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2,[codenamephrase]: This [trait] [specialty] is dedicated to [mission]. The character has [haircolor] hair and a face sculpt that makes them look [expression]. They're dressed primarily in [colortype] [color] and [colortype] [color] with [colortype] [color] highlights. Figure includes: [includes]. The figure was first available [stores] and later [later]

2,[codenamephrase]: This [trait] character has [features] and a face sculpt that makes them look [expression]. They're dressed primarily in [colortype] [color] and [colortype] [color] with [colortype] [color] highlights. Figure includes: [includes]. The figure was first available [stores] and later [later]

2,[codenamephrase]: This [trait] [servicebranch] [specialty] has a sculpted on mask and is dressed primarily in [colortype] [color] and [colortype] [color] with [colortype] [color] highlights. Figure includes: [includes]. The figure was first available [stores] and later [later]

2,[codenamephrase]: This [servicebranch] [specialty] has a sculpted on mask and is dressed primarily in [colortype] [color] and [colortype] [color] with [colortype] [color] highlights. Figure includes: [includes]. The figure was first available [stores] and later [later]

2,[codenamephrase]: This [trait] [specialty] has [haircolor] hair and a face sculpt that makes them look [expression]. They're dressed primarily in [colortype] [color] and [colortype] [color] with [colortype] [color] highlights. Figure includes: [includes]. The figure was first available [stores] and later [later]

1,[codenamephrase]: This [trait] [specialty] has [features] and a face sculpt that makes them look [expression]. They're dressed primarily in [colortype] [color] and [colortype] [color] with [colortype] [color] highlights. Figure includes: [includes]. The figure was first available [stores] and later [later]


3,[title] [codename] [codetwo] 2,[title] [codetwo] 2,[title] [codename] 1,[title] [color2] [codename] 2,[title] [color2] [codetwo] 2,[title] [color2] [codethree] 2,[title] [codethree] 2,[title] [Compound Word.main] 4,[codename] [codetwo] 1,[codename] [codethree] 1,[codename] Trooper 1,[codename]-Viper 1,[Compound Word.main]


5,[weapon],[weapon],[weapon],[weapon],[weapon],[weapon] and [weapon] 3,[weapon],[weapon],[weapon],[weapon],[weapon] and [weapon] 3,[weapon],[weapon],[weapon],[weapon] and [weapon] 2,[weapon],[weapon],[weapon] and [weapon] 1,[weapon],[weapon] and [weapon] 1,[weapon] and [weapon]


2, 1,Codename: 1,Sgt. 1,Agent 1,Lt. 1,General 1,Major 1,Captain 1,Dreadnok 1,Python Patrol 1,Star Brigade 1,Shadow Ninja 1,Talking 1,Mega-Marines 1,Ninja Force 1,Night Watch 1,Arctic 1,Crimson 1,Eco Warriors 1,Sonic Fighters 1,Urban Strike 1,Admiral 1,Baron 1,Baron Von 1,Chief 1,Colonel 1,Commandant 1,Duchess 1,Emperor 1,Count 1,Countess 1,Lord 1,Lady 1,King 1,Doctor 1,Professor


1,Acid 1,Air 1,Alley 1,Astro 1,Back 1,Bad 1,Barrel 1,Beach 1,Big 1,Black 1,Blast 1,Blitz 1,Bomb 1,Bone 1,Brain 1,Brutal 1,Bull 1,Bullet 1,Cannon 1,Chain 1,Cloud 1,Cold 1,Count 1,Cover 1,Crazy 1,Croc 1,Cross 1,Crush 1,Crystal 1,Cyber 1,Dark 1,Death 1,Deep 1,Depth 1,Diablo 1,Dog 1,Down 1,Dread 1,Drop 1,Dust 1,Fast 1,Fire 1,Foot 1,Frost 1,Ghost 1,Grid 1,Grim 1,Hard 1,Heavy 1,Hit 1,High 1,Hollow 1,Hook 1,Hot 1,Hydro 1,Ice 1,Iron 1,Knock 1,Laser 1,Lead 1,Leather 1,Lethal 1,Life 1,Lift 1,Light 1,Long 1,Low 1,Mad 1,Main 1,Mean 1,Metal 1,Mind 1,Night 1,Nitro 1,Out 1,Over 1,Pain 1,Path 1,Power 1,Phantom 1,Pyro 1,Python 1,Quick 1,Sabre 1,Snake 1,Ram 1,Rapid 1,Razor 1,Red 1,Rip 1,Robo 1,Rock 1,Roll 1,Sci- 1,Harsh 1,Hot 1,Sand 1,Scan 1,Shadow 1,Shatter 1,Ship 1,Shock 1,Short 1,Side 1,Sky 1,Slip 1,Sea 1,Serpent 1,Skull 1,Snap 1,Snow 1,Space 1,Spear 1,Speed 1,Star 1,Steam 1,Steel 1,Storm 1,Strange 1,Sub 1,Super 1,Sure 1,Swift 1,Switch 1,Tar 1,Thunder 1,Terror 1,Top 1,Toxo 1,Track 1,Trip 1,Tunnel 1,Up 1,War 1,Wet 1,Whip 1,White 1,Wide 1,Wild 1,Wind 1,Under 1,Venom 1,Venomous 1,Zero


