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  • This generator can be used whenever you need to determine what random objects might be lying around a room or in storage. It was previously titled Found in a crate.

    You find 12 objects in the crate

    something wrong with display above?

    The crate contains the following five items

      <sgdisplay iterations="5">
    • [main]</sgdisplay>

    Example Usages

    Ignore this if it is confusing... or post questions on discussion tab.

    Usage Result
    [Crate.main] <sgdisplay iterations="1">[Crate.main]</sgdisplay>
    [crate.toolorjunk] <sgdisplay iterations="1">[crate.toolorjunk]</sgdisplay>
    [crate.coin] <sgdisplay iterations="1">[crate.coin]</sgdisplay>
    [crate.tinker] <sgdisplay iterations="1">[crate.tinker]</sgdisplay>
    [crate.trophy] <sgdisplay iterations="1">[crate.trophy]</sgdisplay>
    [crate.labels] <sgdisplay iterations="1">[crate.labels]</sgdisplay>
    [crate.medicine] <sgdisplay iterations="1">[crate.medicine]</sgdisplay>

    More Examples

    <sgdisplay iterations="4"><li>[main]</sgdisplay>
    <sgdisplay iterations="1"><li>[crate.foodorforage]</sgdisplay>
    <sgdisplay iterations="1"><li>[crate.coin]</sgdisplay>
    <sgdisplay iterations="1"><li>[crate.containers]</sgdisplay>
    <sgdisplay iterations="1"><li>[crate.toolorjunk]</sgdisplay>
    <sgdisplay iterations="1"><li>[crate.main]</sgdisplay>




    0, - - - subtables go! 12,[junk] 12,[tools] 10,[edibles] 10,[material] 8,[containers] 8,[tinker] 5,[medicine] 4,[produceorclothingorcooktools] 4,[entertainment] 4,[foodorforage] 4,[clothing] 4,[cordage] 4,[makeshiftweapons] 4,[cooktools] 3,[rareoruncommon] 3,[coin] 3,[lighting] 2,[trapper] 2,[trophy] 1,[faith]


    10,[mechanical] 7,[toolorjunk] 4,[makeshiftweapons] 4,[animalhusbandry] 2,[soap] 1,[Thieves Tools.thieftool]


    1,[foodstuffs] 1,[produce]


    2,[produce] 2,[cooktools] 2,[clothing] 1,a [cookknife] knife


    10,[entertainment] 10,[coin] 2,[faith]


    2,[entertainment] 1,[teeth] 1,[coin] 1,[florafauna] 1,[flowers] 1,[rareitem]


    1,[foodstuffs] 1,[produce] 1,[florafauna]


    3,[uncommonitem] 1,[rareitem]


    2,[tinker] 1,[junk]


    2,[cordage] 1,[junk]


    2,[tools] 2,[junk] 1,[cooktools] 1,[trapparts]


    4,[trapparts] 2,[cordage] 1,[tools] 1,[tinkerorjunk] 1,[makeshiftweapons]


    0, - - - A


    0, - - - alcoholic drinks 0, - - - 30,[FantasyDrinks.alcoholic] 30,a bottle of [Foodstuffs.Alcohol] 8,a corked bottle of ale 8,[containersliquid] of grog 8,a half-filled wineskin 8,flask of [FantasyDrinks.alcoholic general] 4,a pewter flask of powerful liquor 4,[containersliquid] of whiskey 4,[containersliquid] of gin 4,[containersliquid] of hard cider 4,a bottle of good wine 4,a bottle of brandy 4,a skin of goat’s milk 4,[containersliquid] of ale 4,a bottle of "Cordialized [Utility.FruitCommon] Brandy" 3,a small cask of rum 2,a clay jug of moonshine 1,a glass bottle of anise-flavored aperitif 1,a dusty and unopened bottle of black label red wine


    0, - - - animal husbandry 1,a dog collar 1,a branding iron 1,a rolled up length of chicken wire 1,empty saddlebags designed for a goat 1,a horseshoe 1,a metal birdcage 1,a rabbit trap 1,a set of riding spurs 1,a leather bracer 1,a camel nose peg 1,a spring action curry comb 1,a butter ladle 1,[cordage] 1,a bull ring neatly made of round polished iron 1,a pair of barn door rollers 1,a steel cattle-tie 1,a tin of horse-hoof-cleaner


    0, - - - is it a bib? 0, - - - is it a dress? 0, - - - is it a sack? 0, - - - it's an apron! 5,an apron 4,an apron made of [Utility.Cloth] 2,a clean cloth apron suitable for a large humanoid 2,a sooty leather apron 2,a heavy apron 2,a butcher's apron 2,a water-resistant apron 2,a cobbler's apron 2,a denim apron 2,a bib apron 1,a rubber apron 1,a long muslin apron


    0, - - - B


    0, - - - a few variations on tiny sphere bearings 0, - - - note: do not use an article (no a/an) 0, - - - subtable of trapparts, among others 3,iron ball bearings 2,brass ball bearings 2,lead shot 1,hard glass marbles 1,oiled chrome steel ball bearings 1,industrial radial ball bearing 1,brittle ceramic ball bearings 1,thin oiled hard wood rollers 1,spindle bearings 1,lineshaft bearings 1,tapered roller bearings 1,lubricated ball bearings 1,metal knucklebone jacks


    0, - - - subtable of musicalinst 20, 5,tarnished  4,old  4,poorly-tuned  3,beautiful  3,engraved  3,polished  3,shiny  3,well-crafted  3,well-tuned  2,bent  2,dented  2,elaborate  2,highly polished  2,poorly-crafted 


