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Meant to augment Fantasy Town Names and Fantasy Town Feature, etc. If the party is smaller or needs to overnight somewhere more subtle, take a look at Fantasy Campsite!

Need to storm that castle, or take up a hasty defense? Why not do it at one of these?


  • Tower: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[CastleName], [Tower]</sgdisplay>
  • Keep: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[CastleName], [Keep]</sgdisplay>
  • Small castle: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[CastleName], [SmallCastle]</sgdisplay>
Garrisoned units: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[Garrison]</sgdisplay>
  • Large castle: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[CastleName], [LargeCastle]</sgdisplay>
Garrisoned units: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[Garrison]</sgdisplay>





1,The castle barracks are continuously garrisoned by [Dice.3d6]00 men of the [FootUnit], and in case of attack, they can expect support from the [EliteUnit] within a day’s hard riding. 1,The castle barracks are garrisoned by the [Dice.3d6]00-strong [FootUnit] and an additional [Dice.2d4]00 men of the [RangedUnit]. 1,The castle barracks are garrisoned by the [Dice.3d6]00-strong [FootUnit] and an additional [Dice.4d6]0 men of the [RangedUnit]. 1,The castle barracks are the proud home of all [Dice.3d6]00 men of the [EliteUnit]. 1,The castle barracks house [Dice.3d6]00 men from the [FootUnit], and can expect wartime support from the [EliteUnit] from nearby [Ruins]. 1,The castle barracks house the [Dice.3d6]00-strong [FootUnit], and can be supported within a fortnight by [FootUnit] of [Ruins]. 1,The castle is garrisoned by [Dice.4d4]00 men of the [FootUnit], supported by a [Dice.1d6]00-strong volunteer ranged auxiliary, the [RangedUnit]. 1,The castle is garrisoned by [Dice.4d4]00 men of the [FootUnit], supported by a [Dice.4d6]0-strong volunteer ranged auxiliary, the [RangedUnit]. 1,The walls are defended by the [Dice.3d6]00-strong [RangedUnit], who may expect ground support within a fortnight from the [FootUnit].


1,[Fantasy Military Unit.ArmyOrdinal] [Fantasy Military Unit.LightHeavy] Militia 1,[Fantasy Military Unit.ArmyOrdinal] [FootType][Fantasy Military Unit.ArmyGroup]


12,Pikemen 10,Halberdier 10,Tower Guard 9,Engineer 8,Poleax 7,[LightHeavy] 5,Siege Defense 5,Siege Warfare 4,Siege Axe 4,Spear 3,Foot 3,Ground 3,[Royal] Guard 1,[Royal] Footmen 1,[Royal] Defenders 1,Highland


1,Emperor’s 1,Free 1,Immortal 1,Imperial 1,King’s 1,Provincial 1,Royal


1,[Fantasy Military Unit.ArmyOrdinal] [RangedType][Fantasy Military Unit.ArmyGroup]


8,Archers 8,Bowmen 8,Yeomen 8,Crossbowmen 7,[Fantasy Military Unit.LightHeavy] Yeomanry 7,Scout 6,[LightHeavy] Ranged 6,Longbowmen 5,Engineer 4,Heavy Crossbow 3,Axe Thrower 3,Light Crossbow 2,Arbalest 2,Arcanist’s 2,Bombardier 2,Grenadier 2,Ballistae 2,Catapult 1,Aeromancy 1,Alchemy 1,Artillery 1,Battlemage 1,Geomancy 1,Hydromancy 1,Illusion 1,Mounted Archer 1,Mounted Crossbow 1,Pyromancy 1,Sorcery 1,Wizardry


1,[Fantasy Military Unit.ArmyOrdinal] [EliteType][Fantasy Military Unit.ArmyGroup]


