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 ? DEITIES and DEMIGODS ? - Religious Events and Happenings - Helper generator for Egyptoid's Cent.Casting page

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[RELIGIOUS_EXPERIENCES]



1,Encountered religion because of [BEGIN_RELIGIOUS]
If deity not specified it was [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES]


[RELIGIOUS_EVENTS] 2,[RELIGIOUS_EVENTS] ; and [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.EXOTIC_EVENTS] was a side-effect.


0,_____________________________________trying to tidy up Cent.Casting charts.Template:IE took out RE-ROLL calls}}}}}}}}}} 1,persecution by weird believers. 1,being evangelized. 1,curiosity. 1,inner need. 1,hearing voices. (maybe a [BEING]) 1,parent's religion. 1,friend's religion. 1,seeking refuge in temple. 1,chance encounter with a follower. 1,being healed by their clergy. 1,hospitality received from the religion. 1,disaster relief received from the religion. [JOIN_RELIGION] 1,aid in battle received from the religion. 1,needed friendly help when [UNCOVER_CULT]


1,claims divine inspiration, creates new sect.
[Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES] 1,made a pilgrimage to important but distant shrine. 1,had a vision of the god's primary enemy. 1,had a vision of the god sending him on a sacred mission. 1,aid & relief received from this temple. [JOIN_RELIGION.] 5,joined the god's religion.[JOIN_RELIGION.] 1,believes self to be a reincarnated hero/villain of the religion. 1,others believe character to be a reincarnated hero/villain of the religion. 1,followers accused of crime against the god--is excommunicated. 1,made prophetic statements (possibly quite unpopular). 1,joined holy war.[CC-Military.MILITARY_EVENTS] 1,inadvertently desecrated shrine. [DESECRATION] 1,uncovered activities of evil cult: [UNCOVER_CULT] 1,you killed (in self defense) a heretical priest of this religion, who had minions, and his [UNCOVER_CULT] 1,discovers one of their great-grandparents was a [BEING] from this pantheon. 1,persecuted by enemies of the religion. 1,helped out at the local church for a few years 1,learned appropriate skill from the clergy. 1,found a [OUTSIDER] living right there in your home town temple. 1,studied to become clergy for [Dice.1D4] years. 1,read a forbidden book in the temple; has hidden knowledge. 1,some sects of this religion find you to be a heretic : [DESECRATION] 1,This deity, plus another deity [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES] from the same pantheon argue about the character. 1,the bloodline / ancestors of the character seems to have been favored by the gods (esp. with a [BEING]) in the past


1,Cult seeks to recruit character. 1,Cult seeks to kill character. 2,Cult's local branch destroyed, character becomes a hero. [JOIN_RELIGION.] 1,Cult's local branch destroyed, other cultists now hunt character. 1,Others shun character, possibly out of fear of the cult. 1,Cult wants children from character's bloodline. 1,cult would have destroyed temple but a[BEING] used character to avert disaster. 1,they trafficked weird magic with inappropriate [OUTSIDER]


2,Persecuted by followers. 1,Reparations sought by followers. 1,Shunned by followers. 1,Shunned by most religions. 1,used temple to summon a strange [OUTSIDER] 1,Hunted by religious assassins. 1,made a pact with inappropriate [OUTSIDER]


4,is merely a temple-goer. 5,is a devoted follower of faith. 2,helps out the temple on weekends. 1,is a fervent believer seeks to spread the faith.


0,__________________________ any type of extraplanar or outsider (demon, devil, slaad, angels) 3,Achaierai 2,Anarchic basilisk 2,Anarchic titan 5,Astral deva 1,Avoral 3,Axiomatic cloud giant 3,Balor 3,Barbazu 3,Barghest 1,Bariaur 1,Beatific Petitioner 3,Bebilith 3,Blue slaad 3,Bodak 1,Canoloth 3,Celestial lion 3,Chaos beast 3,Cornugon 5,Couatl 4,Death slaad 3,Devourer 1,Fiendish Dragon, black, mature adult 1,Fiendish Dragon, blue, adult 1,Extra-Planar Dragon, brass, old 1,Fiendish Dragon, green, adult 1,Fiendish Dragon, red, young adult 1,Extra-Planar Dragon, silver, adult 1,Fiendish Dragon, white, mature adult 1,Dretch 4,Erinyes 1,Fiendish hydra (twelve-headed) 1,Formian myrmarch 1,Formian taskmaster 3,Formian warrior 3,Formian worker 1,Gelugon 1,Ghaele 1,Planar Giant, storm 3,Githyanki 1,Githzerai 3,Glabrezu 1,Goristro 3,Gray slaad 3,Green slaad 1,Half-celestial storm giant 1,Half-fiend colossal raptor 1,Hamatula 1,Heavenly Believer 3,Hell hound 1,Hellcat 1,Hellish Petitioner 1,Hezrou 3,Hound archon 1,Howler 3,Imp 1,Kyton 3,Lantern archon 1,Larva 1,Lemure 1,Leonal 1,Lillend 1,Mane 3,Marilith 1,Marut 3,Mercane Trader 1,Mezzoloth 3,Mind flayer 5,Movanic Deva 3,Monadic Deva 3,Serra Angel 1,Nalfeshnee 3,Nightmare 1,Nycaloth 1,Osyluth 4,Petitioner 3,Pit fiend 1,Planetar 1,Pseudo-dragon 1,Quasit 3,Red slaad 3,Retriever 3,Solar 1,Spectre 1,Succubus 3,Titan 3,Trumpet archon 3,Ultraloth 1,Uridezu 1,Vampire spawn 1,Vrock 1,Xill 1,Yeth hound


0,_______________________Good or Useful divine spirits (angels) 1,Planetar 1,Solar 1,Monadic Deva 1,Movanic Deva 1,Astral Deva 1,seraph 1,Titan 1,Archon 1,Axiomatic One 1,celestial 1,angel 1,eladrin 1,plane-touched 1,valkyrie 1,guardinal 1,aasimar 1,aspect 1,avatar 1,djinn 1,kami


Events pretty much are generic, and system agnostic, to be interpreted by the dungeon master