Captain of the city watch

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<sgdisplay iterations="1">[main]



1, The captain of the local city watch stands before you. [attribute1], [attribute2], and [attribute3], his [adjective1] exterior belies the [adjective2] of his inner nature, revealing itself only in the [adjective3] of his eyes.


1,Bellicose 1,Truculent 1,Ornery 1,Bitter 1,Placid 1,Pensive 1,Exasperated 1,Despondent 1,Fulminating


1,sadistic 1,generous 1,fecund 1,expansive 1,pedantic 1,masochistic 1,indifferent 1,insightful 1,laconic 1,effusive


1,bored 1,bemused 1,wry 1,sullen 1,exasperated 1,flustered 1,inebriated 1,indifferent 1,furious 1,enraged 1,acrimonious


1,rubicund 1,gaunt 1,emmaciated 1,obese 1,sallow 1,towering 1,stunted 1,twisted 1,gnomish 1,strapping 1,perfumed 1,reeking 1,grotesque 1,enchanting


1,perfidity 1,profound depths 1,torments 1,simplicity 1,elegance 1,explosiveness 1,obsequiousness 1,enigma 1,ruinous depths 1,shattered pangs 1,illuminated whole 1,sedated monotony 1,seething activity 1,paralyzed monstrosity


1,gleam 1,fervor 1,shine 1,dullness 1,ferocity 1,desperation 1,glitter 1,sagging 1,tearing 1,fluttering 1,winking 1,rolling 1,drowsiness 1,fevered glow 1,piercing stare 1,limpid light 1,delirious fawning 1,imperious glare