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<sgdisplay iterations="8">

  • [main]</sgdisplay> <sgtable>
    1,[wonk][adjective] [event] a[slur] [conspiracy] to [badverb] [value]. 1,[wonk][adjective] [event] a[slur2], which threatens to [badverb] [value].
    1,Mitch McConnell 2,Kellyanne Conway 1,Donald Trump Jr. 1,Stephan Molyneux 1,Candace Owens 1,Lindsay Graham 2,Jordan Peterson 2,Ben Shapiro 2,Q 2,A Sopkesman for the whitehouse 2,Rush Limbaugh 3,Sean Hannity 1,Steve Bannon 1,GOP Lawmaker 3,Tucker Carlson 1,Ann Coulter 1,Donald Trump Jr 1,Sarah Palin 1,James Woods 1,Lou Dobbs 1,Newt Gingrich
    1, says that 1, concludes that 1, reports that 1, discovers that 1, claims 1, discloses that 1,:
    1,political correctness is 1,calls to defund police are 1,the vandalism of confederate statues is 1,recent social media bans are 1,COVID-19 1,CHAZ/CHOP 1,the Mueller investigation 1,the TPP is 1,Black Lives Matter is 1,the most recent scandal is 1,Antifa is 1,Mainstream media is 1,the latest protest is 1,the CBO is 1,the constitution is 1,M*A*S*H is 1,Fidgetspinners are 1,Millenials are 1,the newest democrat-sponsored bill is 1,Single-payer is 1,Minimum-wage laws are 1,Avocado toast is
    1,n Anarchist 1, [Radchan]Soros-funded 1,n alt-left 1, [Radchan]leftist 1, [Radchan]globalist 1, [Radchan]liberal 1,n Illuminati 1, [Radchan]communist 1, [Radchan]socialist 1, [Radchan]deep-state 1,n elitist 1, [Radchan]dem-funded
    1,radical 1,
    1, witch-hunt 1, fishing trip 1, scheme 1, dirty trick 1, perjury trap 1,n excuse 1, blatant attempt by [slander] 1, tragedy 1, disgrace 1,n attack
    1, plan 1, plot 1, conspiracy 1, signal 1, attempt 1, ploy 1, tactic 1, assault
    1,erode 1,destroy 1,poison 1,kill 1,tear down 1,bash 1,misrepresent 1,slander 1,villanize 1,discredit 1,abolish 1,sabotage 1,corrupt 1,undermine 1,distort 1,dilute 1,silence 1,censor
    1,our history 1,our heritage 1,the right 1,conservatives 1,the flag 1,our borders 1,a red wave 1,YOUR safety 1,the nation 1,freedom of speech 1,our rights 1,the second ammendment 1,the first ammendment 1,the moral fabric of america 1,our way of life 1,freedom of religion 1,our economy 1,the soul of this great country 1,the sanctity of life 1,our faith 1,red-blooded americans 1,our values 1,investigation into the DNC 1,the constitution 1,US troops 1,police
    1,Anarchists 1,Crooked Hillary 1,Mueller and his 12 angry dems 1,the [Radchan]Left wing 1,Antifa 1,The Elites 1,Lyin' Chuck Schumer 1,Nancy Pelosi 1,Deep-state Agents 1,The FAILING [org]
    1,New York Times 1,Washington Post 1,CNN 1,ABC 1,ACLU 1,Huffington Post 1,MSM 1,Al-Jazeera 1,Teen Vogue 1,TIME magazine 1,Left-wing media </sgtable>