30,[Fantasy Military Unit.LightHeavy] Cavalry 12,[Fantasy Military Unit.LightHeavy] Dragoon 10,[Fantasy Military Unit.LightHeavy] Horsemen 10,[Fantasy Military Unit.LightHeavy] Mounted 9,[Fantasy Military Unit.LightHeavy] Horse 9,[Fantasy Military Unit.LightHeavy] [Fantasy Military Unit.Steed] 8,[Fantasy Military Unit.LightHeavy] [Utility.TerrainsCap] Warfare 7,[Fantasy Military Unit.LightHeavy] Arcane Warfare 5,[Fantasy Military Unit.LightHeavy] Infantry 5,[Fantasy Military Unit.LightHeavy] Hussars 5,[Fantasy Military Unit.LightHeavy] Lancers 4,[Fantasy Military Unit.LightHeavy] Highlander 4,[Fantasy Military Unit.LightHeavy] [Utility.TerrainsCap] Assault 2,[Fantasy Military Unit.LightHeavy] Spellsword 1,[Fantasy Military Unit.LightHeavy] Assault 1,[Fantasy Military Unit.HumanUnusualSteed] Cavalry 1,Aerial Cavalry


10,[Tower] 7,[Keep] 4,[SmallCastle] 2,[LargeCastle]


5,a daunting 5,a famed 5,a legendary 5,a mighty 5,a once-important 5,a once-mighty 5,a strategically-placed 5,a sturdy 5,a venerable 5,an imposing 5,an old 4,a strong 4,an important 3,a poorly-constructed 3,a poorly-maintained 3,a spooky 3,an obsolete 2,a well-constructed 2,a well-maintained 2,an ancient 2,an archaic 1,a disused 1,a forgotten 1,a long-abandoned 1,a long-forgotten 1,an abandoned 1,an unmanned


20,stone 20,stonework 7,wooden 7,woodwork 7,[Utility.WoodsHard] 7,[Utility.WoodsRare] 3,blackened iron 3,blackened metal 2,[Utility.WoodsBow] 2,polished skulls 2,wrought iron 2,[Utility.StoneDecorative] 2,[Utility.WoodsSoft] 1,burnished brass 1,burnished steel 1,burnished [Utility.MetalSoft] 1,charred bones 1,charred skulls 1,dragonscale 1,polished ivory 1,wyrmscale 1,rusted iron 1,rusted steel


5,[CastleAdj] [TowerConstruction] [TowerType] standing [Dice.2d6]0′ tall, [TowerLocation]. [TowerSpecial] 1,[CastleAdj] [TowerConstruction] [TowerType] standing [Dice.1d4]00′ tall, [TowerLocation]. [TowerSpecial]


1,at the end of an open steppe 1,atop a key peak in the area 1,atop a lonely butte 1,atop a strategic ridgeline 1,atop a wild crag 1,high above a river vale 1,high above a thickly-wooded valley 1,high above an oft-contested plain 1,overlooking [Fantasy Landmarks.main] 1,overlooking a historic battlefield 1,overlooking a well-traveled trade route 1,overlooking an ancient crossroads 1,overlooking what were once contested territories


4,tower 3,round tower 3,square tower 2,signal tower 2,watchtower 1,archer’s tower 1,lookout tower 1,scout tower 1,[Wizard] [WizardTower]


1,arcane 1,cleric’s 1,dark 1,demon 1,demon’s 1,geomancy 1,holy 1,mage 1,mage’s 1,necromancer’s 1,pyromancer’s 1,sorcerer’s 1,spellsword’s 1,unholy 1,witch’s 1,wizard’s


