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<sgdisplay iterations="5">[main]



1,The [Secret Society Name.main] [worship] [leader]


3,center their worship on 1,revere 1,worship 1,are obsessed with 1,foretell the coming of 1,both fear and love 1,are fanatically devoted to 1,think they worship [leader]. Actually they are the pawns of


2,a mainstream deity but take things to a whole new level 1,a cult of [Spirituality.spirituality] 1,[Fantasy Pantheon.main] 3,their leader, [leader title relationship] [Secret Society Title.main] 3,a powerful [undead] 3,a [non-sapient monster] 3,[idoltype] [SpiritForm.main] 2,[construct] 4,[demon] 3,[intelligent monster] 3,The [Dungeon Area Name.main], also their place of worship 1,a specific constellation, star sign, or prophesied event 2,[lovecraft] 1,a dragon; [Dragon description.main] 1,[Angel generator.main] 1,the terrible [SGNP angels and demons.main] 1,the fey [SGNP fae.maintitled]

leader title relationship

1,the self-proclaimed 1,known only as the 1,who demands to be addressed only as the 1,rumored to be called the 1,who recently assumed the title of 1,known to his followers as the


3,vampire 3,lich 2,crypt thing 2,mummy 1,wraith

non-sapient monster

1,carrion crawler 1,peryton 1,ooze


5,[idol descriptor] [idol material] idol shaped like 2,[idol descriptor] [idol material] statue shaped like 1,an icon depicting 1,a painting depicting

idol descriptor

1,a foul 1,a twitching 1,a beautiful 1,an otherworldly 1,a hypnotic 1,a telepathic 1,an enormous 1,a disturbing 1,a rough hewn 1,an abstract

idol material

1,granite 1,stone 1,jade 1,golden 1,silver 1,brass 1,iron 1,fleshy 1,stone 1,glass 1,obsidian 1,bone


1,a golem in the shape of [SpiritForm.DisplaySpirits] 1,an animated statue in the shape of [SpiritForm.DisplaySpirits] 1,a flesh-golem made only from the parts of his worshippers


4,a minor demonic entity named [Demon Name.Main]. [1E DMG Demon.main] 1,a Demon Prince 1,a Devil Lord 1,[Demon generator.main] 1,the terrible [SGNP angels and demons.demon]

intelligent monster

1,[intelligent monster descriptor] medusa 1,[intelligent monster descriptor] Dragon 1,[intelligent monster descriptor] Beholder 1,[intelligent monster descriptor] Mind Flayer 1,[intelligent monster descriptor] Harpy 1,[intelligent monster descriptor] Aboleth 1,[intelligent monster descriptor] Kraken 1,[intelligent monster descriptor] Naga 1,[intelligent monster descriptor] Yuan-Ti 1,[intelligent monster descriptor] Manticore

intelligent monster descriptor

1,an ancient 1,an enormous 1,a powerful 1,a mutated 1,a hyperintelligent 1,an androgynous 1,a psionic 1,a hypnotically entrancing 1,a terrible 1,a vampiric 1,an insane


1,an independent race of misshapen and cursed beings 1,a Great Old One 1,an ephemeral concept - the closest thing in human language would be [Inscriptions.Abs_Noun_Neg]


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