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0,# syllables 1,[Mono][Mono] 1,[Mono][Poly] 1,[Poly][Mono]


1,ash 1,axe 1,bad 1,bane 1,bark 1,bash 1,bay 1,bear 1,beast 1,bell 1,bite 1,blade 1,blast 1,blaze 1,bliss 1,blood 1,blotch 1,blue 1,boil 1,bone 1,book 1,born 1,bow 1,brass 1,break 1,bright 1,bronze 1,brood 1,brook 1,brown 1,burn 1,cage 1,call 1,cart 1,carve 1,cat 1,cave 1,chain 1,chill 1,church 1,clan 1,claw 1,clay 1,cliff 1,cloud 1,coal 1,coil 1,coin 1,cold 1,corpse 1,court 1,crab 1,crawl 1,crest 1,crow 1,crown 1,crush 1,cry 1,crypt 1,dance 1,dark 1,dawn 1,day 1,dead 1,death 1,deep 1,delve 1,dew 1,dim 1,dire 1,dirt 1,dog 1,doom 1,door 1,down 1,dream 1,drill 1,drop 1,dusk 1,dust 1,earth 1,edge 1,eel 1,egg 1,eve 1,eye 1,fall 1,fall 1,fang 1,fast 1,fear 1,fell 1,fiend 1,filth 1,fire 1,first 1,fish 1,fist 1,flame 1,flay 1,flesh 1,flood 1,flow 1,fly 1,foam 1,fog 1,fool 1,forge 1,frost 1,froth 1,fury 1,gaunt 1,ghost 1,glass 1,gloom 1,glow 1,glyph 1,gnaw 1,goat 1,god 1,gold 1,gore 1,grass 1,grave 1,gray 1,great 1,green 1,grim 1,grime 1,grind 1,guard 1,gulp 1,gust 1,gut 1,hack 1,hand 1,hard 1,hawk 1,heart 1,hearth 1,hell 1,helm 1,hide 1,high 1,hill 1,hole 1,hoof 1,horn 1,hot 1,hound 1,howl 1,hunt 1,ice 1,ink 1,jaw 1,jest 1,joy 1,keep 1,key 1,kill 1,kin 1,king 1,knight 1,lady 1,lake 1,land 1,lash 1,last 1,laugh 1,law 1,leaf 1,lens 1,light 1,life 1,lock 1,lord 1,lore 1,lost 1,low 1,luck 1,mad 1,mage 1,march 1,mark 1,maw 1,maze 1,mind 1,mist 1,mold 1,moon 1,morn 1,mount 1,mourn 1,mouth 1,mud 1,nerve 1,nest 1,new 1,night 1,odd 1,old 1,ooze 1,pain 1,path 1,pike 1,pit 1,plain 1,pod 1,pond 1,port 1,priest 1,queen 1,quick 1,rage 1,rail 1,rain 1,range 1,reach 1,red 1,ring 1,rise 1,road 1,rock 1,root 1,rope 1,rot 1,run 1,rune 1,rust 1,salt 1,sand 1,scald 1,scale 1,scape 1,scar 1,scour 1,scourge 1,scratch 1,scream 1,scum 1,scythe 1,sea 1,seed 1,seek 1,seep 1,shade 1,shaft 1,shard 1,shark 1,shell 1,shield 1,shine 1,ship 1,shoal 1,shock 1,shout 1,shriek 1,shrine 1,skin 1,skull 1,sky 1,slash 1,slave 1,slime 1,slow 1,small 1,smash 1,smith 1,smog 1,smoke 1,snake 1,snow 1,sob 1,soft 1,soil 1,song 1,soul 1,spark 1,spawn 1,spear 1,spike 1,spine 1,spot 1,spray 1,spring 1,spy 1,squall 1,stair 1,star 1,stare 1,starve 1,steam 1,steam 1,steel 1,step 1,steps 1,still 1,stone 1,stop 1,storm 1,strange 1,strike 1,sun 1,swamp 1,swarm 1,swing 1,sword 1,taint 1,tar 1,tear 1,thief 1,thorn 1,thought 1,thrash 1,throat 1,throne 1,tide 1,tin 1,tomb 1,tome 1,tooth 1,top 1,torch 1,torn 1,tree 1,tribe 1,tusk 1,twist 1,twitch 1,vault 1,vile 1,vine 1,vise 1,void 1,walk 1,wall 1,war 1,warp 1,waste 1,watch 1,wave 1,wax 1,weed 1,weep 1,weird 1,wheel 1,wild 1,wind 1,wing 1,wire 1,wish 1,witch 1,wolf 1,wood 1,word 1,world 1,worm 1,wound 1,wrack 1,wraith 1,wright 1,wrought 1,yell


1,abyss 1,angel 1,anvil 1,arrow 1,autumn 1,barrow 1,battle 1,bearer 1,bitter 1,bloody 1,bottom 1,briar 1,cackle 1,candle 1,canyon 1,cavern 1,chaos 1,choir 1,cinder 1,circle 1,copper 1,dagger 1,darkness 1,demon 1,devil 1,eater 1,ecstasy 1,ember 1,even 1,evening 1,ever 1,fallen 1,fester 1,forest 1,golden 1,hallow 1,hammer 1,harvest 1,haven 1,heavy 1,hollow 1,hunger 1,hunter 1,ichor 1,indigo 1,iron 1,killer 1,lighting 1,madness 1,master 1,mire 1,mirror 1,morning 1,mountain 1,murder 1,needle 1,never 1,ocean 1,orange 1,over 1,paper 1,poison 1,puddle 1,purple 1,ramble 1,raven 1,riven 1,river 1,ruin 1,rupture 1,seeker 1,serpent 1,shadow 1,silver 1,silvery 1,slaughter 1,slayer 1,spiral 1,spire 1,spirit 1,story 1,summer 1,swallow 1,tainted 1,tangle 1,tempest 1,temple 1,terror 1,thunder 1,torrent 1,traveller 1,twilight 1,under 1,venom 1,violet 1,water 1,whisper 1,wicked 1,winter 1,wither 1,yellow 1,zephyr