1,minaret 1,needle 1,obelisk 1,spike 1,spire 1,tower


7,The tower is [Supplies]. 5,The tower has [TowerSignal]. 2,The tower is armed with an arcane [ArcaneWeapon], and could be a formidable weapon to one skilled in magicks. 1,Recent fighting has made the tower’s central stair slippery with blood and gore. 1,The original tower, long burnt to the ground, was emplaced by decree of [Rank] [MaleName] during the [Conflict]. 1,The tower [Portal]. 1,The tower [ScryingStone]. 1,The tower has numerous floors dotted with well-placed archer positions. 1,The tower has oil cauldrons and baskets of metal balls to assist in its defense. 1,The tower is crowned with a functional [Catapult]. 1,The tower is crowned with a long-broken [Catapult]. 1,The tower is partially burned from a failed assault. 1,The tower’s design makes it nearly indefensible; its fields of fire are too limited to prevent an assault. 1,The winding central stair is missing many steps, making the trip to the high watch a treacherous affair. 1,This tower served as a key early warning for [Rank] [MaleName]’s forces during the [Conflict].


5,is rumored to hold an ancient scrying stone 3,has a strange, arcane scrying stone where a signal device would be 1,contains the broken shards of an old scrying stone 1,has an arcane basin that seems to have once held a magical scrying stone 1,once was the home of a powerful magick scrying stone


5,is rumored to house a magical portal to an impossibly far land 3,has a strange, glowing portal crackling with arcane energy at its peak 1,has a non-functioning rune circle that may once have opened a magical portal 1,once housed an arcane portal to some far-away sister tower


5,[Elements.all] orb 5,fire orb 5,ice orb 5,lightning orb 1,hellfire orb 1,holy fire orb


7,[War] of the [inspiration] 6,[CreatureType] [War] 5,[War] of the [CreatureType]s 4,[Dice.2d4]0-Years War 3,Great [CreatureType] [War] 2,Great Siege of ’[Dice.digit][Dice.digit] 1,[War] of [abstractevocative]




10,War 7,Wars 5,Battle 5,Conflict 3,Campaign 3,Rebellion 2,Incursion 1,Attack 1,Uprising


10,[StockLevel]stocked with [FoodStocks] 5,still storing [Weapons] 1,stocked with tacks, harnesses, and the like; to refit riders and couriers 1,an old courier-station and still has a functional stable


1,generously 1,scantily 1,still 1,well- 1,


1,[Foodstuffs.Meat] and [Foodstuffs.Liquid] 1,[Foodstuffs.Chunks] and [Foodstuffs.Bread] 1,[Foodstuffs.DryGood] and [Foodstuffs.Liquid] 1,[Foodstuffs.DryGood], [Foodstuffs.SoftFood] and [Foodstuffs.Liquid] 1,[Foodstuffs.Chunks], [Foodstuffs.SoftFood] and [Foodstuffs.Liquid]


4,shields and [HandWeapons], enough for a small garrison 3,bows and arrows, enough for a small contingent of archers 2,the legendary "[Weapon Names.main]", a [Legendaryweapon] 1,crossbows and bolts, enough to defend against a short siege


1,[Swords.Quality] [Swords.HiltedSwordType] 1,[Swords.Quality] [Swords.DaggerType] 1,[Swords.Quality] [Swords.BasketedSwordType] 1,[Swords.Quality] [Swords.HiltedSwordType] [Enchanted Weapons other.Ench_Desc] 1,[Swords.Quality] [Swords.DaggerType] [Enchanted Weapons other.Ench_Desc] 1,[Swords.Quality] [Swords.BasketedSwordType] [Enchanted Weapons other.Ench_Desc] 1,[Enchanted Weapons other.main]


3,bills 2,halberds 3,pikes 2,pole-axes 2,siege axes 1,spears 1,[Swords.main] 1,handaxes 1,maces 1,flails 1,[WeaponsOther.main]


3,an arcane [Color.bright] signal fire actively burning 1,a fresh pile of wood, doused in flammable liquid, recently prepared as a warning signal 1,a large signal fire actively burning 1,a large signal mirror on a turning base 1,an old and rotting pile of wood, prepared as a warning signal during some long-ago conflict 1,no way of signaling other towers. Some overambitious engineer placed it too far from friendly lines