    100,[Foodstuffs.Bread] 10,a chunk of [Utility.Grain] bread 2,a moldy hunk of bread


    0, - - - C


    0, - - - sub of cheese? 1,aged 1,artisan 1,fragrant 1,mellow 1,nasty 1,nutty 1,pungent-smelling 1,sharp 1,smelly 1,soft 1,spongey 1,sweet 1,spiced


    0, - - - things that you put other things in 0, - - - trunk, saddlebags, bucket, barrel, bag 0, - - - sack, satchel, briefcase, box, pack 0, - - - purse, backpack, haversack, purse 0, - - - basket, crate, case, jar, chest 4,[containersliquid] of water 4,a wooden [containermadeofwood] 3,a [Treasure Container.containeralt] 2,[containersliquid] 2,a [Treasure Container.bagmaterial] bag 2,a [Utility.Cloth] bag 2,a leather satchel containing tobacco 2,a woven palm leaf basket 2,a canvas haversack 2,a cotton sack 2,a pack made of sticks and a blanket 2,a burlap sack 2,a wicker backpack 1,a [Utility.LeatherHide] pack 1,a buckskin pack 1,a black bag with straps and buckles 1,a scuffed briefcase 1,a flour sack 1,a large knapsack 1,a leather shoulder bag 1,a back basket; a wooden basket with two shoulder straps 1,a porcelain chamber pot, slightly stained from use 1,a lightweight hand basket made of manila rope 1,a broad sawgrass basket with vertical withes of vine 1,an empty [Utility.GlassColors] glass vial 1,[number] empty glass bottles 1,a bushel basket made of heavy wire, with wire netting 1,a small wooden barrel with a shoulder strap 1,a [woodsurface] wooden [containermadeofwood] 1,a [Utility.Cloth] gunnysack 1,a velvet purse 1,[apron]


    0, - - - bags for water 100,[Foodstuffs.LiquidContainer] 20,[Magical Liquids.container] 4,an animal bladder cured with beeswax to transport liquid 2,a ceramic jug 1,a drinking horn


    0, - - - cordage: rope and the like 0, - - - has subtable cordagequantity 0, - - - string, cord, cable, cordage, twine, line, 0, - - - yarn, thread, lanyard, wire, ribbon, chain 0, - - - lariat, thread, belt 16,[cordagequantity] [Color.bright] yarn 10,assorted strips of [Utility.LeatherHide] 10,[cordagequantity] [Color.bright] thread 10,[cordagequantity] twine 9,[cordagequantity] horse hair fishing line 9,braided [Utility.LeatherHide] rope 9,[cordagequantity] spun wool yarn 9,[cordagequantity] fishing line 9,[cordagequantity] coir fiber rope 9,a [Color.bright] hair ribbon 6,[cordagequantity] manila rope 6,[cordagequantity] hemp cord 5,a long leather lanyard 5,[cordagequantity] wheel spun flax mariner's rope 5,[cordagequantity] strong [Color.bright] double twisted thread 4,a dozen straps of [Utility.LeatherHide] 4,a few straps of [Utility.LeatherHide] 4,[cordagequantity] fiber bowstring 3,[cordagequantity] mariner's rope 3,[cordagequantity] angling-line 3,[cordagequantity] flax string 3,[cordagequantity] linen string 3,[cordagequantity] rawhide cordage 3,[cordagequantity] grass lanyard 3,[cordagequantity] bulrush fiber cord 3,[cordagequantity] cattail fiber cord 3,[cordagequantity] sinew string 3,[cordagequantity] double wrapped twine 2,[cordagequantity] hemp cable 2,[cordagequantity] [Utility.LeatherHide] 2,[cordagequantity] cotton twine 2,[cordagequantity] braided and waxed cotton string 2,[cordagequantity] bleached flax twine 2,a length of hazelnut shoots woven into withes 2,[cordagequantity] [Utility.LeatherHide] leather ribbon 1,[cordagequantity] fine brass chain 1,[cordagequantity] fiber cord 1,[cordagequantity] fiber cordage 1,[cordagequantity] fishing cable 1,[cordagequantity] trip wire 1,[cordagequantity] yellowish gray hemp rope 1,[cordagequantity] greenish gray hemp rope 1,[cordagequantity] shoe thread 1,[cordagequantity] fine worsted embroidery yarn 1,[cordagequantity] buckskin lariat 1,[cordagequantity] "cat-gut" sheep sinew 1,16 ft of medium gauge (2 in.) welded iron chain 1,[Dice.twodfive] ft of medium gauge (2 in.) welded iron chain 1,brass pinion wire 1,a roll of velveteen ribbon skirt binding


    0, - - - cordage quantity 0, - - - subtable of cordage 0, - - - (not the best name for this table but oh well) 20,a spool of 20,a bundle of 20,a coil of 15,a ball of 15,a spindle of 11,a length of 10,a dozen strips of 6,a winch of 5,a loop of 4,a roll of 3,a lasso of 2,ten feet of 2,eight feet of 2,twenty feet of 2,twelve feet of 2,forty feet of 2,a modest length of 1,a great length of 1,a length of half-rotten


    0, - - - time keeping devices 2,a pocket watch 1,a windup alarm clock 1,an hourglass 1,an oil-lamp clock 1,an incense clock 1,a tin pocket watch 1,an egg timer 1,a vest pocket sundial


