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Note that the states, counties, cities, and linked Indian tribes are all factual U.S. entities. This data was pulled from open state government webpages and Wikipedia. Enjoy …

Typical Western fiction males

Colorful names for your cowpoke





0,character constant for highlighting on/off (adapt as desired) 1, 0,


2,[The] [CowboyTheBeginning] [CowboyTheEnd] 1,[CowboyBeginning] [CowboyEnd] 1,[CowboyEnd] from [Old West Places.WesternPlace] 1,[Opener] [SGNP Cowboys.male]


1,coming to town from 1,from 1,headed for 1,headed to 1,hiding out in 1,out in 1,out of 1,over in 1,riding in from 1,riding to 1,settled down at 1,stopping in from 1,who got pushed out of 1,who has a meager parcel out in 1,who left his family back in 1,who owns [Dice.1d4][Dice.1d4] acres out in


2, 3,“The [the…]” 1,Cold-Hearted 1,Deputy 1,Marshall 1,Sheriff


1,Bandit 1,Black 1,Criminal 1,Filthy 1,Infamous 1,Masked 1,Outlaw 1,Red 1,Ruthless


5, 3,El [el] 1,Padre 1,Señor


1,Bandito 1,Chelito 1,Gaucho 1,Gordo 1,Grande 1,Infamoso 1,Jefe 1,Luchador 1,Matador 1,Rubio


4,The 1,The Ol’


1,“Aces” 1,“Blondie” 1,“Boots” 1,“Cigar” 1,“Duke” 1,“Irish” 1,“Itchy” 1,“Lucky” 1,“Sure-Shot” 1,“Twitchy” 1,Audie 1,Bad Leroy 1,Big Iron 1,Big Jim 1,Big Rick 1,Buffalo Bill 1,Buzz 1,City Slickin’ 1,Cold-Hearted 1,Cool-Hand 1,Crazy 1,Dick 1,Dirty 1,Doc 1,Dusty 1,Earl 1,Fast-draw 1,Gunsmoke 1,H. P 1,Hammerin’ 1,Happy 1,Hard Luck 1,J. R 1,Jake 1,Joe 1,Johnny 1,Jumpy 1,Little 1,Longhorn 1,Longshot 1,Mackie 1,Nervous 1,Pedro 1,Pick 1,Quick-draw 1,Redd 1,Rocky 1,Rusty 1,Sandy 1,Short Fuse 1,Shorty 1,Six-Shootin’ 1,Slick 1,Slim 1,Smokey 1,Smooth Hand 1,Speedy 1,Spitshine 1,Steel 1,Stonewall 1,Stoney 1,T. J. 1,Tenderfoot 1,Two Gun 1,Wild Bill 1,Wyatt 1,Yankee


3,[SGNP brazilian.SURNAMES] 1,Anderson 1,Bottoms 1,Brown 1,Callahan 1,Dorado 1,Earp 1,East 1,Feston 1,Gunsmoke 1,Gustafsen 1,Holliday 1,Ivers 1,Iverson 1,Jackson 1,Johnson 1,Jones 1,Kane 1,King 1,L’Amour 1,Lewis 1,Luke 1,MacDonald 1,Matches 1,McGraw 1,McGurk 1,McQuaid 1,Murphy 1,Nails 1,O’Grady 1,O’Haire 1,Peters 1,Peterson 1,Pickens 1,Pierce 1,Pierson 1,Pitts 1,Pockets 1,Quaid 1,Quimby 1,Reynolds 1,Saddles 1,Smith 1,Smythe 1,Snake Eyes 1,Spade 1,Stevens 1,Stevenson 1,Stone 1,Tenderfoot 1,Thomas 1,Thompson 1,Trails 1,West 1,Williams 1,Williamson 1,Young


1, 1,[Old West Places.Terrains] 1,Arizona 1,Badlands 1,Black 1,Brandy 1,Cold-Hearted 1,Cool-Handed 1,Drinkin’ 1,Dynomite 1,Fightin’ 1,Gray 1,Hard Luck 1,Little 1,Liver-Eatin’ 1,Lone 1,Lonestar 1,Longhorn 1,Meanderin’ 1,One-Eyed 1,Prairie 1,Range 1,Rawhide 1,Red 1,Ridin’ 1,Roamin’ 1,Smokin’ 1,Stone-Faced 1,Stone-Hearted 1,Tequila 1,Texas 1,Train 1,Utah 1,Whiskey 1,Whiskey-Guzzlin’ 1,Whistlin’ 1,Wild 1,Wyoming


2,Bandit 2,Bandito 2,Gunman 2,Outlaw 2,Ranger 2,Stranger 1,Ace 1,Apache 1,Badge 1,Blackfoot 1,Comanche 1,Cowboy 1,Deputy 1,Frontiersman 1,Gaucho 1,Ghost 1,Gunfighter 1,Horseman 1,Hunter 1,Kid 1,Kiowa 1,Longhorn 1,Padre 1,Patrolman 1,Rancher 1,Ranchhand 1,Rider 1,Robber 1,Sheriff 1,Shooter 1,Sioux 1,Spur 1,Steerhand 1,Tornado 1,Veteran 1,Whistler 1,Wolf