1,[CastleAdj] [KeepType] standing [Dice.4d4]0′ tall. [KeepDefense]. [KeepSpecial] 1,[CastleAdj] [KeepType] standing [Dice.1d4][Dice.1d8]0′ tall. [KeepDefense]. [KeepSpecial]


1,armory 1,barracks 1,hall 1,hold 1,keep 1,manor 1,outpost 1,stronghold


1,A great river flanks two sides of the main structure, forcing attackers to fight uphill on a narrow stretch of open field 1,A nearby [Dice.2d6]0′ [TowerType] stands ready to provide overwatch, support, and early warning in times of conflict 1,A string of [Dice.2d6] towers provide early warning to the main structure in times of conflict 1,Crags and cliffs flank three sides of the keep, greatly limiting the options of a would-be siege force 1,Its formidable defensive walls are 1[Dice.1d6]′ thick and [Dice.2d6]0′ high 1,Its well-planned defenses include a thick wooden wall with [Dice.2d6] towers and a simple postern 1,The central structure is protected by a rudimentary wall and an overgrown ditch that may have once been a moat 1,The keep’s rear is set into a dramatic mountain face, providing the structure both rustic beauty and strong natural defense 1,The main keep’s walls connect to [Dice.2d4] rounded bulwarks for defense 1,The stronghold is flanked by two great bastions, and surrounded by a [Dice.2d4]0′ wall to stave off would-be attackers


1,For better or worse, the keep’s location proved pivotal in the [Conflict]. 1,The current structure rests on the [Ancient] ruins of [Ruins]. 1,The entire structure was rebuilt after being razed to ashes in the [Conflict]. 1,The fortification has been razed and rebuilt countless times by a dozen nations. 1,The once-time garrison here, the [Fantasy Military Unit.main], was immortalized in song for their heroic defense throughout the years. 1,The structure’s long and colorful history has been dotted with occasional warfare. 1,The warm hearth of the main keep has been an attraction for weary travelers for ages. 1,This hall once served as the command post of [Rank] [MaleName] during a lengthy crusade. 1,This was historically a welcome stop for traveling merchants and common-folk on long pilgrimages. 1,This was the location where [Rank] [MaleName] made his ill-fated last stand. 1,To this day, the stronghold is the seat and court for the surrounding [County]. 1,When defended, the hold has never fallen to an attacking force, despite decades of full-scale war in the region.


8,county 8,lands 7,countryside 7,province 6,villages 5,earldom 5,fiefdom 4,barony 4,settlements 3,serfdom 2,kingdom 1,empire


1,ancient 1,archaic 1,forgotten 1,legendary 1,long-forgotten 1,old 1,what was once


20,[CastleName] 10,[Fantasy Landmarks.inland] 2,[Fantasy Town Names.main] 2,[Fantasy Town Names.Englishy]


1,[CastleAdj] [SmallCastleType] 1,[CastleAdj] [SmallCastleType]


3,motte-and-bailey castle with [Palisade] [PalisadeLocation]. [CastleSpecial] 2,brick-built castle with [Palisade] [PalisadeLocation]. [CurtainWalls]. [CastleSpecial] 2,earthenwork castle with [Palisade] [PalisadeLocation]. [CurtainWalls]. [CastleSpecial] 2,fortress with [Palisade] [PalisadeLocation]. [CurtainWalls]. [CastleSpecial] 2,keep with [Palisade] [PalisadeLocation]. [CurtainWalls]. [CastleSpecial] 1,brick-built castle with [Palisade] [PalisadeLocation]. [CurtainWalls]. [CastleTraps] [CastleSpecial] 1,castle with [Palisade] [PalisadeLocation]. [CastleSpecial] 1,castle with [Palisade] [PalisadeLocation]. [CurtainWalls]. [CastleSpecial] 1,earthenwork castle with [Palisade] [PalisadeLocation]. [CurtainWalls]. [CastleTraps] [CastleSpecial] 1,fortress with [Palisade] [PalisadeLocation]. [CurtainWalls]. [CastleTraps] [CastleSpecial] 1,keep with [Palisade] [PalisadeLocation]. [CurtainWalls]. [CastleTraps] [CastleSpecial] 1,motte-and-bailey castle with [Palisade] [PalisadeLocation]. [CurtainWalls]. [CastleTraps] [CastleSpecial]