    0, - - - clothing to cover one's shame 5,[hat] 3,a [Utility.Cloth] shirt 3,[apron] 2,a pair of [ClothingFemale.Footwearlite] 2,a pair of [Color.dull] [shoe style] 1,a pair of moleskin trousers 1,a heavy cloak trimmed with [Utility.Fur] fur 1,a [Utility.Cloth] doublet 1,a [Color.dull] [Utility.Cloth] robe 1,a [Utility.Fur] fur cloak 1,a waxed rain cloak 1,a [Color.bright] [Utility.Cloth] cloak 1,a hooded cape 1,a [Utility.Cloth] vest 1,a pair of [Utility.Cloth] stockings 1,a pair of ankle length trousers 1,a pair of wool breeches lined with shiny black leather 1,a horsehide girdle 1,a knee length tunic 1,leg stockings of plaited rags 1,some old children's clothes 1,a [Color.bright] bonnet 1,a [Color.hues] vest 1,a pair of denim overalls 1,a [Color.light] scarf with [Color.all] tassels 1,a [Color.dull] scarf with [Color.dark] diagonal stripes 1,a [Utility.Cloth] belt with a [woodsurface] wooden buckle 1,a bead necklace 1,a bow tie 1,a silk doublet 1,an [Utility.HornIvory] brooch 1,laced stockings made of dogskin leather 1,a pair of cotton elastic suspenders 1,a pair of soft canvas fingerless gloves 1,a cotton bandana dyed [Color.all] 1,a thick cardigan jacket made of coarse yarn 1,a [Utility.Cloth] nightshirt


    0, - - - currency 4,[number] copper coins 3,a coin purse containing [Dice.5d6] copper pieces 3,three coppers and a piece of silver 3,[Dice.twodfive] copper pennies 2,[Dice.twodfive] ha'pennies 2,[Dice.twodfive] copper coins and [Dice.twodfive] silver 1,[number] steel arrowheads 1,[number] cowry shells 1,[number] wishbones 1,[number] obscure tokens 1,[number] crown corks 1,[number] silver coins 1,[number] wooden nickels 1,twenty-two brass coins of Dwarven make stuffed in an oxford sack 1,what appears to be a foreign banknote 1,a fugazi gemstone 1,[Dice.Twodthree] plain slender [Utility.MetalPrecious] bracelets 1, three bloodstained ingots of ersatz adamantine 1,[Dice.onedtwenty] bent nails 1,[Dice.Twodthree] pieces of silver 1,a golden galleon 1,a cotton stocking with [Dice.Twodthree] silver shekels inside


    0, - - - basic container types 0, - - - matching the pattern 0, - - - a wooden X 10,bucket 10,basket 10,box 6,trunk 5,barrel 5,crate 5,chest 1,rack 1,case 1,tray 1,cylinder


    0, - - - cook tools 0, - - - and culinary implements 5,a [cookknife] knife 3,butcher's boning hook 4,a [metaldmg] spoon 4,a fork 4,a [Utility.MetalHard] frying pan 3,a set of fish-hooks 3,a meat skewer 2,a dough rolling pin 2,a cheese cloth 2,a cast iron skillet 2,a brass frying pan 2,a ceramic tankard 1,a cooking peel 1,a cookie sheet 1,eighteen years of ledgers from a profitable butcher shop 1,a meat cleaver with "Voorhees" etched into the handle 1,a sharpened and well-oiled meat cleaver 1,a rusty meat cleaver with a [woodsurface] handle 1,a mortar & pestle 1,a bronze flesh hook 1,an iron ladle with a two pronged flesh hook handle


    0, - - - types of kitchen knives 30,chef's 18,carving 16,boning 14,paring 12,serrated 12,steak 10,bread 6,cutlet 6,butter 5,cheese 4,salmon 4,ham slicing 4,oyster 4,broken cooking


    0, - - - arbitrary crate type 0, - - - I forget what this is for 0, - - - I've re-purposed the concept of 0, - - - "crate" to extend to any sort 0, - - - loot container 1,Corpse 1,Case 1,Crate 1,Cabinet


    0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - D


    0, - - - subtable of musicalinst 20, 5,sturdy 5,taut 4,old 4,well-used 3,poorly-crafted 3,tattered 3,well-crafted 3,well-tuned 2,elaborate 2,new


    0, - - - subtable of musicalinst 1,bass drum 1,kettle drum 1,snare drum 1,tom-tom 1,tympani 1,war drum


    0, - - - E


    0, - - - entertainment and diversions 5,a [Pickpocket Encounter.en] 5,a children's toy: a [toydesc] 3,[number] playing cards 3,[musicalinst] 2,[Dice.Twodthree] golf balls 2,[Dice.Twodthree] [woodsurface] dominoes 2,a pair of dice made of bone 2,a papier-mache mask 1,a case of nine bowling pins, each about six inches tall 1,[Dice.Twodthree] [Utility.MetalSoft] pawns 1,a hinged case that opens into a parcheesi game and tokens 1,a marble - a copper flecked glass sphere the size of a peach pit 1,a croquet mallet painted [Color.bright] 1,a cigar rolling kit 1,two boxes; one contains black stone of uniform size, the other white stones 1,[bearings] 1,a ratchet rattle 1,a hand puppet 1,a scroll of sheet music


