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Based on Courtney Campbell's Treasure:


<sgdisplay iterations="6">




Ornamental stones (value 1–25)

<sgdisplay iterations="6">[ornamental]</sgdisplay>

Semi-precious stones (value 25–75)

<sgdisplay iterations="6">[semiprecious]</sgdisplay>

Fancy stones (value 76–250)

<sgdisplay iterations="6">[fancy]</sgdisplay>

Precious stones (value 251–750)

<sgdisplay iterations="6">[precious]</sgdisplay>

Gems (value 751–2,500)

<sgdisplay iterations="6">[gems]</sgdisplay>

Jewels (value 2,501–10,000)

<sgdisplay iterations="6">[jewels]</sgdisplay>



1,[hiddenchance] [container] [hoardsize], worth [basevalue]% of normal


1,1 2,10 5,25 6,50 10,75 52,100 10,150 6,200 5,300 2,500 1,1000


1,[art] 2,[jeweled] 4,[goods] 6,[coins] 3,[furnishcloth] 2,Gems 1,[Sstabhmontown Magic Items.main]


1,[art] 2,[jeweled] 4,[goods] 3,[furnishcloth] 2,Gems 1,a Magic item


1,a Bag [trapchance] with 1,a Sack [trapchance] with 1,a Barrel [trapchance] with 1,a Cask [trapchance] with 1,a Coffer [trapchance] with 1,a Kist [trapchance] with 2,a Chest [chesttrapchance] with 2,a Huge Chest [chesttrapchance] with 2,a Trunk [trapchance] with 2,an Urn [trapchance] with 2,a Jar [trapchance] with 2,tucked in a nich Niche [trapchance] 2,


1,[hidden] 19,


2,concealed 1,invisible 1,in a secret space under 1,in a secret compartment 1,inside an ordinary item in plain view 1,disguised as something else 1,under a heap of trash or dung 1,under a loose stone 1,in a nearby secret room


1,[trap] 19,


5,[trap] 15,


1,holds treasure protected by contact poison 1,, protected by contact poison 3,with a poisoned needle in the lock 3,withs a poison needle in the handle 2,with poisoned spring darts in the front 2,with poisoned spring darts on the top 2,with poisoned spring darts on the inside of the lid 2,with poisoned spring darts inside at the bottom of the container 1,with a blade that scythes on the top, 1,The treasure is guarded by poisonous vermin (insects, reptiles) 1,Poison gas is released 1,A trap-door opens 1,A stone block drops 1,The treasure has a magical trap upon it


1,[treasuretype] 2,[unguarded] 4,[small] 6,[medium] 3,[large] 2,[huge] 1,[massive] 1,[gargantuan]


1,[treasuretype] 1,[treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 1,[treasuretype, [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype]


1,[treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype]


1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype]


1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype]


1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 2,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 3,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 4,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 3,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 2,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype]


1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 3,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 6,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 10,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 12,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 12,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 10,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 6,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 3,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype]


1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype] 1,[treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; [treasuretype]; and [treasuretype]


1,a [artsize] [artage] [artquality] [artstyle] [arttype] by the [artrenown] artist [Fantasy Names.mainNoLabel][artcondition]


1,Tiny 1,Very Small 3,Small 8, 4,Large 1,Very large 1,Huge 1,[artextralarge]


14,Massive 6,Gargantuan


1,Avant-garde 1,Current 1,Recent 1, 4,Modern 1,Old 1,Antique 1,[artextraold]


14,Venerable 5,Archaic 1,[artsuperold]


18,Antedivulian 2,Primordial


1,abstract 1,monster-themed 1,human-interest 2,natural-themed 1,supernatural 2,local interest 2,historical 5,religious 2,noble-themed 1,royal


2,[papermedium] [papertechnique] on [papersubstrate] 2,[fabricarts] 2,[painting] 2,[crafts] 2,[carvingart] 2,[ceramicart] 2,[glassworkart] 3,[stoneworkart] 2,[metalworkart] 1,Magical [arttype]


1,pastel 1,chalk 1,oil-stick 1,charcoal 1,conté 1,ink


3,calligraphy 2,printing 1,illustrating a manuscript 1,illustrating a letter 2,drawing of [Utility.Symbols]


3,paper 2,canvas 1,wood 1,plaster 1,[Utility.MetalDecor] 3,vellum 2,parchment


1,Applique 4,Beadwork 1,Crochet 1,Cross-stitch 3,Dyed fabric 2,Embroidery 1,Felting 1,Knitting 1,Lace 1,Macrame 1,Nålebinding 1,Needlework 1,Patchwork 1,Passementerie 2,Quilt 1,Rope 1,Rugmaking 1,Sewing 4,Tapestry 1,Printed textile 5,Weaving