5,[KeepSpecial] 1,[Rank] [MaleName] is buried in the [Cemetery] here, making it a popular pilgrimage spot. 1,Many different construction layers indicate that the castle has been destroyed and rebuilt many times. 1,Much of the castle was charred and burned in a forgotten war, and its still-standing stonework lends an unsettling eeriness. 1,The [Church] here was where Saint [MaleName] was originally anointed, making the entire site a hotly-contested holy ground. 1,The castle is adjacent to numerous open fields and farmsteads, indicating its importance at the demarcation of some old serfdom. 1,The castle was constructed as the key strategic defense for an ancient kingdom, and while it has changed many hands and seen many battles, its has stood ever since. 1,The castle was made in times of peace, and boasts a great hall for entertainment and numerous houses for guest lords and ladies. 1,This castle withstood enemy advances by the hundreds as the key defense in the [Conflict].


3,abbey 5,cemetery 2,chapel 1,churchyard 1,graveyard 1,priory


1,abbey 1,chapel 1,church 1,priory 1,sanctuary


1,It has a crenellated stonework wall standing [Dice.2d4]0 feet high 1,Its [Dice.2d6]0′ outer wall has been improved over the years with murder holes at the main and postern gates, and dozens of embrasures to give defenders a marked advantage 1,Its external defenses include [Dice.2d4] [TowerConstruction] watchposts, topped with archer’s platforms 1,Its hastily-made defenses include a simple earthwork berm designed to slow attackers and impede siege engines 1,Its outer defenses include a simple [Dice.1d4]0′ [TowerConstruction] wall topped with a walkway 1,Its well-planned defenses include a [Dice.2d4]0′ [TowerConstruction] outer wall with [Dice.2d4] turrets


1,a [Dice.1d4]0′ [pt]


4,wooden palisade 4,stone wall 3,bailey 2,woodwork palisade 2,stonework wall 1,wrought-iron fence 1,iron fence 1,blackened iron fence


5,on all sides, with a small gate 5,on all sides, with a large double-gate 3,on all sides, with a small drawbridge over [MoatType] 3,to its front, tied into the surrounding cliffs and crags as a natural defense 2,on three sides, with its back against a jagged cliffside 2,on three sides, with its back to a fast-flowing river 1,on three sides, with a steep dropoff on its fourth


1,a deep ditch-moat 1,a shallow moat 1,an incomplete moat 1,what was once a moat


1,[CastleAdj] [LargeCastleType]. [CastleDefenses] [CastleSpecial]


1,castle 1,chateau 1,fortress 1,great-keep 1,imperial castle 1,imperial palace 1,palace 1,royal castle 1,royal palace