1,Adder 1,Aim 1,Arm 1,Ball 1,Bar 1,Beast 1,Bite 1,Blade 1,Blast 1,Blister 1,Blood 1,Burn 1,Burst 1,Buster 1,Bear 1,Block 1,Boss 1,Break 1,Proof 1,Cat 1,Card 1,Chain 1,Charge 1,Chill 1,Chop 1,Clash 1,Claw 1,Coil 1,Cord 2,Commander 1,Cracker 1,Creeper 1,Crusher 1,Cut 1,Devil 1,Dive 1,Dog 1,Doom 1,Down 1,Dragon 1,Draw 1,Drive 1,Enforcer 1,Eyes 1,Face 1,Fall 1,Fang 1,Fight 1,Fire 1,Fist 1,Fly 1,Fox 1,Fury 1,Fuse 1,Freak 1,Glide 1,Girl 1,Guard 1,Hammer 1,Hand 1,Head 1,Hide 1,Hound 1,Hunter 1,Jack 1,Jackal 1,Jaw 1,Lash 1,Leader 1,Line 1,Lock 1,Lord 2,Kill 1,Knife 1,Knight 1,Maker 1,Mamba 1,Man 1,Mask 1,Master 1,Metal 1,Monger 1,Ninja 1,Off 1,Out 1,Plunder 1,Pig 1,Point 1,Pool 1,Rage 1,Raider 1,Rain 1,Range 1,Razor 1,Rat 1,Raven 1,Reaper 1,Reign 1,Roll 1,Scale 1,Scar 1,Scorpion 1,Scream 1,Screen 1,Sentry 2,Serpent 1,Shade 1,Shadow 1,Shark 1,Shell 1,Shot 1,Side 1,Slag 1,Slayer 1,Slug 1,Smasher 4,Snake 1,Sound 1,Spider 1,Spike 1,Split 1,Spot 1,Spy 1,Stab 1,Star 1,Sting 1,Stone 1,Stream 1,Suit 1,Surge 1,Sword 1,Talon 1,Threat 1,Throw 1,Time 1,Tooth 1,Tracker 1,Trap 1,Walker 1,Warp 1,Wave 1,Weasel 1,Web 1,Wire 1,Wing 1,Witch 1,Wolf 1,Wrecker 1,Wrench 1,Vanquisher 7,Viper 1,Vulture 1,Zombie 1,Zone 1,[Inscriptions.Suf_Neg] 1,[Inscriptions.Def_Noun]


1,Bitter 1,Blaze 1,Bleak 1,Bleed 1,Blight 1,Bludgeon 1,Brawn 1,Bruise 1,Brute 1,Carcas 1,Carrion 1,Centaur 1,Chaos 1,Char 1,Cinder 1,Cloak 1,Condor 1,Constrictor 1,Cougar 1,Crab 1,Crass 1,Curse 1,Cutlass 1,Cyclone 1,Dagger 1,Dementia 1,Dire 1,Dynamo 1,Fin 1,Gash 1,Gills 1,Gnasher 1,Gnaw 1,Gorgon 1,Grit 1,Hatchet 1,Hex 1,Hood 1,Howler 1,Iguana 1,Jaguar 1,Jaw 1,Kraken 1,Leech 1,Lesion 1,Magma 1,Mako 1,Maim 1,Malice 1,Massacre 1,Medusa 1,Menace 1,Minotaur 1,Mole 1,Mongrel 1,Necro 1,Noose 1,Pain 1,Pincer 1,Poison 1,Plunder 1,Psycho 1,Puma 1,Pyre 1,Rattler 1,Ravage 1,Ravager 1,Raven 1,Reaper 1,Render 1,Ruin 1,Rust 1,Scald 1,Scarab 1,Scorch 1,Scorn 1,Scourge 1,Scowl 1,Scrape 1,Scrapper 1,Scratch 1,Screech 1,Serpentine 1,Shrapnel 1,Singe 1,Slag 1,Sledge 1,Smolder 1,Snare 1,Snarl 1,Snapper 1,Spoil 1,Taker 1,Tarantula 1,Terror 1,Thorn 1,Warlock 1,Wombat 1,Worm 1,Wrath 1,Vanquish 1,Vile 1,Vulture 2,[Inscriptions.Abs_Noun_Neg]


