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Tragic Events Chart; Helper generator for Egyptoid's Cent.Casting Fantasy generator

<sgdisplay iterations="1"> Case 1: [TRAGEDIES]





1,wild beasts attack, gravely injure character (who suffers [SERIOUS_WOUNDS]), kill [Dice.1D4] family/friends 2,falsely imprisoned for [CC-Crimes.CRIMES]; [Fantasy-CC-Traits.IMPRISONED] 1,child/sibling dies; cause was [TRAGIC_CAUSES] and dies of [CC-Legacy-Situations.DEATH_SITUATIONS] 2,parents/guardians imprisoned for non-payment of taxes and dies of [CC-Legacy-Situations.DEATH_OF_A_LOVED_ONE] 1,favorite pet dies painfully; death was [CC-Blessings-Curses.PET_DEATH] 2,orphaned; [CC-Legacy-Situations.DEATH_OF_A_LOVED_ONE] 1,hometown destroyed [Dice.2d4] relatives die; caused [TRAGIC_CAUSES] 1,character is responsible for the death of [Fantasy-CC-Traits.OTHER_PEOPLE] by [CC-Legacy-Situations.DEATH_SITUATIONS] 1,family/guardians wiped out (1/2 relatives die) because of [TRAGIC_CAUSES] 2,favorite possession vanishes ([CC-Blessings-Curses.POSSESSION_VANISHES]) 1,one or both parents outlawed for [CC-Crimes.CRIMES] 1,one parent outlawed simply upon accusation of [CC-Crimes.CRIMES] 2,enslaved : [ENSLAVED] 1,banned from your mundane profession, starting money is halved 2,seriously injured: [SERIOUS_WOUNDS] 2,parent/guardian killed, cause : [TRAGIC_CAUSES] 1,home area overrun by marauders, all possessions destroyed, [Dice.2d3] family die, is [Fantasy-CC-Traits.IMPRISONED] 1,cursed ([CC-Blessings-Curses.CURSES]) 3,terrible fate befalls lover: [CC-Blessings-Curses.LOVERS_FATE] 1,disease scars character, remove [Dice.1D4] beauty and/or charisma 2,war ravages the land; [WAR_RAVAGES] 1,home destroyed; by [TRAGIC_CAUSES] 1,tragedy has silver lining; [NATURAL_DISASTERS]; but then [CC-Blessings-Curses.SOMETHING_WONDERFUL] 1,family loses all its wealth 1,(they don't share details, it was too awful) 1,New Regime: all persons belonging to the character's family background are imprisoned. 1,New Regime: all persons belonging to the character's family background are executed. 1,New Regime: all persons belonging to the character's family background are exiled to the nation on the southern border from here. 1,best friend dies [CC-Legacy-Situations.DEATH_SITUATIONS] 1,doubly cursed ([CC-Blessings-Curses.CURSES]; and then [CC-Blessings-Curses.CURSES]) 1,disinherited by one side of family 1,held prisoner by witch as "lab-rat" until [Birth table CC.FUN_DAY] 1,forced into unwanted marriage 1,shift in economy temporarily reduces family's standard of living 1,family stripped of all titles and lands 1,best friend carried off by [‎‎Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.SENTIENT] slavers to do [CC-Enslavement.OCCUPATION] 1,father last seen headed into [holy-shit]


2,[TRAGEDIES],[Dice.1d4] family killed. 2,[TRAGEDIES],[Dice.2d4] friends and family missing. 1,if 14+ years old, conscripted for military duty, during a [NATURAL_DISASTERS] 1,battle burns the city center and main bazaar to the ground. 1,skirmishers trespass the temple of [‎‎Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES] and exactly one hour later a [NATURAL_DISASTERS] happens. 1,refugee is made a slave and [ENSLAVED]


1,alchemist lab melt-down 3,avalanche 1,behemoth attack 1,brush fire 1,cave-in 1,cyclone 1,dragon rampage 1,drought 3,earthquake 1,flash-floods 1,flood 3,forest-fire 1,epic hail-storm 1,hurricane 3,ice-storm 1,land-slide 1,leviathan rampage 3,lightning 1,major white-out 1,meteor-strike 1,monsoon 3,mud-slide 1,pyroclasm 1,sink-hole cluster 1,tidal wave 1,tornado 1,tsunami 1,typhoon 1,volcano 1,kaiju rampage 1,giant avatars of [‎‎Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES] and another local god meet in a duel, wreaking havoc to mortal towns; 1,massive boulders rise from ground, ruining streets, buildings, farms, and waterways. 3,Animal Epidemic 1,Army Uprising 1,Bandit Activity 1,Barbarian Invaders 1,City Sacked 1,Comets 1,Death of a Demi-God 3,Earthquake 3,Epidemic 1,Famine 1,Flood 1,Food Failure 1,Forest Fire 1,Great Storm 1,Hurricane 1,Important Person is Missing/Dead 1,Landslides 1,Legendary Lost Battle 1,Library is Destroyed 1,Loss of Land 1,Lunar Eclipse 1,Magic Incursion 1,Major curse affecting entire Nation 1,Meteors Impact 1,Military Intervention 1,Monster activity 1,Murder of Ruler 1,Revolt 1,Schism 1,Shipwreck 1,Solar Eclipses 1,Strange Omens 1,Trade-War 1,Undead army attacks 1,Volcanoes eruption 1,Wizards Dueling - Epic