1,A recent victim of siege, smoldering hoardings still adorn the main gates and doors of the [Dice.1d4][Dice.1d8]0′ main keep. [CastleOuterDefenses] 1,The [Dice.1d4]00-foot-tall castle is well-prepared to withstand a siege, with machicolations and murderholes abounding. [CastleOuterDefenses] 1,The castle has [Dice.2d4] great towers, each with a [Catapult] in various stages of functionality. The walls are lined with oil cauldrons and crested with crenellations and merlons, making it quite advantageous to the ranged defender. [CastleOuterDefenses] 1,The castle keep is defended by [Dice.2d4] round towers, each with a [Catapult] in various stages of functionality. The walls are lined with oil cauldrons and crenellated points for archers and crossbowmen. [CastleOuterDefenses] 1,The castle keep is flanked by [Dice.2d4] bulwarks topped with [Catapult]s. The thick walls of the main structure connect [Dice.2d6] towers, set at regular intervals. [CastleOuterDefenses] 1,The castle stands proudly and fearlessly, with 1[Dice.2d4]-foot-thick main walls, nearly [Dice.1d6]50 feet tall at its highest point. [CastleOuterDefenses] 1,The castle’s [Dice.4d4]-foot-thick walls, standing [Dice.2d4]0 feet tall, indicate its occupiers regularly saw heavy warfare. While the mighty walls and high turrets of the castle are alone enough to stagger a siege, its greatest defensive feature is a great round bastion with a still-functional [Catapult]. [CastleOuterDefenses] 1,The castle’s impressive defenses support a large central[KeepShape] keep standing [Dice.1d4]50′ high. [CastleOuterDefenses]


10, cross-shaped 10, round 5, T-shaped 5, L-shaped 1, U-shaped


2,magical [ArcaneWeapon] 1,ballista 1,catapult 1,mangonel 1,onager 1,trebuchet


3,[CastleMoat] [CastleTraps] 3,[CurtainWalls]. [CastleMoat] 2,[CurtainWalls]. [CastleMoat] [CastleTraps] 1,[CurtainWalls]. [CastleTraps] 1,[SmallNumber] great ditches separated by walls on all sides of the castle alternately serve as rather pleasant courts during peacetime. 1,Recent repairs to the outer walls are evident, with crude rock and mortar as a stopgap to fill in breached points. 1,The open fields to the front of the keep is defended by [Dice.2d6] long walls set in a wide, zig-zag pattern. 1,The outer defenses are placed in an odd, open horseshoe from the central keep; perhaps the designer thought the steep incline of the open end would be enough to stanch an attack. 1,The outer wall connects [Dice.2d4] turret towers to garrison archers and crossbowmen. [CastleMoat]. 1,The outer wall is 1[Dice.2d4]′ thick and [Dice.2d4]0′ high, and has a walkway for defenders and [Dice.2d4] postern gates. [CastleMoat]


3,The outer wall has a defensive ditch with an arched bridge and flanking towers. 2,The moat has a great drawbridge to the front, and a smaller fixed bridge with a portcullis towards allied lands, meant to allow reinforcements in wartime, riders from the elite guard, or, if necessary, a final retreat. 2,The great, deep moat around the outer wall boasts a sturdy drawbridge wide enough for four riders in full war kit. 2,The great gatehouse on the outer wall has a tall portcullis in both front and rear, with arrow slits and murderholes defending the sallyport. 1,[SmallNumber] great ditches separated by walls on all sides of the castle alternately serve as rather pleasant courts during peacetime. 1,A great rotating bridge serves as the outer gate, with stationary double towers defending both ends. 1,A moat of tar pitch stands ready to be lit ablaze, crippling any enemy charge. 1,Engineers work feverishly to repair the gatehouse portcullis, which has been recently broken in the down position. The gate is the only way in and out of the castle. 1,Instead of a true moat, there are a number of short defensive barricades set at close intervals with pitch-filled ditches to their front, some set ablaze and choking the air with black smoke. 1,The castle is on its own small island in a wide lake; leaving the attacker to either attempt a water landing, or brave the [Dice.2d6]00’ of well-defended stonework bridge to the great arched sallyport. 1,The gatehouse is flanked by towers and has a still-functioning turning bridge. 1,The great gatehouse portcullis is rusted shut in the down position, forcing visitors to use the postern gate. 1,The main drawbridge is broken in the down position, forcing defenders to barricade the gate against attack. 1,The main drawbridge is broken in the up position, forcing visitors to use the postern gate. 1,The main gatehouse has been shattered by siege weaponry and replaced with a defensive platform set over a thick makeshift blockade of iron and stone. 1,The main gatehouse portcullis is rusted shut in the up position, and the defenders have blockaded it and dispatched a large percent of their force along the high, crenellated gatehouse walls. 1,The majority of the great keep is surrounded by a deep, clear lake, providing excellent natural defense and standoff. 1,The moat’s gatehouse has a drawbridge to the front, and a heavy portcullis to seal off the inner courtyard in an emergency. 1,The outer wall’s main gate is now only a makeshift barricade after long battering by siege weaponry, but the original towers flanking it still stand. 1,There are two gatehouses straddling the ancient trade road. While open in times of peace, their mighty double-portcullis set can seal the castle during a siege.