    0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - F


    0, - - - religious things 0, - - - totems and icons 10,[Pickpocket Encounter.CharmsReligion] 1,a [Utility.MetalPrecious] statuette of a god ([SpiritForm.DisplaySpirits]) 1,a bit of holy text written on parchment 1,a charm against thieves 1,a hand censer; a small vessel made for burning incense or perfume 1,a charm to [Jewelry.FolkSymbolEffects] 1,a good luck charm 1,a holy symbol 1,a lucky rabbit’s foot 1,a painted icon of a saint or other religious subject 1,a pouch of incense 1,a prayer book 1,a prayer wheel 1,a reliquary containing a piece of splintered bone 1,a statuette of a god ([SpiritForm.DisplaySpirits]) carved out of [Utility.Wood] 1,a tarot card: [Tarot Card Draw.main] 1,a vodun trick bag 1,a voodoo doll 1,a necklace of prayer beads 1,an amulet of a monkey skull adorned with shells colored with a gaudy pink pigment 1,a votive cloth


    0, - - - flora and fauna 0, - - - natural resources from 0, - - - plants and animals 0, - - - Nature 10,[Pickpocket Encounter.Nature] 8,[shells] 6,[Utility.HornsAntlers] 3,[flowers] 1,a [Utility.RelativeSize] pinecone 1,a [Utility.RelativeSize] feather 1,an ostrich feather 1,a prawn 1,a beaver tail 1,moss 1,a bee’s nest 1,a scorpion's tail 1,[Dice.Twodthree] black feathers 1,[Dice.Twodthree] lizard tails 1,[Dice.Twodthree] peat briquettes 1,a four leaf clover 1,a snake skin of tremendous length 1,a luna moth wing 1,a crow’s claw 1,a wicker basket of tree roots 1,a toadstool 1,a clump of fur 1,a sharp talon 1,a clump of resin 1,a [Utility.RelativeSize] deerhoof 1,a cracked badger skull


    0, - - - pretty plants 5,a [Utility.Flower] flower 1,a handful of petunias 1,a garland of daisies 1,a wilted orchid 1,[Dice.2d4] tulip bulbs 1,a wreath of mistletoe 1,a flowering cactus in a small clay pot


    0, - - - how does this differ from the other food tables? 30,[bread] 20,a [Utility.GlassColors] jar of [jarfood] 20,a [Utility.RelativeSize] [cheese_type] cheese, sealed in a [Color.dull] wax rind 15,[alcohol] 10,a small pouch of sugar 10,a small chest of butter 10,a sack of flour 10,a handkerchief wrapping two sugar cookies 10,a satchel of tea leaves 10,a cured blood sausage 10,fresh roasted pheasant breast 10,three pounds of hardtack sea biscuit 10,a cut of salted fatback 10,a couple day's rations of salted fish 10,a sack of corn meal 10,a basket of okra covered with [Utility.Cloth] 8,frankfurter links 7,a cured salami 6,a jar of olive oil 2,[Dice.twodthree] lbs of uncooked venison loin 2,[Dice.twodthree] lbs of uncooked venison 1,a gooseberry pie in a tea towel


    0, - - - G


    0, - - - subtable of junk 0, - - - even worse than junk 10,a broken broomstick 10,a dried-up ink well 10,a rusty iron scabbard 10,a decomposing sparrow 10,broken chunks of glazed pottery 10,broken slab of slate 10,a pair of lace gloves with several torn fingertips 10,a large shard of a broken mirror 10,a collection of chicken bones 10,a bundle of foul smelling rags 8,a rat's head 5,a broken pair of manacles 4,one dirty sock 2,an apple core


    0, - - - H


    0, - - - clothes for your head 1,a [Utility.Fur] fur hat 1,a top hat 1,a winter cap 1,a tricorne hat 1,a sealskin cap 1,a clay helm 1,a beret 1,a derby hat 1,a ten gallon hat 1,a [Color.dull] fedora 1,a nightcap 1,a straw hat 1,a yarn ushanka 1,a cabbage-tree hat 1,a fez 1,a pith helmet 1,a trilby 1,a sombrero 1,a pill box hat 1,a red barretina 1,a sunbonnet 1,a tam o'shanter 1,a visor 1,a turban 1,a toque blanche 1,a coronet 1,a propeller beanie 1,a steepled hennin in the conical style 1,a dustman's hat


    0, - - - I


    0, - - - J


    0, - - - food that can be jarred 5,butter 5,honey 4,marmalade 3,pepper jelly 3,pickled eggs 3,pickles 3,pickled tomatoes 3,pickled oysters 3,pickled beets 3,sliced turnips 2,thick sludge 1,fruit chutney 1,pickled oysters 1,rhenish cream 1,oyster sauce 1,capers 1,pear preserves 1,piquant sauce 1,artichoke hearts 1,fermented sweet potatoes 1,fermented mustard


