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A work in progress, please feel free to contribute.

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[main]</sgdisplay>



4,[no_art]. 12,A [art].


1,Armed with shotguns and grenades, a mad biker from hell tracks down fugitives 1,In the office behind the bar, hidden under a pair of freshly-caught trouts, a golden lighter 1,The burial of a victim, thought to be dead by a shot to the heart, but still alive 1,Two fast-mouthed detectives with German-sounding names, hunting a serial killer


1,beat-up yellow VW Beetle, parked in the darkness. In the driver’s seat, a corpulent PI with a stetson waits 1,cheap bar with a jukebox full of seventies songs; a black womanising bartender 1,dead-end street where the lover and his mistress have moved in together 1,faked double murder of illicit lovers, at a small motel in the middle of nowhere 1,female cop, hopelessly in love with a habitual criminal, with whom she wants a child 1,folder full of black and white photos of an illicit love affair, handed to a jealous husband 1,hotel seemingly stopped in time, with long hallways and a crying man in the room next door 1,incinerator behind the main street providing warmth to the town’s hobos and losers 1,intellectual playwright, hired to write a wrestling picture, falls in love with another writer’s wife 1,nightly break-in only witnessed by a calm German shepherd, to provide false evidence 1,private eye with photography as a speciality, double-crossing a paranoid client 1,small revolver under a file cabinet, one bullet fired and wiped for prints