1, mask 1, helmet


1,a bald head 1,sunglasses 1,a monocle 1,a [haircolor] mohawk 1,an eye-patch 1,a scar over one eye 1,a [haircolor] goatee 1,a [haircolor] pony tail 1,a scar on one cheek 1,a handlebar mustache 1,mutton-chops 1,cybernetic implants 1,a tattoo


1,red 1,tan 1,blond 1,black 1,brown 1,grey


1,calm 1,evil 1,deranged 1,angry 1,worn out 1,cocky 1,cheerful 1,weathered 1,experienced 1,smug 1,drunk 1,ugly 1,stupid 1,bitter 1,determined 1,crazy 1,sad 1,bored 1,tough 1,pleased 1,vicious


1,arrogant 1,brutal 1,burly 1,calculating 1,charismatic 1,cold-hearted 1,creepy 1,cunning 1,diabolical 1,destructive 1,devilish 1,evil 1,fiendish 1,fearsome 1,fierce 1,grim 1,gruesome 1,infamous 1,insidious 1,impatient 1,menacing 1,merciless 1,mysterious 1,nefarious 1,notorious 1,overconfident 1,renegade 1,ruthless 1,sadistic 1,savage 1,short-tempered 1,sinister 1,sly 1,sneaky 1,tough 1,treacherous 1,vengeful 1,vile


1,Cobra-La 2,Dreadnok 1,Headhunter 2,Iron Grenadiers 1,V-Troop 2, 1,Crimson Guard 1,Arashikage Clan 2,Cobra 1,enemy 1,Red Shadow 2,mercenary


1,air assault trooper 1,amphibious assault trooper 1,arctic assault specialist 1,anti-tank specialist 1,anti-aircraft specialist 1,artillery specialist 1,assassin 1,assault trooper 1,astronaut 1,battlefield technician 1,camouflage expert 1,combat controller 1,commando 1,computer specialist 1,counterintelligence agent 1,covert operations specialist 1,desert trooper 1,drill instructor 1,dog handler 1,elite trooper 1,explosives expert 1,flamethrower 1,field commander 1,fighter pilot 1,frogman 1,glider pilot 1,hand-to-hand combat expert 1,helicopter pilot 1,heavy machine gunner 1,hostile environment specialist 1,interrogator 1,infantry trooper 1,infiltrator 1,intelligence officer 1,intervention specialist 1,jungle fighter 1,laser weapons specialist 1,light infantryman 1,machine gunner 1,martial arts master 1,master of disguise 1,medic 1,mine detector 1,mortar trooper 1,mountain trooper 1,night fighter 1,ninja 1,paratrooper 1,pirate 1,ranger 1,reconnaissance specialist 1,reptile trainer 1,saboteur 1,security specialist 1,sniper 1,scientist 1,silent weapons specialist 1,strategist 1,survivalist 1,swamp fighter 1,tank commander 1,tank driver 1,tracker 1,urban assault specialist 1,weapons tester


1,to the the destruction of G.I. Joe 1,the conquest of the world 1,taking over Cobra 1,the Cobra cause 1,brainwashing the masses 1,overthrowing all governments 1,creating a race of super soldiers 1,defeating democracy 1,destroying all who oppose them 1,establishing a Cobra empire 1,destruction 1,building weapons of terror 1,destroying the environment 1,overthrowing Cobra Commander 1,destroying the American way of life 1,to destroying their arch-enemy [popular] 1,plundering the world's riches 1,causing chaos 1,turning [cobratroops] into a more elite fighting force