    0, - - - ephemera and trash 0, - - - misc 40,[garbage] 14,a straw hat 12,[number] rusted hinges 12,[number] [metaldmg] spear points 12,a bag of [metaldmg] and rusted iron spikes 12,a tankard filled with lard 12,an oily rag, presumably flammable 12,tin scraps 12,a scrub brush 10,a dirty and ragged [Utility.Fur] pelt 10,a crudely prepared [Utility.Fur] pelt 10,a handmade wooden transport sled 10,a crude sock puppet 10,a [metaldmg] tin cup 10,a [metaldmg] iron bracer 10,a [metaldmg] bronze helmet 10,a small container labeled "[HerbalProducts.main]" 10,a waterskin filled with salt water 10,a [Utility.RelativeSize] bag of fine sawdust 10,a circular rug crocheted out of rags 10,a stretch of leather with a tree painted upon it 10,a scowling flint idol 10,a small collapsing step ladder 9,a rusted auger bit 9,a bag of dried acorns 9,a bag of [FantasyMenu.Nuts]s 9,a ripped handkerchief 8,four curtain hooks 8,a bronze seal stamp with wooden handle 8,a partially disassembled wheelbarrow 7,a broken doorknob 7,a merchant's rod hook for the display and storage of dry goods 6,a warehouse shipping cart stripped of its casters 6,a cotton handkerchief with embroidered edges 5,a barber's glass shaving mug 4,a hotel reception bell 4,an empty coinpurse 4,two feet of thick rusted iron chain 4,a scrap of tin foil 4,a cast iron elbow socket 3,a figurine fragment: a gracile hand, broken at the wrist, holding a goblet 3,a figurine fragment: a fully modeled foot from the ankle down 3,a figurine fragment: a horse with the head broken off 2,a small bag of intoxicating incense 1,a paper pamphlet on "The Metropolitan System of Fire Proofing"


    0, - - - K


    0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - L

    lab equipment

    0, - - - alchemy and mad scientist stuff 10,a swan neck flask 10,a large mortar and pestle 10,an alembic still 10,a bellows powered vacuum cap 10,a sclerometer 10,an hourglass 10,an anemoscope 10,a pair of lorgnette spectacles with handle 10,a porcelain basin 10,a clear glass circulatorium 10,a copper retort 10,a small gilded armillary sphere on a wooden base 10,an engraved copper astrolabe 10,an iron measuring rod 10,a small clay and graphite crucible 10,a compact oil burner with a glass round bottom flask 3,a brass quadrans vetus quadrant


    0, - - - bits of paper or tin with writing on them 0, - - - affixed to containers to indicate the 0, - - - contents of same 0, - - - now mostly external 100,[Patent Medicine.main] 2,Liquid Gutta Percha for Wounds 1,Walkden's Blue-Black Writing Fluid 1,Walkden's Indelible Melanyl Marking Ink 1,Montague Emblem Varnish 1,Apotheke von A. Hempel 1,Herkules Bitters 40% Alcohol


    0, - - - things that produce illumination 3,an unlit torch 2,[dice.twodfive] [Color.hues] candles 1,a paraffin candle 1,[number] mediocre torchs 1,a decorative paper lantern 1,a clay fish-oil lamp 1,sixteen rush lights 1,a leaky oil lantern 1,a small coal brazier 1,a brass oil-wick cap lamp


    0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - M


    0, - - - raw materials 9,a [Substances.main] 7,[Trade Goods.main] 2,a [Utility.Fur] pelt 2,[Dice.twodfive] lumps of charcoal 2,a bolt of [Color.dull] [Utility.Cloth] 2,a bale of fresh straw 2,[number] [woodsurface] wooden dowels 1,a bundle of hewn branches 1,a bottle of [Color.dark] ink 1,a bottle of oak varnish 1,a crayon of [Color.hues] chalk 1,three pounds of recently shorn sheep's wool 1,a large pile of nitrogen fertilizer 1,a large chunk of raw iron ore 1,a dozen chunks of onyx, cleaned and smoothed but unpolished and uncut 1,ten rattan branches tied in bundle 1,nineteen burlap sacks inside a twentieth burlap sack 1,a clay pot containing wood ash lye 1,a leather pouch containing two pounds of crudely ground cinnabar 1,several clay pots of powdered henna, turmeric, and indigo 1,a 2 foot length of round steel billet 1,a semi-opaque yellow vial labeled "[labels]" 1,a bolt of [Color.hues] felt 1,three hides of sheepskin leather 1,a length of brass piping 1,two ermine furs 1,a ball of [Color.hues] wool 1,a bolt of fluffy woolen canvas 1,a blanket of cured buffalo hide 1,a roll of medicinal gauze 1,a stoppered ceramic vial of ammonia muriatic 1,[Dice.2d4] lbs of indigo leaves 1,a bundle of yarrow stalks tied with thin leather cord 1,a small crate containing 15 lbs of limestone 1,a burlap bag of pulverized limestone 1,a brass can of lard oil cut with kerosene 1,a small barrel of salt 1,two pounds of Burgandy pitch 1,a jar of spruce resin 1,a bundle of senna leaves


    0, - - - mechanical devices 0, - - - simple machines 3,[clock] 2,[lab equipment] 2,a small pine box of [bearings] 2,four metal screw eye rings 2,a rope hook 2,an adjustable wrench 2,a wrought iron latch 2,a bellows for a small furnace 2,two unsprung mousetraps 1,a mechanical timer 1,a goat's foot lever 1,an iron hoist winch in adequate repair 1,a portable winch and pulley 1,a wrought iron pulley 1,a cast iron rope winder 1,a hand powered breast drill 1,a three man thong drill 1,a hand forged iron T auger 1,a brass can with nozzle dispenser 1,a compound crank 1,a horseshoe magnet 1,a bottle rocket on a stick 1,a steam whistle 1,a thread bobber 1,a water valve 1,a siphon drum pump 1,a small jar labeled "[labels]" 1,a hand cranked scroll saw 1,a crannequin rack and pinion 1,a chain and plate assembly 1,a grommet punch 1,a palm sized spool of copper wire 1,a screw compressor clamp 1,four steel right-angle corner braces 1,a crankshaft connecting rod 1,a toggle switch with extended terminals 1,a cylindrical beech whirl fixed on an iron spindle 1,steel slag 1,a circular mirror with accordion sliding extension 1,an adjustable telescopic fishing reel 1,an axle and pinion disc fishing reel 1,a pressure gauge 1,an oil valve 1,a small hand powered air pump 1,a cistern hand pump 1,a small tank of engine oil 1,a length of gutta percha tubing 1,a small coffee grinder