1,Oil painting 1,Encaustic painting 1,Fresco 1,Gesso painting 1,Glazed painting 1,Gouache Painting 1,Ink sketch 1,Sumi painting 1,Tempera painting 1,Watercolour painting


2,Bracelet 1,Lace 1,Origami 1,Decorated egg 1,Mosaic 3,Doll 3,beautifully bound [book]


5,Wood-carving 1,scrimshaw 1,bone-carving 1,ivory-carving 1,scale carving 4,Stone-carving


1,Figures 1,Ceramic statue 1,Tiles 1,Tableware 1,pottery


1,glass beads 1,glass decanter 1,chandelier 1,goblets 1,crystal glasses 1,glass pipe 1,glass bowl 1,stained-glass window 1,glass flowers 1,etched and engraved tiles


1,[stonematerial] statue 1,[stonematerial] carvings 1,engraving of [Utility.Symbols] in [stonematerial] 1,lapidary carved in [stonematerial] 1,Pietra dura 1,[stonematerial] birdbath 1,[stonematerial] fountain


2,brick 2,marble 2,slate 2,granite 2,travertine 2,limestone 2,sandstone 1,gems 4,[Utility.StoneDecorative]


1,[Utility.MetalDecor] sculpture 1,[Utility.MetalDecor] furnishings 1,[Utility.MetalDecor] miniatures 1,[Utility.MetalDecor] tools 1,[Utility.MetalDecor] tableware


1,Awful 1,Poor 3,Below-average 8, 4,Above average 1,Good 1,Excellent 1,[extraartquality]


14,Brilliant 6,Masterpiece


3,Unknown 2,Obscure 4,Locally known 4,regionally known 4,nationally known 1,continentally known 1,[artextrarenown]


16,world-renowned 4,ubiquitous


1,, that has been badly damaged 1,, that has been somewhat damaged 3,, that looks worn 8, 4,, in good condition 1,, in excellent condidition 1,, in near perfect condition 1,[artextracondition]


14,, in perfect condition 6,, flawless


1,a [Utility.MetalDecor] [jeweleditem] 1,a Finely-made [jeweleditem] 1,a Carved or beveled [jeweleditem] 1,a [jeweleditem] inlaid with [Utility.Jewels] 1,a polished [jeweleditem]


2,Anklet 3,Armband 2,Belt 2,Small box 5,Bracelet 3,Brooch 1,Buckle 1,Chain 1,Chalice 1,Choker 1,Clasp 1,Collar 1,Coffer 1,Comb 1,Coronet 1,Crown 1,Decanter 1,Diadem 3,Earring 1,Fob 2,Goblet 3,Fillet Headband 1,Idol 2,Locket 1,Medal 1,Medallion 3,Necklace 1,Pendant 1,Pin 1,Orb 4,Ring 1,Scepter 1,Seal 1,Statuette 1,Tiara 2,Mask 1,Nose ring 2,Circlet 2,Torc 3,[utensils] 1,Chatelaine 1,Cuff link 1,Lapel pin 1,Grill 1,Bangles 1,Body piercing 1,Prayer beads 1,Puzzle 1,Aiguillette 1,Cock ring 1,Pectoral 1,Zierscheibe ornamental disc 1,Icon 1,Egg 3,weapon 4,Armour 3,Tool 6,[treasurenocoin] 1,the container itself


1,Adhesive 1,Adze 1,Ankus 1,Anvil 1,Auger 1,Awl 1,Ball 1,Bangles 1,Bell 1,Bellows 1,Block and tackle 1,Bottle 1,Bow drill 1,Bowl 1,Branding iron 1,Brush 1,Buckle 1,Stopper 1,Candelabra 1,Candlestick 1,Cards 1,Carding comb 1,Carpenter's square 1,Cauldron 1,Chisel 1,Coffin 1,Combs 1,Corkscrew 1,Crowbar 1,Cup 1,Dice 1,Drill bits 1,Drill 1,Drinking jack 1,Drinking horn 1,Dolls 1,Door handle 1,Ewer 1,Eye patch 1,File 1,Fingerpick 1,Fish-hook 1,Flagon 1,Forge 1,Fork 1,Game pieces 1,Grindstone 1,Goblet 1,Hammer 1,Hilt 1,Hoe 1,Hollow Reed 1,Kettle 1,Key Ring 1,Knives 1,Ladle 1,Loom 1,Mallet 1,Mantle 1,Mask 1,Mirror 1,Mold 1,Mortar & Pestle 1,Monocle 1,Mug 1,Nails 1,Paint 1,Pan 1,Peg-leg 1,Pickaxe 1,Pitcher 1,Pitchfork 1,Pen Case 1,Planner 1,Platter 1,Pliers 1,Plow 1,Pot 1,Potters Wheel 1,Pouch 1,Small box 1,Pulley 1,Rake 1,Rope 1,Salt cellar 1,Saw 1,Scissors 1,Scepter 1,Shepherd's Crook 1,Sledge 1,Spade 1,Spit 1,Spoon 1,Stein 1,Thimble 1,Tile 1,Tray 1,Tongs 1,Vestment 1,Wedge 1,Wheelbarrow 1,Whetstone 1,Shitewash 1,Wire 1,Whistle 20,[utensils]s, and [utensils]


