ooze's behavior, but clumsily using the creature's capabilities. This ooze can also reanimate skeletons, having a similar effect 1,intense heating and combustion of anything flammable


1,is suspended within an airtight vacuole 1,is exposed to the interior plasm, amplifying its surface effect 1,has any orifice filled, interior tissues suffering [ooze_reactivity]


1,no trace when moving 1,a trail cleaned of any grime or dust 1,a thin mucosal film in its wake 1,inert puddles of itself, otherwise with the same properties 1,a slick trail, sensitive to footsteps and speeding its movement


5, 3,It is particularly vulnerable to [ooze_second_vulnerability]


1,any source of flame, burning readily 1,partitioning; portions of up to [Dice.1d3+1] feet in diameter become inert. Anything larger retains all properties and may seek to rejoin its main body 1,chemical neutralization 1,silver, which causes it to melt away


5, 1,If dehydrated, it will form a solid crystallized form which can be revived with water. 1,It is particularly dangerous, as it slowly but constantly grows simply with exposure to air. 1,Its surface undulates in a manner capable of hypnotizing creatures gazing at it.


1,[ration_preparation] [ration_food]


1,Honeyed 1,Salted 1,Pickled 1,Fermented 1,Jellied 1,Sour 1,Jerked 1,Powdered


1,Cave Clam 1,Toadstool 1,Lizard 1,Eel 1,Minnows 1,Wormskin Sausage 1,Mice 1,Mushroom Meat 1,Grape Ants 1,Woodlouse 1,Pig Eyes 1,Chicken Feet




2,[dripstone] 2,Flowstone [flowstone] 1,[formation] 1,[crystals]


2,conical stalactite over a [dripstone_bottom] 2,narrow stalactite over a [dripstone_bottom] 2,columnar stalagnate


3,conical stalagmite 2,rounded stalagmite 1,platter-topped stalagmite


2,sheets 2,drapery 1,dam 1,column


2,terraced sinter pools 2,tumorous stone formations 1,cave pearls 1,grape formations


2,crystalline [mineral] needles 1,crystalline cave flowers of [mineral] 1,crystalline feathers of [mineral] 1,crystalline flakes of [mineral] 1,faceted [mineral] crystals


3,gypsum 2,calcite 1,rare mineral


1,[parish_prefix_12][parish_suffix_12] Parish


1,bale 1,bleak 1,blight 1,crow 1,dire 1,dun 1,fog 1,grey 1,pall 1,shade 1,slate 1,wode


1,barrow 1,bluff 1,fen 1,grave 1,henge 1,hollow 1,mire 1,moor 1,mound 1,peak 1,wick 1,wood


1,[parish_prefix][parish_suffix] Parish


1,bleak 1,gloom 1,dire 1,bale 1,black 1,dark 1,blight 1,wode 1,cold 1,dead 1,dim 1,dun 1,fell 1,grim 1,shade 1,muck 1,blood 1,ash 1,fog 1,mist 1,pall 1,pale 1,grey 1,gormen


1,barrow 1,rot 1,mire 1,ruin 1,wood 1,ghast 1,moor 1,bluff 1,peak 1,down 1,henge 1,wick 1,bog 1,fen 1,hollow 1,mound


10,[abanaz_element] [abanaz_form] 10,[abanaz_adjective] [abanaz_form] 10,[abanaz_adjective] [abanaz_element] 10,[abanaz_form] of (the) [abanaz_element] 10,[abanaz_form] of (the) [abanaz_adjective] [abanaz_form] 10,[abanaz_form] of (the) [abanaz_adjective] [abanaz_element] 10,[abanaz_form] of (the) [abanaz_element] of Abanaz 10,[abanaz_element] [abanaz_form] of Abanaz 10,[abanaz_adjective] [abanaz_form] of Abanaz 10,[abanaz_adjective] [abanaz_element] of Abanaz


1,Shard 1,Snow 1,Cloak 1,Halberd 1,Glacier 1,Fall 1,Shield 1,Bone 1,Pike 1,Blizzard 1,Demon 1,Ghoul


1,Frost 1,Chill 1,Chaos 1,Blood 1,Battle 1,Rage 1,Thirst 1,Moonlight 1,Waste 1,Wind 1,Exposure 1,Sky


1,Pale 1,Desiccating 1,Freezing 1,Cold-Forged 1,Hoary 1,Dead 1,Winter 1,Razing 1,Desolate 1,Shuddering 1,Splitting 1,Clashing


1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1,


1,[book_preposition] [book_type] [tags][subtitle]


1,Toward 1,On 1,About 1,Regarding 1,Concerning 1,Within 1,Before 1,After 1,Upon 1,Without 1,In Defense of 1,Against 1,Describing 1,Around 1,From 1,To 1,An Attack on 1,Discovering 1,Uncovering 1,Recovering 1,Covering 1,Touching on 1,Summarizing 1,Collecting 1,Revealing 1,Setting Aside 1,Embracing 1,Re-evaluating 1,Recording 1,Capturing