    0, - - - healers and doctors and first aid 7,a roll of medicinal gauze 7,a stethoscope 4,a leather tourniquet 4,a wrap of gauze 4,[soap] 4,a wooden splint 4,a linen towel 3,[lab equipment] 3,a small bag of intoxicating incense 3,a scalpel 3,a vial of vinegar 3,a pair of surgical scissors 3,a small glass bottle of sulphuric ether 3,a mortar and pestle 2,[teeth] 2,a [Utility.RelativeSize] syringe 2,a pair of steel hemostat forceps 2,a brown bottle of iodine 2,a brown bottle of bromine 2,a tin containing activated charcoal powder 2,palm-sized piece of ginger root 2,piece of honeycomb in a jar 2,[Patent Medicine.main] 2,a vial of arrowroot powder 2,a pair of stainless steel tweezers 2,a surgical needle with sterilized sutures 2,a case with a bottle of Benzalkonium Chloride an eyedropper and a white cotton cloth 2,a bottle of castor oil 2,six moleskin pads 2,a bottle of soft paraffin oil 2,a glass jar containing a number of medical leeches 2,a tin of orange granulate marked "Turmeric paste" 2,a phleme blood-letting instrument 2,two pounds of Burgandy pitch 1,a bottle containing muscle relaxant poison 1,a bag of sharp-smelling herbs for a “morning after” tea 1,a bottle bearing the image of a snake, with the promise “will cure any ill” 1,a bottle of a thick, oily substance that “will change eye color to indigo” 1,a bottle of a thin, cold substance “guaranteed to cause inebriation” 1,a bottle of foul-smelling medicine “guaranteed to relieve diarrhea” 1,a bottle of hair tonic “proven to cure baldness” 1,a pouch of herbs for a soporific tea 1,a small bottle of a bitter, syrupy substance “guaranteed to relieve indigestion and flatulence” 1,a small box containing medicinal leaves to “chew to counter drowsiness” 1,a small tub of an oily cream that is “proof against a multitude of rashes and unsavory infestations” 1,a vial of a musky-smelling oil “guaranteed to restore strength and stamina” 1,a vial of smelling salts 1,a small vial of blood 1,a glass eye 1,a barber's glass shaving mug 1,a glass flask of labeled "[labels]"


    0, - - - make shift and improvised weapons 2,a pitchfork 1,a buggy whip 1,a heavy duty wooden mallet 1,a lead candlestick 1,a knuckleduster 1,a hunting dagger 1,a stone cudgel 1,four [woodsurface] wooden spikes 1,a fishing rod 1,broken bladed bronze sickle (it's sharper than you would expect) 1,a brick 1,a [Utility.WoodsSoft] boomerang 1,a cast iron three foot rod 1,a laundry bat 1,an umbrella 1,a leather belt with a weight attached to the iron buckle 1,a sledgehammer made of unfinished logs 1,a post maul 1,a jagged shard of glass with a rag cloth "handle" 1,a bowl of boiling kitchen grease 1,a letter opener 1,a fireplace poker 1,a kitchen knife 1,a pokey-stick 1,a boat oar 1,a 4 ft length of iron chain with a horseshoe welded on one end


    0, - - - the negative condition of metal 3,battered 3,dirty 3,dented 2,dulled 2,bent 2,corroded 2,weathered 2,blemished 1,scored and scuffed 1,tarnished


    0, - - - musical 0, - - - instruments 0, - - - subtable of entertainment 10,a [Utility.LeatherHide] drum 10,a fiddle 10,a simple flute 10,a pair of bells 10,a harmonica 10,a [brassquality][Musical Instruments.BrassType] 6,a [drumadj] [drumtype] 5,a bamboo recorder 5,a recorder carved from [Utility.WoodsHard] 5,a small brass gong in a [Utility.WoodsHard] frame 4,a tarnished trumpet 4,a dented trumpet 1,a poorly-crafted piccolo made of cypress with copper keys 1,a set of bongos made of brown suede stretched over mahogany 1,a fife made of bronzewood, missing a reed 1,a poorly-crafted set of bagpipes with a chanter of pine and bag of ogre hide


    0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - N


    0, - - - randomish numbers 0, - - - can "one" go here? 5,two 5,three 5,four 3,five 3,several 1,one 1,six 1,seven 1,eight 1,nine 1,ten


    0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - O


    0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - P


    0, - - - food 0, - - - should use utility though... 4,[number] apples 4,[number] potatos 3,[number] cabbages 3,[number] turnips 2,[dice.onedtwelveplusone] green peppers 2,[number] radishs 2,[number] cucumbers 2,[number] broccoli stalks 2,[number] yams 2,[number] garlic bulbs 2,[number] edible mushrooms 2,a bag of dried peas 2,two heads of celery 1,[number] dubious mushrooms 1,[dice.onedtwelveplusone] heads of lettuce 1,[dice.onedtwelveplusone] bundles of lemongrass 1,a single slimy onion 1,[number] [Utility.Citrus]s 1,a [Utility.Melon] 1,two rotten [fantasymenu.veggies] 1,some especially pungent [fantasymenu.veggies] 1,a half dozen [fantasymenu.veggies] 1,a fetid ear of corn 1,a bundle of shriveled carrots 1,a bag of cornmeal 1,some rotten mulberry


