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Helper Sub-Charts for Cent.Casting with Egyptoid
Hobbit/Halfling, Elvish, Dwarvish and Humanoid Events.
Abulafia has no variable storage, so you cannot know the race from the chart calling out to these.

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10,Humanoid: [MONSTER_EVENTS]


0,_________ ___________Events which might normally happen to Halflings or Hobbits 0,_________ ___________Ideally worded to be generic on gender, antecedent, and race. 1,In a cluttered storeroom, character finds a mysterious, dust-covered box which contains an odd item and no indication of where it came from. [CC-Gifts-Legacies.RANDOM_THING] 1,Character wins a skill contest at a local fair and gains wide renown for this skill. [Half_Skills] superior skill ranks. 1,Character`s hospitality is strained when strange visitors come, spend the night telling tall tales, leaving at dawn. Yet, they leave something behind. To find the nature of the forgotten item. [CC-Gifts-Legacies.RANDOM_THING] 1,Family business fails and the family must seek a new home. Social Status falls one level. 1,Character stumbles upon a tumbledown mansion in a wood. The ruin contains lost lore, treasure, and a wondrous wine cellar. Yet upon leaving the ruin, they can`t find the way back, and no one believes the stories. 1,Character becomes fat. All Dexterity-related skill rolls are reduced by 2, & Movement minus 5. If Lose weight: CON+2 1,The character gives an extravagant birthday party for self. In order to pay the staggering bill, they must take out a huge loan at unfavorable rates. The loan is still unpaid and the interest due is almost equal to the loan itself. 1,Freeloading relatives move into the characters home and according to custom, the character can neither refuse them nor evict them. 1,your shady uncle came over for the weekend, later you realize he stole your [CC-Gifts-Legacies.RANDOM_THING] off your mantelpiece 1,The character learns the elven language to moderate proficiency. 1,The halfling militia trains the character up to prowess in archery and use of the club. 1,Character deciphered the crazy uncle`s old ciphers. It was an ale recipe, which was awesome. Triple your starting money. 1,Character`s father was commander of the halfling militia. Inherit a full set of leather armor, masterwork crossbow, and platinum short sword. 1,Up in the hills lived ugly humanoids: [BUTT-HOLES], you traded with them, and speak their language. +2 Wisdom. 1,While digging a new cellar, your family disturbed a [BEASTIE]. You now wear a vest and matching belt of that hide. 1,Vile hordes: [BUTT-HOLES]; raided your homeland, and killed your youngest sibling, and worse, your pet [CC-Fantasy-Pets.PET_TYPE] 3,Character`s male relatives joined [crew]; then went and lost [killglory] sadly to [BUTT-HOLES] 1,an officer of the [BUTT-HOLES] got perturbed at your existence, now they are your nemesis: [CC-Rivals.RIVALS] 1,your family could no longer do business in town because of this person: [CC-Crimes.Dastard]


0,___________________________________________Events which might normally happen to Elvish people 3,Forest home ravaged by [CC-Blessings-Curses.MONSTERS] No friends or loved-ones are killed, but it will be centuries before the woodlands are restored to normal. 3,Character is given a magical bow by someone they knows. (Plus:[Dice.1d4], Power: [Artifacts-D20.Imbued], colored [Color.metallic] , crafted from [Odd-Spells.SUBSTANCE] 3,The character is given a special soul tree. As long as the tree survives and thrives, character will gain +1 bonuses to Strength, Con, Wisdom 3,At least one sibling is a half-elf. 3,Character acquires an unusual pet, and it`s usually a natural or fae forest creature of some kind. [CC-Fantasy-Pets.main] 3,Character was found as an adult, possibly 101 years old, sleeping in time-worn clothes in the crook of a giant tree in the woods. Character has no knowledge of true name, true past or actual skills and abilities. {tis like he was born upon waking (Non-elves wake at age 24). Character is cursed with human mortality. He ages as a human. A quest may be necessary to remove the curse from the afflicted elf. 3,Character`s family adopts a young human. They are married with kids now; they live [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.LOCALE_DISTANCE] away. 3,Character gains Rank 5 proficiency skills in storytelling and singing. 3,from an ancient hermit, the character learns 1d3 languages to at least Rank 4 proficiency. 1,The Royal: you think you`re a noble, and you`ve left home having been struck by wanderlust. Stranded in a far away land, you quickly spent your savings and now must lower your standards to survive by adventuring among the filthy common folk. 1,Unwanted Royalty: Your family is rich, and connected, and you`re considered a noble ; but you don`t want that. Maybe your large inheritance would tempt others, but you want adventure. So you`ve left home in seek of it. You tell clever lies to avoid that part of your past. 1,Dad`s Chattel: You`ve always been dealt the short end of the straw. While others were born the child of a wealthy merchant or noble, you were born in a working family. You know little of science and history, but you can fight well enough. So you`ve escaped your family to taste freedom for once. 1,Pale Slave: The worst life imaginable. Your family were murdered by [BUTT-HOLES], and you were taken as a slave. You`ve been forced to fend for your life in horrid and terrifying ways, but you survived. Maybe your evil temperament helped you survive such monstrosities, or perhaps the goodness in your soul was so pure that you found a way to manage yourself in the abyss. Somehow escaped your captors and arrived on the home front. Speak their language. 