Cascadian Folklore Oracle

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…for In a Wicked Age

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1,A beloved mummy, wrapped in cedar-bark blankets 1,A bonecleaner, and the nice white skeletons she leaves behind 1,A clever Elk, leading a frustrated hunter far afield 1,A company of families, split apart, compelled to travel into the four directions 1,A drowning, easy to predict 1,A gazing beast, tragic and wise 1,A giant, appearing and disappearing amongst the whirling snow 1,A girl leaving for her first Vision Quest, proud and frightened 1,A great bear’s spirit, offered some of its own flesh in thanks 1,A great stone, upon which climbers receive prophecies 1,A haunted Lake, full of spirits that test any visitor 1,A lake, sprung from where she died, a girl tender and gentle as a fawn 1,A mountain, easily annoyed, thrower of boulders 1,A peerless hunter, sworn never to take more than his need, or lose his soul 1,A plaintive and lonely loon, once a disobedient boy 1,A reunion of old friends, intent on finishing work long left undone 1,A Salmon-boy, handsome and glittering 1,A shaman’s apprentice, jealous of those who have a Spirit Guide 1,A short-stemmed brass pipe, filled with power 1,A sorry prophecy, hard to hear after so many happy ones have come to fruition 1,A sudden storm, wrathful and focused 1,A warrior, wielding copper sword and cougarskin cap, jealous and ready for love 1,A watching face, painted by ancients 1,A white ghoul, infamous collector of corpses 1,A wounded Deer, cruelly abandoned 1,A young man, lost, pulled along many long roads by a mysterious will, to his new Family 1,A younger brother, poet and prophet 1,An ancient woman, grandmother to all, full of vitality, venomous to outsiders, bent over the campfire 1,An isolated place, dangerous to hunt 1,An old fisherman, asleep in a boat, but far away in dream 1,Once a Great Lake, full of voices, now a hot Desert, where the spirits meet 1,Papa Coyote, pushed to act against his human child’s foolishness 1,Rain’s daughter, beautiful sorceress, in ermine pelts and long white hair 1,Signs of Power, carved into the rock-face by ancient hands 1,The grandmother of all drums, still and silent, deep in the womb of the hidden cave 1,The last of his people left, the ravaging demon gone 1,The Moon, lured to Earth by words sweet and magical 1,Three sisters, silent, quick, and watchful 1,Two of the Chief’s finest Scouts, intent on chaos