    0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Q


    0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - R


    0, - - - these should almost never show up 0, - - - and hence are free to have 0, - - - unique and detailed descriptions 5,[Pickpocket Encounter.Art] 2,a whalebone disk scrimshawed with [Utility.AnimalSymbol] 1,a tooled lip green glass bottle lettered "[labels]" 1,a roller skate 0, - - - ship in a bottle 1,a ship in a bottle: a miniature [Ship Type.main] 1,a unicycle with a flat tire 1,a ukulele 1,[number] towels 1,[number] walrus tusks 1,a [Utility.RelativeSize] jar of ointment 1,a [Utility.RelativeSize] bag of [Utility.Nuts] 1,a melting block of ice in a [Treasure Container.bagmaterial] 1,a pair of leather knee pads 1,a hand coal scoop made of copper and walnut 1,a box of peanut brittle candy 1,a chunk of blue quartz 1,a vial of quicksilver 1,[number] snails 1,a dried eyeball 1,a shard of beryl 1,rubber boots size 8 1,rose colored goggles, sized for an exceptionally large humanoid 1,a pillow stuffed with [Animal.fantasyFeatheredAnimal] feathers 1,a bottle with twenty-four [Color.bright] pills inside 1,a single scale from a pyrohydra 1,a moderately large leather tube 1,a large illustrated tarot card: the Knight of Cups 1,a small crystal prism 1,a detailed floor plan of a noble manor (parchment) 1,a daisy chain made of dead centipedes 1,a necklace: a chain and icon made of walrus ivory 1,eight knob handles of elk ivory 1,a small stone pipe and a lump of opium wrapped in wax-paper 1,a collection of bent forks in a scroll case labeled, “Don’t forget to eat!” 1,a copper flash with a birch stopper, it is half-filled with elderflower cordial 1,a very handsome silver-mounted Merchaum pipe with elastic tube 1,a leather cigar case 1,a slide telescope in a leather case 1,a small sculpture made of pewter. It resembles a four legged turkey.


    0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - S

    shoe style

    0, - - - subtable of clothing 2,boots 2,riding boots 2,curling-toed shoes 2,leather boots 2,pointy-toed shoes 2,clogs 1,broad-toed shoes 1,cloth feet wrappings 1,combat boots 1,leather shoes 1,ninja tabi-boots 1,sabatons 1,sandals 1,stilettos 1,suede shoes 1,winter boots 1,work boots 1,yarn slippers 1,leather slippers


    0, - - - shells and nautical finds 0, - - - needs to be consolidated with Utility.Shells 3,[Utility.Shells] 1,a [Utility.RelativeSize] conch shell 1,a nautilus shell 1,a dried starfish 1,a piece of driftwood 1,a tangle of seaweed 1,a pouch full of glimmering opalescent fish scales 1,a [Utility.RelativeSize] tangle of red coral 1,a [Utility.RelativeSize] tangle of white coral 1,an argonaut shell 1,a number of cowry shells 1,cuttle-fish bone 1,shell of king-crab


    0, - - - soap 0, - - - things used for cleaning 1,[Dice.twodthree] grey bars of soap 1,a brick of pale yellow soap 1,a leather pouch of shaved white soap 1,half a bar of grey soap 1,two bars of strong lye soap 1,four jars labeled “kobold repellent” and filled with soap 1,a bristled bath brush 1,a waxed satchel of red lentil powder 1,a ball of tallow 1,a lavender perfumed sachet 1,a glass vial of grease 1,a stoppered glass vial of glycerol 1,a ceramic jug of lice shampoo 1,a cake of oily textile detergent 1,a tin of sebaceous wool fat labeled “Modified Lanolin” 1,a cured sheep bladder containing a fragrant, translucent oil 1,a round tin of pomade jelly 1,a wooden box of emulsifying wax detergent 1,a leather kit containing a vial of powdered anise, a vial of fish oil, a small glass cup, and a stirring rod 1,5 lbs of borax bleach powder in a ceramic pot with a gasket lid and latch 1,a glass jar of brilliantine hair oil 1,a [Utility.GlassColors] bottle of herbal liniment 1,a glass vial of bleaching powder 1,a tin of horse-hoof-cleaner 1,a shaving brush


    0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - T


    0, - - - teeth 1,a [Utility.RelativeSize] molar tooth 1,a necklace made of alligator teeth 1,a [Utility.RelativeSize] shark's tooth 1,a snark tooth 1,a set of false teeth 1,a boar tusk 1,a pouch of what appears to be fingernail clippings 1,a rudimentary toothbrush 1,a jar of tooth powder 1,a wolf tooth


    0, - - - tools 0, - - - tools 0, - - - tools 0, - - - 3,[toolsuncommon] 2,a hammer 2,a trowel 2,a hand rake 2,a pair of shears 2,pruning scissors 2,a primitive pair of pliers 2,a wooden ruler 2,a watering can 1,a battered wooden paddle 1,a wire brush 1,a hoe 1,a quill 1,a flint spade 1,a shovel 1,a pair of [metaldmg] shears 1,a hair comb 1,a whetstone 1,a set of sewing needles 1,a well-used paintbrush 1,an awl 1,a brass thimble 1,a terracotta flat iron 1,a garden spud 1,a bronze ladle 1,a pin cushion with a handful of pins 1,a fold of leather holding eighteen safety pins 1,an errant laundry clip 1,a threshing flail 1,a pair of knitting needles 1,a pewter spoon 1,two fishing hooks made of wood 1,a spinning mandrel 1,an offset spanner 1,a parrot-nose pipe wrench 1,a set of pincers 1,a mortising chisel 1,a weaving comb