1,[lowvaluegoods] 2,[highvaluegoods]


2,cotton 3,wool 3,flax 2,[Utility.LeatherHide] 8,[Utility.Fur] fur 1,iron ingots 1,copper ingots 1,lead ingots 1,tin ingots 3,lumber 3,Wine 3,Ale 3,Liquor 12,Grain and foodstuffs 3,[livestock] 2,Sugar 2,Spices 2,Hemp 2,Jute 2,Herbs 2,Salt 1,Pipeweed 3,Dressed stone 4,[fabric] fabric 6,[Utility.LeatherHide] leather goods 2,Pewter [utensils]s 2,Bronze [utensils]s 2,Copperware [utensils]s 2,Ceramic [utensils]s 9,Wooden [utensils]s 5,Steel bars


6,Armour 6,Weapons 3,Tea 1,Coffee 4,Exotic Fruit 3,Decorated leather 4,Silk 3,embroidered [fabric] fabric 1,fine [fabric] fabric 1,Gold bars 2,Silver bars 4,Ivory 2,Medicine 1,Narcotics 6,Perfume 2,[raremetal] ingots 2,Rare lumber 13,[religiousartifact] 23,[book] 2,Silver ingots 2,Gold ingots 1,Platinum ingots 8,[labitems] for laboratory use 2,Magical components


1,Mithral 1,Adamantine 3,Dwarf-iron 3,Fine Steel 2,Alchemical silver 2,Orichalcum


2,an altar 4,an altarcloth 3,bells 2,a brazier 4,a candelabra 4,candles 3,candlestick holders 1,a cassock 2,a censer 3,a chalice 2,chimes 1,a drum 1,a font 3,holy symbols 1,holy relics 2,an idol 5,incense 2,incense burners 1,a kneeling bench 2,a lamp 1,a lectern 1,a mosaic 1,an offertory container 1,a reliquary 1,a screen 1,a shrine 1,snuffing bells 1,a thurible 1,a tripod 2,vestments 1,votive lights 1,a whistle 20,[religiousartifact], and [religiousartifact]


1,adhesive 1,an alembic 1,an astrolabe 1,a balance and weighs 1,a beaker 1,a bellows 1,a bladders 1,a bottle 1,a bowl 1,a boxe 1,a brazier 1,a cage 1,a cauldron 1,a candles 1,a candlestick 1,a carafe 1,a chalk 1,a crucible 1,a cruet 1,a crystal ball 1,a decanter 1,a desk 1,a dish 1,a flask 1,a funnel 1,a furnace 1,a horn 1,a hourglass 1,ink 1,an inkwell 1,a jar 1,a jug 1,a kettle 1,a ladle 1,a lamp 1,lenses 1,maps 1,a mortar and pestle 1,a pan 1,paper 1,parchment 1,papyrus 1,a pentalce 1,a pentagram 1,a phial 1,a pipette 1,a pot 1,a prism 1,a quill 1,a retort 1,a stirring rod 1,a scroll tube 1,a sheet 1,a skin 1,a skull 1,a spatula 1,a measuring spoon 1,an stand 1,a stool 1,a taxidermied [Animal.symbolicanimal] 1,a tank 1,a tongs 1,a tripod 1,a tube 1,a tweezers 1,vellum 1,a vial 1,a waterclock 1,wax 1,wires 1,a workbench 3,a potion 3,poison 2,alchemical ingredients 20,[labitems], and [labitems]


1,Barkcloth 1,Broadcloth 1,Burlap 1,Calico 1,Cambric 1,Canvas 1,Cheesecloth 1,Chiffon 1,Cloth of gold 1,Crepe 1,Denim 1,Flannel 1,Gauze 1,Haircloth 1,Herringbone 1,Himroo 1,Hodden 1,Khaki 1,Loncloth 1,Moleskin 1,Muslin 1,Oilskin 1,Ottoman 1,Oxford 1,Samite 1,Sateen 1,Satin 1,Scarlet 1,Seersucker 1,Silk 1,Tweed 1,Twill 1,Brocade 1,Corduroy 1,Plush 1,Fleece 1,Terrycloth 1,Velvet 1,Velveteen 1,Wadmal 1,Felt 1,Cedar bark 1,Velour 1,Fishnet 1,Lace 1,Knitted wool