1,Warrior of Good: You were raised in a clergy or joined a temple at a young age, and worked there for several years, but you`ve struggled with focusing on prayer. While others die on the fields of war, or work in interesting cities, you were stuck there. Eventually you left the clergy to eventually become an adventurer, though you still revere the elvish gods. 1,Elvish Raised: You`ve learned of other races from elvish teachings. You are an elf that was raised in a closed off village, (you use mannerisms used by elves (IE dwarves are "cave dwellers", calling halflings “hole-dwellers” etc.) 1,The Guardian: You didn`t want adventure, but someone you care for really does. So what could you do? You tell them vicarious tales, and they live a good life through you. The more you do, the more they enjoy life. 1,your mother worked non-stop, and with her hobby she made you a [CC-Gifts-Legacies.RANDOM_THING] 1,your mother worked non-stop, and was the perfection of her hobby ([CC-Occupations.CRAFT_B]) 1,your father was much more important in elven politics and magic than you ever imagined, you did not know this as a youth. 1,The awful Truth, you were captured for a few years by [BEASTIE]s, and instead of being eaten like normal, they used you as a monkey, fetching and running errands, because you had thumbs. You finally escaped, and are excellent at dungeoneering and survival, and WIS +3; You can speak with them and they probably won`t attack you. [CC-Enslavement.EVENTS] 1,[BUTT-HOLES] erupted from the earth in your home and you [BATTLE_THEN] 1,half the trees in your village were killed from [BEASTIE] peeing on them. 1,your father is famous in his profession, people have heard of him as far away as [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.LOCALE_DISTANCE] 1,There was an unnatural conflagration, a beloved giant tree of the region burnt up, you rescued some animals from the fire, and you realized that though you were unharmed, you were not unchanged. You began to exhibit unusual abilities that you are just beginning to understand. 3,Character`s male relatives joined [crew]; then went and lost [killglory] sadly to [BUTT-HOLES]


0,___________________________________________events which might normally happen to a Dwarf 1,become a local hero - battle hardened - [BATTLE_THEN] 1,half the settlement was [tenderized] by raiding [BUTT-HOLES] 1,become a local hero - fire fighting and rescue 1,become a local hero - beating up punks harassing females 1,obtained rank (military or govt.) 1,obtained power/nobility 1,slay [Dice.2d3] monsters and [Dice.2d4] other foes - [BATTLE_THEN] 1,fraternize with clan-mates and civilized neighbors 1,Character dreamt often of discovering new sources of grandeur 1,Character dreamt often of inventing or perfecting engineering 1,Character dreamt often of solving legendary mysteries 1,Character dreamt often of solving legendary treasure finding. 1,Character dreamt often of legendarily deep spelunking. 1,Character dreamt often of proving him/herself 1,Character dreamt often of securing the fortress 1,Character dreamt often of swearing the most fantastic oath in this century 1,Character dreamt often of bringing back honor to the clan 1,Character dreamt often of avenging the great loss 1,Character dreamt often of producing a wondrous item 1,Character dreamt often of being a badass {and probably die trying} 1,Character grows to an undwarvish height. 1,Character is barely able to grow a beard. 1,After you escaped from an unnatural smithy`s conflagration, you realized that though you were unharmed, you were not unchanged. You began to exhibit unusual abilities that you are just beginning to understand. 1,Character receives an odd gift from an unnamed source. [CC-Gifts-Legacies.RANDOM_THING] 1,Character is given a magical hammer by someone he knows. (Plus:[Dice.1d4], Power: [Artifacts-D20.Imbued], colored [Color.metallic] , crafted from [Odd-Spells.SUBSTANCE] 1,Character stumbles upon lost dwarvish caverns. The caverns contain much lost dwarf lore, treasure, and wondrous devices. Yet upon leaving the caverns, character bumped head badly, and cannot find the way back, and none believe the stories. 