1,A Theory of 1,An Outline of 1,The Ethics Implied by 1,A Definition of 1,The Remarkable Truth About 1,The Shocking Findings On 1,Conclusive Evidence For 1,The Unspeakable Secrets of 1,An Explanation Of 1,The Underlying Models of 1,The Essentials of 1,The Prerequisites for 1,The Painful Consequences of 1,The Classics in 1,Conservative Interpretations of 1,The Life Changing Impact of 1,The Disturbing Implications of 1,A Radical Examination of 1,The Traditional Wisdom of 1,The Ancient Secrets of 1,The Cutting Edge of 1,A Groundbreaking Study in 1,The Best of 1,An Inquiry Into the Causes of 1,The Collected Works of 1,The Ridiculous Follies of 1,The Dark Implications of 1,The Accepted Truth about 1,The Terrible Fate of 1,A Practical Approach to


2,[book_tag] 1,[book_tag] & [book_tag] 1,the [book_tag] of [book_tag]


1,History (Random Race/Period) 1,Dwarves 1,Undeath 1,Magic 1,Runes 1,Demons 1,Business 1,Engineering 1,Botany 1,Biology 1,Monsters 1,Factions 1,Witch Kingdom 1,Summoning 1,Legends 1,Physical Fitness 1,Warfare 1,Prophecy 1,Ethnography (Random Race) 1,Games 1,Philosophy 1,Nature 1,Art 1,Law 1,Architecture 1,Fellhold 1,Language (Random) 1,Biography (Random name, important to random tag) 1,Fiction 1,Cooking


2, 1,[book_subtitle]


1,: A Modern Deconstruction 1,: A Refutation 1,: A Shocking Revelation 1,: Threat or Menace? 1,: A Critical Examination 1,: Memoirs of a Witness 1,: The Authoritative Stance 1,: The Definitive Reference 1,: The Journal of (Author) 1,: A Rebuttal of Nonsense 1,: Path to the Truth 1,: What You've Been Missing 1,: The Essential Primer 1,: Over 400 Copies Printed 1,: Aligning Perspectives 1,: A Paradigm Shift 1,: The Shocking Truth 1,: What You Must Know 1,: An Illustrated Guide for Children 1,: Expanded, Revised, and Annotated 1,: A Surprising Conclusion 1,: What They Don't Want You to Know 1,: A Practical Guide 1,: How To 1,: The Unauthorized Tell-All 1,: An Expert's Opinion 1,: A Novel 1,: The Surprisingly Sexy Truth 1,: A Revelation 1,: A Summary


1,[god_name][god_special], [domain]. They speak to their followers [divine_contact]. Followers are [tenet]. Devout followers are said to be granted [follower_power][follower_power2].


1,may not [tenet_action][tenet_second] 1,instructed to [tenet_action][tenet_second] 1,inexplicably compelled to [tenet_action][tenet_second]


1,and [tenet_second] 5,


1,(a tenet)


0,the ability to [SCP Foundation Idea Generator.Supernatural Verb Phrase, Plural Subject] 1,the power of [Perilous Wilds Details.ability] 3,favor beyond the threshold 2,great fortune


4, 1,and [follower_power]


3,[Strange Languages.strange_word] 3,[Fantasy Names.FemFirstName] 3,[Fantasy Names.MaleFirstName] 1,The [Secret Society Title.NounDescriptor] God


1, 1, the [Perilous Wilds Details.feature] 1, the [Perilous Wilds Details.disposition]


3,diety of [domains] 1,overtly the diety of [Fantasy Pantheon.AbstractPositive], but truly of [Fantasy Pantheon.AbstractNegative]


3,[Fantasy Pantheon.AbstractNegative] 2,[Fantasy Pantheon.AbstractPositive] and [Fantasy Pantheon.AbstractNegative] 2,[Fantasy Pantheon.AbstractNegative] and [Fantasy Pantheon.Natural] 1,[Fantasy Pantheon.AbstractNegative], [Fantasy Pantheon.Natural], and [Fantasy Pantheon.Natural]


1,through whispers [contact_time] 1,via inscriptions appearing in a substance holy to them [contact_time] 1,in obscure patterns in the sounds of the wind [contact_time] 1,in a bolt of inspiration [contact_time] 1,only the words of their high priest or herald 1,only in the text of their scriptures 1,in songs sung by a chorus of their followers 1,in epic poems their followers are compelled to write [contact_time]


1, 1,at inopportune times 1,while conversing with another follower 1,when praying 1,while observing an aspect of their domain 1,while meditating on their tenets 3,after making an offering to them 2,while [Perilous Wilds Details.activity] 2,while [Perilous Wilds Details.condition]