3,Cattle 1,Chicken 2,Horses 1,Mules 1,[Animal.farmanimal] 2,Slaves


2,copper pieces 3,silver pieces 2,electrum pieces 3,gold pieces 1,platinum pieces 1,[coins] and [coins]


5,an ornate [furnishing] 1,an inlaid [furnishing] with [Utility.MetalDecor] 1,an inlaid [furnishing] with [Utility.Jewels] 1,a carved [furnishing] 1,a [furnishing] with fretwork] 1,an upholstered [furnishing] 3,a [clothing] of fine [fabric] 3,a [clothing] of silk 2,a [clothing] of [Utility.Fur] fur 2,a [Utility.LeatherHide] leather [clothing]


1,Altar 1,Armchair 4,Armoire 1,Arras 3,Bed with fine [fabric] sheets 1,Bed 2,Bench 3,Blanket 2,Box 2,Braizer 1,Bucket 1,Fubffet 2,Bunks 2,Cabinet 2,Candelabrum 3,Carpet 1,Chandelier 5,Chair 2,Padded chair 1,Armchair 3,Chest of drawers 3,Wardrobe 1,Couch 1,Cresset 2,Cupboard 2,Cushion 1,Dais 4,Desk 1,Fountain 1,Fresco 2,Hamper 3,Idol 1,Loom 4,Mat 2,Mattress 3,Pallet 2,Pedestal 3,Pillow 2,Quilt 4,Rug 2,Screen 2,Shelves 1,Shrine 1,Sofa 3,Stool 3,Table 1,Throne 1,Tub 1,Wall basin 1,Work bench


1,Apron 2,Belt 1,Blouse 1,Chemise 2,Bodkin 2,Boots 1,Braies 2,Buskins 2,Cap 2,Cape 1,Caul 1,Barbette & Fillet 2,Cloak 2,Coat 2,Coif 2,Doublet 2,Dress 1,Fez 1,Frock 1,Pinafore 2,Garter 2,Gauntlets 2,Girdle 2,Gloves 2,Gorget 2,Gown 2,Hat 2,Habit 2,Hood 2,Hose 2,Jerkin 1,Jupon 2,Kerchief 1,Kirtle 2,Leggings 2,Drawers 2,Undershirt 1,Mantle 2,Pantaloons 2,Petticoat 1,Pouch 1,Purse 2,Robe 2,Sandals 2,Scarf 2,Shawl 2,Shift 2,Slippers 2,Smock 2,Stockings 2,Surcoat 1,Toga 2,Trousers 3,Tunic 2,Veil 2,Vest 1,Wallet 1,Wrapper


8,the book [Sstabhmontown library.main] 3,Two books: [Sstabhmontown library.main], and [Sstabhmontown library.main] 2,Three books: [Sstabhmontown library.main], [Sstabhmontown library.main], and [Sstabhmontown library.main] 1,Four books: [Sstabhmontown library.main], [Sstabhmontown library.main], [Sstabhmontown library.main], and [Sstabhmontown library.main]


1,Azurite 1,Banded Agate 1,Blue Quartz 1,Bone 1,Eye Agate 1,Hematite 1,Lapis Lazuli 1,Malachite 1,Moss Agate 1,Obsidian 1,Pyrite 1,Rhodocrosite 1,Tiger Eye 1,Turqoise 1,Mother of pearl 1,small [semiprecious]


1,Amazon stone 1,Bloodstone 1,Carnelian 1,Chalcedony 1,Chrysoprase 1,Citrine 1,Jasper 1,Moonstone 1,Onyx 1,Rock Crystal 1,Sardonyx 1,Serpentine 1,Smoky Quartz 1,Star Rose Quartz 1,Variscite 1,large [ornamental] 1,small [fancy]


1,Amber 1,Alamandine 1,Alexandrite 1,Amethyst 1,Chrysoberyl 1,Coral 1,Diopside 1,Garnet 1,Indicolite 1,Jade 1,Jet 1,Morganite 1,Nephrite 1,Pearl 1,Spinel 1,Spessarite 1,Sugilite 1,Rubellite Tourmaline 1,Zircon 1,large [semiprecious] 1,small [precious]


1,Aquamarine 1,Garnet 1,Black pearl 1,Peridot 1,spinel 1,kunzite 1,hiddenite 1,topaz 1,zoisite 1,large [fancy] 1,small [gems]


1,black opal 1,emerald 1,fire opal 1,garnet 1,opal 1,oriental amethyst 1,oriental topaz 1,sapphire 1,star ruby 1,star sapphire 1,large [precious] 1,small [jewels]


1,ammolite 1,black sapphire 1,diamond 1,jacinth 1,oriental emerald 1,ruby 1,large [gems]