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Random Resolution

Dice 40+ of the most useful (2-1000 sided) dice combos, plus “digit” (0–9) for supplying dates etc.
Card Draw <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Card Draw.main]”</sgdisplay>
Tarot Card <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Tarot Card.drawFacade]”</sgdisplay>
But Cards salt for “yes, but” statements in intent-based resolution
SpecDice Specialty Dice from games, or other “Random Resolution” stuff
FUDGE Dice Die roller for 4dF
Shab-al-Hiri Roach Event deck cards from Jason Morningstar’s Shab-al-Hiri Roach

Setting Color

Crunchy Bit Excerpted sample (in italics)
Benign Urban Encounter <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Benign Urban Encounter.main]”</sgdisplay>
Benign Waterborne Encounter <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Benign Waterborne Encounter.main]”</sgdisplay>
Benign Wilderness Encounter <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Benign Wilderness Encounter.main]”</sgdisplay>
Animal <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Animal.ordinaryanimal]”</sgdisplay>
Fantasy Campsite <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[FantasyCampsite.main]”</sgdisplay>
Fantasy Farmstead <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[FantasyFarmstead.main]”</sgdisplay>
Fantasy Region <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[PlacesToGo.Display]”</sgdisplay>
CoatOfArms Descriptions of coats of arms, plus links to visual coat of arms creators
Medieval Occupations <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Medieval Occupations.main]”</sgdisplay>
Modern Occupations <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Modern Occupations.main]”</sgdisplay>
Customs and Superstitions <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Customs and Superstitions.main]”</sgdisplay>
Secret Societies and Splats <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Secret Societies and Splats.main]”</sgdisplay>
Splats Create your own competing conspiracies. <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Splats.main]”</sgdisplay>
Tavern full description of a fantasy tavern (ES)
Stalker Anomalies and xenotech for STALKER

Insults, Battle Cries, and other encounter background flavor

Dwarven Insults <sgdisplay iterations="1">“Ye [Dwarven Insults.main]!”</sgdisplay>
Battle Cries <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Battle Cries.main]!”</sgdisplay>
Shakespearean Insults <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Shakespearean Insults.main]”</sgdisplay>
Random Space Phrase <sgdisplay iterations="1">[Random Space Phrase.main]</sgdisplay>
Sounds <sgdisplay iterations="1">([Sounds.main])</sgdisplay>
Smells <sgdisplay iterations="1">([Smells.nominal_phrase])</sgdisplay>
Sights <sgdisplay iterations="1">([Sights.main])</sgdisplay>
Fantasy Debris and Detritus <sgdisplay iterations="1">([Fantasy Debris and Detritus.main])</sgdisplay>
Angry Video Game Nerd swear generator <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Angry Video Game Nerd swear generator.main]”</sgdisplay>
Overwatch Ship Click here to be cursed and die instantly.
Police Dispatches <sgdisplay iterations="1">[Police Dispatches.main]</sgdisplay>
Police Reports <sgdisplay iterations="1">[Police Reports.main]</sgdisplay>

Food & Drink

Crunchy Bit Excerpted sample (italicized)
Brewnames Barkeep, a round of <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Brewnames.main]” please!</sgdisplay>
FantasyDrinks Who’s thirsty for some <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[FantasyDrinks.main]”?</sgdisplay>
AllTheCheeses I believe that some <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[AllTheCheeses.main]” would make an excellent pairing with that tasty beverage.</sgdisplay>
FantasyMenu anyone for <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[FantasyMenu.main]”?</sgdisplay>
Foodstuffs Might I partake of <sgdisplay iterations="1">“a [Foodstuffs.main]” to go?</sgdisplay>
One Hundred Meals Today’s Special: <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[One Hundred Meals.meal]”</sgdisplay>

Building Blocks

Crunchy Bit Excerpted sample (italicized)
d20 Random Effects <sgdisplay iterations="1">grants a “[Random Bonus or Penalty.bonuspenalty1to5]” to “[d20 Random Effects.abilities]” for “[d20 Random Effects.duration]”</sgdisplay>
Fantasy Pantheon <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Fantasy Pantheon.fulldescription]”</sgdisplay>
Random Bonus or Penalty generates a bonus or penalty from 1 to 5 (+ or -).
GheronUtility holds campaign-specific stuff for a d20 campaign - languages, city names, deities, etc.
Shadowrun Utility <sgdisplay iterations="1">[Shadowrun Utility.main]</sgdisplay>
SpiritForm incarnations for fantasy gods or spirits - <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[SpiritForm.DisplaySpirits]”</sgdisplay>
Real World Deities Earth religious entities for your characters to worship/honor
Words of Wisdom talk points for sublime preachers, enigmatic prophets and babbling madmen:
<sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Words of Wisdom.main]”</sgdisplay>
Hobbies Do you like <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Hobbies.main]” as much as I do?</sgdisplay>
Missions AT-43 Your next mission is: <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Missions AT-43.MasterMission]”</sgdisplay>
Bag of Tricks features and tricks for fantasy adventures, such as: <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Bag of Tricks.main]”</sgdisplay>
Birth table CC Fantasy Birthday generator, tied to no specific calendar, such as: <sgdisplay iterations="1">“Time:  [Birth table CC.BIRTH_HOUR]    Day:  [Birth table CC.DAY_CHOICE]”</sgdisplay>
American Street Address I live at <sgdisplay iterations="1">[American Street Address.Place].</sgdisplay>


Letters and numbers