1,Ancient stone guardians stand silent along the main court path, but will spring to life against attackers. 1,Ancient stone obelisks stand silent along the main court path, but under a skilled mage, they can blast attackers with arcane attacks of fire, lightning and ice. 1,Magical traps of fire and ice in the open field can be triggered by wizards from afar. 1,Permanent illusory walls provide an initial defense to this arcane place. 1,Several large hollowed spike-pits lie along more obvious routes to the castle, to thin the ranks of a large assault force. 1,Some of the key ditches are filled with an awful mixture of noxious poison and acid. 1,Some parts of the thin outer walls will intentionally fall on a breaching force, burying them alive in tons of rock and rubble. 1,The defenses are bolstered by a deadly arcane minefield. 1,The defensive ditches have great hidden spikes and spearheads in the soft ground to make their passage less pleasant. 1,The gates are crowned with spikes, preventing an easy breach. 1,The moat is rumored to be populated by man-eating reptiles. 1,The palisades are topped with spear outcroppings, preventing an easy breach. 1,The walls are tipped with spikes, preventing an easy breach.


1,Two 1,Three 1,Four


5,[CastleStartName] [CastleTypeName] 5,[possessives] [postplace] 3,The [CastleTypeName] at [Fantasy Town Names.main] 3,The [CastleTypeName] at [Fantasy Town Names.Englishy] 3,[Poetic Destinations.main] 1,[Fantasy Town Names.main] 1,[Fantasy Town Names.Englishy] 1,[inspiration]


10,[inspiration] 1,[PersonName]’s 1,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishSpecial] 1,[color]


1,[Rank] [MaleName]


1,[ScottishMale.main] 1,[SGNP celtic.male] 1,[Catholic Saint Names.main] 1,[DitV Male Name.FirstName] 1,[Catholic Saint Names.main] [Fantasy Names.Surname] 1,[DitV Male Name.FirstName] [Fantasy Names.Surname]


4,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishRoyaltyMale] 2,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishSpecialReligiousCatholicMale] 2,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishSpecialReligiousProtestantMale] 1,Lord 1,[Ranks and Titles.RankForeign] 1,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishSpecialMale] 1,Saint 1,Sir


1,Abbey 1,Armory 1,Bailey 1,Barracks 1,Bastion 1,Battlement 1,Brannock 1,Bridge 1,Bulwark 1,Castle 1,Castra 1,Chateau 1,Citadel 1,Crossroads 1,Crannog 1,Earthworks 1,Fort 1,Fortification 1,Fortress 1,Garrison 1,Gate 1,Hold 1,Keep 1,Manor 1,Postern 1,Promontory 1,Ramparts 1,Stronghold 1,Tower[plural] 1,Wall


3,[manmade] 11,[natural]


1,Abbey 1,Bridge 1,Castle 1,Citadel 1,Crossroads 1,Enclave 1,Fortress 1,Garrison 1,Gate 1,Haven 1,Keep 1,Manor 1,Obelisk 1,Station 1,Temple 1,Tower 1,Watchtower


