Captain Kirk Encounter

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    <sgdisplay iterations="3">
  • [main]</sgdisplay>




  • [Main] 1,One [FemAdj] alien wearing a [Clothing] with [Color] skin and [Color] hair[Place] 1,One [FemAdj] alien wearing [Torn] clothes with [Color] skin and [Color] hair[Place] 1,[Dice.2d6] [FemAdj] aliens wearing [Clothing]s with [Color] skin and [Color] hair[Place] 1,[Dice.2d6] [FemAdj] aliens wearing [Torn] clothes with [Color] skin and [Color] hair[Place]
    1, 1,, all alone 1,, and needing personal assistance 1,, at a waterfall 1,, helpless and alone 1,, in a bath 1,, in a dense mist 1,, in a lagoon 1,, in a pool 1,, in a steamy mist 1,, in a sultry mist 1,, in a swirling mist 1,, in a thick mist 1,, in a whirlpool 1,, with no other beings around
    1,alluring 1,amply-endowed 1,attractive 1,beguiling 1,busty 1,buxom 1,cat-like 1,chesty 1,comely 1,coy 1,curvaceous 1,curvy 1,dainty 1,enchanting 1,enticing 1,feline 1,flirtatious 1,foxy 1,good-looking 1,inviting 1,limber 1,lithe 1,lovely 1,lustful 1,playful 1,provocative 1,sassy 1,saucy 1,seductive 1,sexy 1,shapely 1,slinky 1,sultry 1,supple 1,tempting 1,voluptuous 1,well-endowed 1,well-proportioned
    1,bikini 1,catsuit 1,form-fitting flightsuit 1,form-fitting spacesuit 1,halter top 1,leopardskin 1,low-cut top 1,mini-skirt 1,nightgown 1,short skirt 1,tight sweater 1,tight-fitting flightsuit 1,tight-fitting spacesuit 1,tube top
    1,form-fitting 1,leather 1,nylon 1,pleather 1,ragged 1,rawhide 1,revealing 1,ripped 1,sheer 1,shredded 1,tattered 1,tight-fitting 1,torn
    1,green 1,blue 1,light blue 1,dark blue 1,baby blue 1,powder blue 1,aquamarine 1,orange 1,tangerine 1,ruby red 1,cherry red 1,purple 1,lavender 1,pink 1,rosy 1,magenta 1,fuchsia 1,peridot 1,periwinkle 1,jade 1,emerald 1,crystalline 1,glittering 1,ivory 1,ebony 1,jet black 1,soft 1,silky 1,supple 1,shiny 1,smooth 1,milky 1,oily </sgtable> Ahh, that smooth-talking Captain Kirk and his … encounters …