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Our brave band of travellers have decided to settle down for the night, and continue their journey come morning. In their search for a suitable place, they find:

Which location will they choose?

Note: For a more defendable location or for a larger party, consider overnighting at a Castle page tower or keep.



1,A [Type][Features]. [Water].


1,[Manmade] 1,[Natural]


1,[Abandoned] barn with half-burned timbers 1,[Abandoned] cabin 1,[Abandoned] hobbit hole 1,[Abandoned] small military encampment consisting of minor fortifications 1,[Abandoned] stone cottage 1,[Abandoned] tree fort 1,[Abandoned] windmill 1,[ShrineCondition] roadside shrine to the god of travelers 1,[ShrineCondition] shrine to ancestral gods 1,[ShrineCondition] shrine to the god of the harvest 1,[ShrineCondition] shrine to the moon-goddess 1,[ShrineCondition] shrine to the sun-god 2,[ShrineCondition] shrine to [List of gods.main] 1,boundary stone, long toppled 1,bunch of felled logs arranged into an enclosure with entrance 1,collection of long-vacant stone ruins 1,crude lean-to of sticks and vines 1,directional cairn pointing west 1,few hemp hammocks suspended in a group 1,hunter’s blind 1,huntsman’s blaze 1,man-made enclosure of thick brambles used for livestock herding with a lookout rock 1,old mine shaft in a face of rock 1,old stone watchtower 1,section of the remains of the [Abandoned] city [Fantasy Town Names.main] 1,small shepherd’s hut used only seasonally 1,smallish hill with sharpened logs staked around the rim 1,stone bridge over a creek bed large enough to shelter under


1,long-forgotten 1,burned 1,collapsed 1,decrepit 1,desolate 1,destroyed 1,ruined 1,abandoned 1,empty


1,large and well-maintained 1,large but apparently abandoned 1,small and damaged 1,small and overgrown 1,small and vermin-infested 1,small but well-maintained 1,utterly demolished


1,abandoned large animal den 1,circle of dead grass 1,dry riverbed perpendicular to the road 1,extensive natural cave system 1,giant evergreen with no low-hanging branches - needles carpet the ground except around an old firepit 1,grove of trees with an old firepit 1,large natural cave with soot marks on the ceiling 1,large slab rock leaning against a boulder 1,large tree uprooted by a storm 1,large tree with exposed roots on a bank near the road 1,rock overhang 1,shallow natural cave 1,unusual flat stone


4,Water [how] from a [WaterSource] 1,There is no obvious source of water here, however


1,may be accessed 1,looks available 1,can be had 1,is obtainable


1,cistern hewn into rock 1,hot spring 1,irrigation ditch 1,large nearby lake 1,mosquito-infested pond 1,nearby lake 1,old barrel 1,pond formed by an animal dam 1,rushing river 1,slow-running creek 1,small bog or marsh area 1,small river with an old fishing net & bucket 1,small stream 1,small trickle on a rock face 1,small waterfall 1,spring flowing out of a crack in the rocks 1,stagnant pond 1,stinking rivulet 1,well with a crank, rope, and bucket 1,well, although there’s no crank or bucket 1,wet-weather-only stream


5, [prox] [Noteworthy] 1,


1,close by 1,near 1,not far from 1,within sight of


1,a barrow for ancestor-worship with recently disturbed earth 1,a beehive 1,a broken-down wagon 1,a concealed crop of narcotic plants 1,a copse of web-infested trees 1,a crossroads apparently leading to nearby farms or settlements 1,a crude altar made of stacked stones 1,a dessicated corpse swaying from a tree branch 1,a few recent graves 1,a field of wildflowers 1,a fruit tree 1,a large bramble patch 1,a large wasp’s nest 1,a large, bare rock jutting from the earth 1,a marshy patch with tall bullrushes 1,a menhir circle 1,a refuse pile 1,a ring of oversized mushrooms 1,a rusting sword stuck into the earth 1,a skeleton hanging from a tree by a noose 1,a standing stone 1,a standing stone archway 1,a termite mound 1,a tree with initials carved into it 1,an ancient burial mound 1,an animal trail 1,an old still for making moonshine 1,decomposing bodies in rusting armor 1,recent livestock tracks in some mud 1,rusting iron cages for animals or people hanging from nearby trees 1,several downed trees from the path of a tornado 1,some berry bushes 1,some edible mushrooms 1,some rocks arranged to form an arrow 1,some rotting heads on pikes 1,some tree stumps painted as targets and covered with arrows 1,the incomplete construction of a siege weapon 1,the remains of a pyre with animal or humanoid bones 1,the rotting carcass of a herd animal 1,the stump of a tree struck by lightning 10,a hidden stash, containing [Treasure]


4,[Treasure], [Treasure], and [Treasure] 1,"[Weapon Names.main]" a [Enchanted Weapons other.main] 1,"[Weapon Names.main]" a [Castle.Legendaryweapon] 1,[dice.1d100] gold worth of coins and jewels 1,[FantasyBooks.DeedOrNote] </sgtable>