Carcosan Titles

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<sgdisplay iterations="30">[main]</sgdisplay>



3,[Adjective] [Noun] 4,[Adjective] [Noun] [Description] 5,[Noun] [Description]


1,Ascendant 1,Gracious 1,Piercing 1,August 1,Grand 1,Predominant 1,Beauteous 1,Heart's 1,Preponderant 1,Beautiful 1,High 1,Purest 1,Beneficent 1,Humble 1,Raucous 1,Blooming 1,Illustrious 1,Redoubtable 1,Blossoming 1,Imperious 1,Refulgent 1,Bountiful 1,Implacable 1,Regnant 1,Bright 1,Inapproachable 1,Resplendent 1,Brightest 1,Incomparable 1,Sagacious 1,Brilliant 1,Indulgent 1,Screaming 1,Celestial 1,Inestimable 1,Serene 1,Clear 1,Inexorable 1,Shimmering 1,Constant 1,Iridescent 1,Shining 1,Coruscating 1,Jade 1,Silent 1,Crystalline 1,Lustrous 1,Sovereign 1,Cunning 1,Magisterial 1,Splendorous 1,Day's 1,Magnificent 1,Stainless 1,Deep 1,Masterful 1,Stern 1,Delicate 1,Meek 1,Superior 1,Desirous 1,Merciful 1,Supreme 1,Dominant 1,Mighty 1,Swift 1,Eloquent 1,Most [Adjective] 1,Total 1,Eternal 1,Mystic 1,Tranquil 1,Ever-Full 1,Night's 1,Transcendent 1,Exalted 1,Omnipotent 1,Unanswerable 1,Falling 1,Omnipresent 1,Unapproachable 1,Final 1,Omniscient 1,Unbearable 1,Flowering 1,One 1,Uncircumscribed 1,Foremost 1,Overflowing 1,True 1,Gentle 1,Pale 1,Utter 1,Gibbering 1,Paramount 1,Uttermost 1,Glittering 1,Peerless 1,Worm 1,Glorious 1,Perpetual


1,Adept 1,Gemstone 1,Poignancy 1,Advocate 1,Glory 1,Pool 1,Apotheosis 1,Grace 1,Power 1,Arbiter 1,He/She/It 1,Preceptor 1,Attendant 1,Heart 1,Preponderancy 1,Autocrat 1,Illumination 1,Presence 1,Autocrator 1,Illustriousness 1,Prince/Princess 1,Baron/Baroness 1,Infinitude 1,Protector 1,Bestower 1,Intellect 1,Provider 1,Brightness 1,Jewel 1,Puissance 1,Captain 1,Joy 1,Radiance 1,Chief 1,Joy-Giver 1,Rain 1,Chieftain 1,Judge 1,Ravager 1,Commander 1,King/Queen 1,Ravishment 1,Crown 1,Lawgiver 1,Reflection 1,Death 1,Life 1,Servant 1,Dew 1,Light 1,Shield 1,Diadem 1,Listener 1,Soul 1,Dominance 1,Lord/Lady 1,Sovereign 1,Dominator 1,Lover 1,Speaker 1,Dominion 1,Master/Mistress 1,Spring 1,Duke/Duchess 1,Mind 1,Star 1,Effulgence 1,Mirror 1,Sun 1,Elegance 1,Night 1,Superior 1,Emperor/Empress 1,Obliteration 1,Thought 1,Enthroned 1,Ocean 1,Totalitor 1,Essence 1,One 1,Tyrant 1,Excellency 1,Overking/queen 1,Vault 1,Eyes 1,Overlord/Overlady 1,Voice 1,Flower 1,Overseer 1,Wielder 1,Foundation 1,Pearl 1,Will 1,Fountain 1,Perfection 1,Wind 1,Fullness 1,Plenipotentiary 1,Gem 1,Plumage


1,beyond All Superlatives 1,of All Truths 1,of the Stars 1,of Autumn 1,by Whom All See 1,of Benedictions 1,of [Adjective] Countenance 1,of Defense 1,of All 1,of Dreamers 1,of All Excellences 1,of Dreams 1,of All Gifts 1,of Glory 1,of All Graces 1,of Humility 1,of All the Seas 1,of Invincibility 1,of All the Lands 1,of Lords 1,of All the Living 1,of Stones 1,of Many Colors 1,of Sublime Wisdom 1,of Many Hues 1,of Summer 1,of Many Shades 1,of the [Adjective] God 1,of Mercy 1,of the [Adjective] Sceptor 1,of Peace 1,of the Air 1,of Radiance 1,of the Air, the Earth, and the Seas 1,of Sleepers 1,of the Awake 1,of Small Petals 1,of the Bringer 1,of Splendor 1,of the Dead 1,of the Earth 1,of Spring 1,of the Sun 1,of the Elements 1,of the Waves 1,of the Eyes 1,of True Men 1,of the Frozen Lightning 1,of War 1,of the Gatherer 1,of Winds 1,of the Hills 1,of Winter 1,of the Master 1,of Wisdom 1,of the Moon 1,That Sees in the Dark 1,of the Morn 1,upon the [Adjective] Throne 1,of the Seas 5,[Description] [Description]



Originally contributed by Andrew Byers to The Carcosan Grimoire.