1,slave was forced to do truly despicable things for the owner 4,slave was literally worked to death. 2,and the slave was taken far away, not sure if alive any more. 1,a long, complicated enslavement: [‎CC-Enslavement.main] 1,and the character's social standing was [‎CC-Enslavement.SOC_STAT] 1,and the wrok was so hard that [‎CC-Enslavement.SKILL-FX] 1,and the owner was a [CC-Enslavement.RACE] 1,and the owner was [CC-Enslavement.OWNER] 4,and forced to work as a [‎CC-Enslavement.OCCUPATION] 1,but the owner was a [‎CC-Enslavement.NOBLE] 1,and the owner was [‎CC-Enslavement.ADJECT] 1,and the owner was a [‎CC-Enslavement.MONSTER] 1,and the owner was [‎CC-Enslavement.GENDER] 1,yet the freedom came when [‎CC-Enslavement.FREEDOM] 3,and while in chains: [‎CC-Enslavement.EVENTS] 1,and enslaved for quite a while: [‎CC-Enslavement.DURATION] 1,and forced to commit: [‎CC-Enslavement.CRIME] 2,and the owner was [‎CC-Enslavement.CRAZY] 1,but this happened to owner: [‎CC-Enslavement.D-OWNER] 1,and while punished as a slave: [SERIOUS_WOUNDS] 1,and made to clean up the aftermath of [holy-shit]


1,impressive facial scar 1,impressive body scar [Fantasy-CC-Traits.BODY_LOCATIONS] 1,eye put out 2,ear torn off 1,disfigurement 1,brain damage [Fantasy-CC-Traits.HEAD_INJURY] 1,constant pain; [Fantasy-CC-Traits.BODY_LOCATIONS] 1,knee injury causes limp 1,body part severed [Fantasy-CC-Traits.BODY_LOCATIONS] 1,injury heals badly 1,liver damage 1,lung damage 1,stomach injury 1,kidney damage 1,genital injury 1,throat injury 1,back injury 1,magical replacement; [Fantasy-CC-Traits.BODY_LOCATIONS] 1,multiple injuries; [Fantasy-CC-Traits.BODY_LOCATIONS]


1,inexplicable accident 1,terrible fire 1,virulent disease 1,someone's actions [Fantasy-CC-Traits.OTHER_PEOPLE] 1,a rival's actions [CC-Rivals.RIVALS] 1,battle magic 1,death magic 1,arcane magic 1,divine magic 1,black magic 1,witch-craft 1,voodoo 1,poorly worded wishes 1,alchemist lab melt-down 1,a flock of doom bats frightened every normal animal in town 1,a herd of behemoths stampeded every normal animal in town 1,revolt or war 1,accident while travelling 1,character's own actions 1,natural disaster [NATURAL_DISASTERS] 1,disaster, [NATURAL_DISASTERS]; but the elders think it was incited by an enemy priestess 1,upheaval from incidents around [holy-shit] 1,dilemma on whether cause was from [TRAGIC_CAUSES] or by [TRAGIC_CAUSES]


9,Castle Amber 4,Cathedral of the Dead Gods 4,Dark Tower 7,Descent into the Depths of the Earth 9,Descent Into the Caverns of Chaos 1,Dwellers of the Forbidden City 5,Expedition to the Barrier Peaks 1,Forgotten Temple of [[‎‎Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES] 5,Garden of the Plantmaster 7,Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl 3,Glacier of the Frost Giant Thane 1,the rain of transparent fire 1,Hall of the Fire Giant King 8,Mead-Hall of the Fire Giant Queen 7,Isle of Dread 3,Keep on the Borderlands 4,King of Pain 4,Long-Winded Collector Tunnel 4,Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth 1,Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure 4,Pathways to Enchantment 4,Pied Piper Publishing 2,Ravenloft 9,Crow-Have 8,Saga of the Shadow Lord 5,Secret of Bone Hill 5,Shrine of the Kuo:Toa 1,Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh 2,Steading of the Hill Giant Chief 6,Fest-House of the Hill Giant Priestess 2,Temple of Elemental Evil 6,The Final Enemy 4,The Forbidden City 6,The Forest Oracle 8,The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun 2,The Gauntlet 5,Lair of the White Worm 3,The Isle of Dread 1,The Keep on the Borderlands 2,The Village of Hommlet 2,Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor 3,Tomb of Horrors 6,Vault of the Drow 8,Money-Vault of the Gnomes 9,valley where Vecna Lives! 5,Valley of the Mage 7,White Plume Mountain