1,Arch 1,Barrow[plural] 1,Barrens 1,Bend 1,Bluff 1,Butte 1,Cairn 1,Cliff[plural] 1,Crag 1,Crest 1,Crossing 1,Downs 1,Falls 1,Gorge 1,Heights 1,Highland[plural] 1,Hill 1,Mound 1,Mountain 1,Pass 1,Peak 1,Perch 1,Pillar[plural] 1,Pinnacle 1,Point 1,Promontory 1,Ridge 1,Rise 1,Rock 1,Spire 1,Summit


1, 1,s


1,[Fantasy Town Names.Misc][Fantasy Town Names.Suffix][Fantasy Town Names.Suffix] 1,[Fantasy Town Names.Group1][Fantasy Town Names.Group2] 1,[Fantasy Town Names.Misc][Fantasy Town Names.Suffix] 3,[Fantasy Military Unit.MascotAnimal] 2,[Fantasy Military Unit.MascotModifier] 1,[Secret Society Title.Title] 2,[Secret Society Title.OrgDescriptor] 2,[Secret Society Title.Noun] 10,[moreinspirations] 3,[Inscriptions.Inscriptions.Abs_Noun_Neg] 1,[Inscriptions.Inscriptions.Abs_Noun_Pos] 4,[Inscriptions.DefiniteNoun] 6,[Fantasy Town Names.Englishy]


5,[Inscriptions.Inscriptions.Abs_Noun_Neg] 1,Hunger 1,Desolation 1,Broken Promises 1,Forgotten Dreams 1,Lost Souls 1,the Old Ones 1,the Ancients 1,Sorrows 1,Insanity 1,Despair 1,Woe 1,the Dead 1,Hell 1,Prophecy


1,[Fantasy Names.MaleFirstName]’s 1,[Fantasy Town Names.Jobs]’s 2,[Inn and Tavern Names.Person]’s 1,[moreposessors]’s


1,Bugbear 1,Centaur 1,Conjurer 1,Crusader 1,Demon 1,Devil 1,Dragon 1,Drake 1,Druid 1,Dryad 1,Dwarf 1,Elf 1,Faery 1,Giant 1,Gnoll 1,Gnome 1,Goblin 1,Hag 1,Harpy 1,Hobgoblin 1,Hunter 1,Kobold 1,Lover 1,Manticore 1,Medusa 1,Minotaur 1,Monk 1,Ogre 1,Orc 1,Paladin 1,Pirate 1,Pixie 1,Ranger 1,Satyr 1,Scout 1,Shepherd 1,Slave 1,Sorcerer 1,Treant 1,Trapper 1,Wizard


2,[creature] 1,[creature] [bodypart] 1,[colors] 1,[Inn and Tavern Names.Item]


3,Azure 3,Black 3,Blue 3,Crimson 3,Dark 3,Green 3,Grey 3,Red 3,Silver 3,White 2,Argent 2,Copper 2,Ebon 2,Ebony 2,Golden 2,Scarlet 1,Amber 1,Ash 1,Ashen 1,Auburn 1,Cerulean 1,Dun 1,Flame 1,Indigo 1,Iron 1,Ivory 1,Shadow 1,Smoke 1,Smoky 1,Steel 1,Umber 1,Violet


1,Angel 1,Basilisk 1,Bear 1,Behir 1,Boar 1,Brownie 1,Chimera 1,Cockatrice 1,Displacer 2,Dragon 1,Drake 1,Dryad 1,Eagle 1,Ent 1,Ghoul 1,Giant 1,Goblin 1,Griffon 1,Harpy 1,Hippogriff 1,Hobgoblin 1,Kobold 1,Landshark 1,Lion 1,Lizardman 1,Manticore 1,Minotaur 1,Monkey 1,Naiad 1,Nymph 1,Ox 1,Owlbear 1,Pegasus 1,Pixie 1,Raptor 1,Sphinx 1,Sylph 1,Terrasque 1,Tiger 1,Warhorse 1,Werewolf 1,Wolf 1,Wraith 1,Wyrm 25,[Inn and Tavern Names.Creature]


5,Head 2,Bones 1,Skull