    0, - - - uncommon tools 2,a wooden case of fishing tackle and artificial flies 1,a bill hook brush axe 1,a T-square 1,a thin rubber thimble used for turning book pages 1,a pair of dental pliers 1,an ear horn 1,a hook knife 1,an intact hand mirror 1,grafting glasses 1,a copper funnel 1,a telescoping spyglass 1,a shoe horn 1,a silver thimble 1,a sprocket 1,a guild quality rasp and file set 1,drawplates for making wire 1,a root grater 1,a steel prospector’s hammer 1,a cobbler's cramping hammer 1,a tuning fork 1,an umbrella 1,a divining rod 1,a weaving comb made of caribou antler 1,a glass dropper with rubber bulb 1,a grappling hook attached to 10 feet of iron chain 1,[number] drawing pencils


    0, - - - these are trap components: typically handmade odds and ends 0, - - - that are useless by themselves but clearly created intentionally 3,a sharpened stick with fire hardened tip 3,a large leather bag of caltrops 3,a spool of fishing line 3,a leather purse filled with [bearings] 3,a wooden wedge 3,[Thieves Tools.thieftool] 3,a rabbit trap 3,a fox snare 3,a box of wood screws 3,two steel pigtail screw picket 3,a dozen spring clothes pins 3,two sturdy metal "eye" pins, each about 6 inches long 2,three wooden trap triggers; small sticks smoothed, oiled, and with a notch cut out on one end 2,an improvised four prong gig 2,a foot long bronze spiral pin 2,[cordagequantity] trip wire 2,an actuating hook and spring assembly 2,a set of metal brackets and fastening screws 2,a length (2 ft) of braided cotton string coated with dried paste 2,tin shears 2,a handful of cotter pins 2,a handful of "S" hooks 2,an ampule of contact poison 2,a large twine net carefully tied in a fold for transport 2,a medium-sized rope net 2,a net made of hemp 2,a pair of bone netting needles 2,a set of four wire retainers made of copper used to secure trip wire 2,a wooden Y frame used for simple animal traps 2,a grappling hook 2,a hand cranked reel 2,a pair of bronze hinges 2,a flat wedge of wood rounded on one end and pointed on the other 2,a coil of brass sucker wire 2,a slender noose made of woven horse hair 2,a small gauge brass chain, 1 ft long, with nails firmly attached at both ends 2,a wire lasso 2,an upside-down V-shaped joint 2,six iron spikes 2,[cordage] 2,a coil spring made of nickel 2,an accordion folded rectangular net 1,hare netting 1,a steel bear trap 1,a fragile square foot platform of sticks held together in a grid by ties at the intersections


    0, - - - toys for children 0, - - - why no articles? 1,a [toymaterial] ball and cup 1,[toymaterial] top 1,yo-yo made of [toymaterial] 1,[toymaterial] doll 1,[toymaterial] ball 1,[toymaterial] toy soldier 1,[toymaterial] figurine 1,[toymaterial] rattle 1,[toymaterial] puppet 1,gourd rattle 1,miniature [toymaterial] boat 1,felt bag of [toymaterial] marbles 1,horse on wheels 1,jacob's ladder 1,top painted red and [Color.bright] 1,doll made of straw and twine 1,rattle shaped like a pig 1,felt and wool hand puppet 1,illustrated book of rhymes 1,kite 1,tin whistle 1,paper windmill 1,miniature pail and shovel 1,whirligig 1,cornhusk doll 1,slingshot 1,small wood carving of a frog 1,small mechanical snapping turtle


    0, - - - materials that toys can be made frim 7,pinewood 7,rag 6,stone 6,tin 6,[Utility.LeatherHide] 6,clay 6,oaken 6,maplewood 6,walnut 6,bone 6,balsa 5,porcelain 4,glass 3,[Utility.HornIvory] ivory 3,yew 2,pewter 2,brass 2,felt 2,terracotta 1,[Utility.MetalSoft]


    0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - U


    0, - - - crap that shouldn't appear to often 0, - - - 4,[soap] 4,[mechanical] 4,[toolsuncommon] 3,[medicine] 3,[lab equipment] 3,a [toymaterial] pendant 3,a small [Utility.WoodsSoft] box containing [Utility.Herb] 3,a [woodsurface] wooden pipe 3,a circular tin labeled "[labels]" 1,a fine linen tablecloth 1,a steel hatchet blade, without a handle 1,a scroll case, inside is an accounting of tithe payments on several rolls of parchment 1,a scroll case, inside are sheets of blank vellum 1,a scroll case, inside are sheets of blank parchment 1,a rolled up hammock and two screw hooks 1,a woven sleeping pad 1,a polished metal shaker of dried cumin 1,a pair of reading spectacles 1,a dowsing rod 1,a pennoncel flag with [Utility.AnimalSymbol] standard 1,a steel canister of baking powder with a screw top lid 1,a fancy teacup 1,a threadbare pouch containing a sewing needle and thread


    0, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - W


    0, - - - the condition of the wood 5,use-polished 4,rough-hewn 4,smoothly planed 4,scuffed 2,smooth 2,sharply angular 1,finished 1,varnished 1,stained 1,bark covered 1,octagonal 1,hexagonal 1,splintered 1,painted


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