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<sgdisplay iterations="5">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,This character is male.
Age: [AGE]
Height: [HEIGHT]
Build: [MaleBuild]
Eyes: [EYE]
Skin: [SKIN]
Hair: [HAIR]

1,This character is female.
Age: [AGE]
Height: [HEIGHT]
Build: [FemaleBuild]
Eyes: [EYE]
Skin: [SKIN]
Hair: [HAIR]


1,Male 1,Female


1,Young 1,Middle-Aged 1,Elderly 1,Teenager 1,Child


1,Tall 1,Short 1,Average


1,[MaleBuild] 1,[FemaleBuild]


1,Athletic 1,Barrel-Chested 1,Big 1,Bony 1,Bulky 1,Fat 1,Fit 1,Flexible 1,Good-looking 1,Handsome 1,Heavy 1,Hulking 1,In Shape 1,Lanky 1,Large 1,Lean 1,Lithe 1,Muscular 1,Obese 1,Overweight 1,Rotund 1,Skinny 1,Slender 1,Slight 1,Slim 1,Small 1,Thick 1,Thin 1,Tough 1,Towering 1,Willowy 1,Wiry 1,Womanish


1,Athletic 1,Beautiful 1,Bony 1,Busty 1,Buxom 1,Catlike 1,Chesty 1,Curvaceous 1,Curvy 1,Cute 1,Fat 1,Fit 1,Flexible 1,Good-looking 1,Heavy 1,In Shape 1,Large 1,Lean 1,Lithe 1,Mannish 1,Muscular 1,Overweight 1,Petite 1,Shapely 1,Skinny 1,Slender 1,Slight 1,Slim 1,Small 1,Supple 1,Thick 1,Thin 1,Weathered 1,Well-Endowed 1,Wiry 1,Veluptuous


1,Cerulean 1,Blind [EYECOLOR] 1,Aquamarine 1,Navy 1,Dark Brown 1,Drooping [EYECOLOR] 1,Light Brown 1,Wide [EYECOLOR] 1,Emerald 1,Mahogany 1,Pale Green 1,Slanted [EYECOLOR] 1,Bluish-Green 1,Bluish-Gray 1,Greenish-Gray 1,Almond-shaped [EYECOLOR] 1,Dark Gray 1,Light Gray 1,Black 1,Red 1,Violet 1,One green and one blue 1,One green and one brown 1,Hazel 1,Gold


1,Ashen 1,Blemished 1,Bronze 1,Caramel 1,Coffee Cream 1,Cream 1,Creamy 1,Creamy Brown 1,Dark 1,Dark Brown 1,Deep Bronze 1,Deeply Tanned 1,Fair 1,Freckled 1,Golden 1,Golden Brown 1,Leathery 1,Light 1,Mahogany 1,Olive 1,Pale 1,Peachy 1,Rough 1,Smooth 1,Soft 1,Stretched 1,Sunburned 1,Tanned 1,Tight 1,Very Fair 1,Weatherbeaten 1,Weathered 1,White 1,Wrinkly 1,Youthful


1,Long [COLOR] 1,Blond(e) 1,Short [COLOR] 1,White 1,Shoulder-length [COLOR] 1,Gray 1,Neck-length [COLOR] 1,Desert Sand 1,Light Brown 1,Golden Brown 1,Dark Brown 1,Cropped [COLOR] 1,Strawberry Blond(e) 1,Unkempt [COLOR] 1,Mahogany 1,Black 1,Untamed [COLOR] 1,Chestnut 1,Straight [COLOR] 1,Red 1,Curly [COLOR] 1,Auburn 1,Wavy [COLOR] 1,Orange


1,Black 1,Light Brown 1,Dark Brown 1,Mahogany 1,Red 1,Gray 1,Auburn


1,Black 1,Light Brown 1,Dark Brown 1,Mahogany 1,Gray 1,Violet 1,Sky Blue </sgtable>