2, "weedwacker" gun 2, air-mask 2, antenna 2, assault rifle 1, axe 4, backpack 2, bazooka 2, binoculars 2, bow 2, boxing gloves 2, bullwhip 2, cape 2, cattle prod 2, chainsaw 2, cinderblock hammer 2, Cobra flag 2, comic book reprint 2, computer 2, duffle bag 2, figure stand 2, flamethrower 2, flashlight 2, football-on-a-stick 2, grappling hook 2, grenade launcher 2, grenades 2, heavy machine gun 2, hose 2, hypno disc 2, jet pack 2, katana 2, knife 2, landmines 2, laser pistol 2, laser rifle 2, machete 4, machine gun 2, medkit 2, microfigure of [popular] 2, mine detector 2, nightstick 2, night vision goggles 2, ninja claw 2, nunchucks 2, parachute 2, [pet] 4, pistol 3, pistol with removable silencer 2, punching bag 2, real working missile launcher 2, removable diving gear 2, removable hat 2, removable helmet 2, removable holster 2, removable mask 1, removable vest 6, rifle 2, robot shark 2, sai 2, scarf 2, shield 3, shotgun 1, ski-mask 1, skis 2, sniper rifle 1, snow shoes 1, snow board 2, speargun 2, sticker sheet 4, submachine gun 1, suitcase full of money 2, sword 1, trident 2, tommy gun 1, wrist claw 2, wrist crossbow


5, in stores 1, online 2, included with the [vehicle] vehicle 1, as a con-exclusive 3, in a two-pack with [twopack] 1, as a mail-away exclusive


2,[codenamephrase] 1,[popular] 1,a recolored version of [popular]


1,repainted and re-released as [title][popular] 1,packaged with the [vehicle] vehicle 1,offered as an online exclusive 1,given away [place] 1,repainted as a convention exclusive 1, in a multi-figure set with recolored [cobratroops] 1, in a multi-figure set with [popular] and recolored [cobratroops]


1, in cereal boxes 1, with magazine subscriptions 1, as a convention exclusive 1, free with orders from Hasbro's website 1, at Chuck E. Cheese's 1, in Happy Meals 1, by disgruntled former Hasbro employees 1, free at conventions 1, free with an additional purchase of another G.I. Joe figure


1, Duke 1, Snake Eyes 1, Storm Shadow 1, Cobra Commander 1, Destro 1, Firefly 1, Flint 1, Beach-Head 1, Roadblock 1, Zartan


2,Alley Vipers 3,B.A.T.s 4,Cobra troopers 4,Crimson Guard 1,Desert Scorpions 1,Eels 1,Flak-Vipers 1,Frag-Vipers 1,Headhunters 1,HEAT-Vipers 1,Hydro-Vipers 1,Iron Grenadiers 1,Laser-Vipers 1,Neo-Vipers 1,Night Creepers 1,Night Vipers 1,Ninja Vipers 1,Range Vipers 1,Red Ninjas 1,Rock Vipers 1,SAW-Vipers 1,Snow Serpents 1,Techno-Vipers 1,Tele-Vipers 1,Toxo-Vipers 4,Vipers


3,dull 1,bright 3,faded 3,dull 1, 1,shiny 1,neon 1,stark 3,dark 3,light 2,an ugly shade of 1,a strange shade of


5,blue 4,brown 5,black 2,white 5,gray 4,red 3,tan 3,green 2,peach 1,silver 2,yellow 1,copper 5,olive 1,aqua 1,gold 2,purple 3,maroon 1,pink 1,orange 5,yellow 2,denim 1,maroon


5, 4,Blue 1,Brown 4,Black 1,Crimson 1,Dark 1,White 1,Gray 3,Red 1,Green 1,Silver 1,Yellow 1,Copper 1,Aqua 1,Gold


1, dog 1, barracuda 1, boa constrictor 1, crocodile 1, parrot 1, wolf 1, eagle 1, coyote 1, bobcat 1, giant scorpion 1, komodo dragon 1, manta ray 1, monkey 1, snake 1, warthog 1, vulture


1,Adder 1,ASP 1,Bugg 1,Buzz Boar 1,Condor 1,CLAW 1,Detonator 1,Dominator 1,Dreadnok Cycle 1,Fang Copter 1,Ferret 1,Firebat 1,Flight Pod 1,Hammerhead 2,HISS Tank 1,Hurricane 1,Imp 1,Liquidator 1,Mamba 1,Maggot 1,Moray 1,Night Raven 1,Paralyzer 1,Parasite 1,Pogo 1,Rage 1,Rattler 1,Razorback 1,Sea Ray 1,Stinger Jeep 1,Stun 1,Thunder Machine 1,Swamp Fire Copter 1,Water Moccasin


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