1, A monster [BEASTIE] raid forces the character`s family from their cavern homes and the monsters still occupy the caverns to the present day. Occurred a long time ago. - [BATTLE_THEN] 1,A monster [BEASTIE] raid forces the character`s family from their cavern homes and the monsters still occupy the caverns to the present day. Occurred during the character`s lifetime. [BATTLE_THEN] 1,A [BUTT-HOLES] raid forces the character`s family from their cavern homes and the arch-enemies still occupy the caverns to the present day. Occurred a long time ago. - [BATTLE_THEN] 1,A [BUTT-HOLES] raid forces the character`s family from their cavern homes and the arch-enemies still occupy the caverns to the present day. Occurred during the character`s lifetime. - [BATTLE_THEN] 1,Character`s family adopts a young gnome as an apprentice 1,Character`s family kept a young [BUTT-HOLES] as a slave. You speak their languange and can intimidate them +3 1,Character befriended a [BUTT-HOLES], traditonal arch enemy of dwarves. That was a long time ago. 1,Character befriended an [BUTT-HOLES], traditonal arch enemy of dwarves; because [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.COMPANION_WHY] but is still a trusty travelling companion. Usually in disguise. [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.COMPANION_WHAT] 1,Character discovers a trove of mineral wealth that raises to Wealthy Social Status; However, the newfound wealth is taken away after [Dice.2d4] years by a powerful monster. Social Status then drops [Dice.1d3] levels. 1,The dwarven home guard trains the character to at least Rank 4 skill in war hammer, sword and shield usage. 2,Mom-wanted you to be: [MOM_TABLE]; she`s not that proud of you now. 1,Invasion from [BUTT-HOLES] that resulted in injuries; and serious [BATTLE_THEN] 1,Invasion from [BUTT-HOLES] that resulted in loss of loved ones ; and serious [BATTLE_THEN] 1,Invasion from [BUTT-HOLES] that resulted in loss of social status; and serious [BATTLE_THEN] 1,Invasion from [BUTT-HOLES] that resulted in family gaining social status; and serious [BATTLE_THEN] 1,stealing from [BUTT-HOLES] that resulted in family gaining serious wealth & nobility; and serious [BATTLE_THEN] 1,saw your first Beard Trimming at age 3 1,your little brother hopped in a mining cart for fun, rolled down the shaft, and was not seen again 1,Befriend a [BEASTIE] or some other tunneling denizen, it found you a [CC-Gifts-Legacies.RANDOM_THING] 1,Befriend a [BEASTIE] or some other tunneling denizen. 1,taming a [BEASTIE] as a pet 1,learning to barbecue the [BEASTIE]s that plagued your mines. 1,learned how to skin and field dress [BEASTIE]s 1,Due to using infravision all-the-time, then being accidentally exposed to natural sunlight bomb (surface dweller expedition to The Deeps {they were attempting to eradicate [BUTT-HOLES] haven) makes the dharacter almost blinded to regular light sources and becomes a `cavern guide` to the tourists visiting the underdark. 1,mom prayed fervently for you to be special, and you are. You have infra-vision, ultra-vision, dark-vision, and low-light vision. And she hassles you all the time to use your gifts for the greater good of the dwarven people. 1,Born with physical defect BODY; compensated by local master forge prostheses 1,Depending on how deep underground and how wealthy you were, you might never see wood until you leave home to go adventuring. Almost for sure you would never see trees or sky until then. 1,Trees are super scary. They have natural armor, can grow to colossal size, and have enough limbs to get numerous attacks per turn. 1,Dwarf sees squirrel for first time, does not understand, really. 1,You pulled a family out of a fire at a young age, saving their life. But you were scarred horribly on your face that resulted in your inability to properly grow a beard. You worried you`d be ridiculed, but once on a holiday; the entire community shaved their beard in solidarity. To this day your home is often initially mocked for their less grandiose facial hair than other dwarven communities until they hear the tale of your heroics. 1,At birth you would have been lain upon the clan`s greatest anvil. The clan would laud you as the greatest creation of your parents. Blessings of strength, wisdom, and loyalty will be bestowed and your first cold iron ring given to you by the clan head. (becomes a gold ring if you finish your apprenticeship.) 1,At your coming of age, it is explained to you how the Fore-Father folk came first, but then went back to sleep. It is considered rude to remind the Elves of this fact. 1,Visions from the avatar of the Silverbeard (deity) - he impresses on you the great sorrow he feels because the Mother of all Mountains has infected roots, and it will be your life challenge to remove the [BUTT-HOLES] kingdom that has taken up residence there. 1,Visions from the avatar of the Great-Maker (deity) - he impresses on you the great sorrow he feels because the Mother of all Mountains has infected roots, and it will be your life challenge to remove the [BEASTIE] infestation that has taken up residence there. 1,Many see them as fairy tales, but you have survived [BUTT-HOLES] raids, your brother was taken as a slave a few years back during a mining expedition. There might be an insane asylum for survivors. 3,Your male relatives joined [crew]; then went and lost [killglory] sadly to [BUTT-HOLES] 1,big fight, with [BUTT-HOLES]; and [BATTLE_THEN] 1,as a Dwarf you were wasted on cross-country, Dwarves are natural sprinters, and very dangerous over short distances. 1,Family history: every dwarf, used to be handsome and noble, in spite of big noses, as if painted by the Hildebrandts, but then how the blood must have thinned and everyone became a spiky punk rocker drawn by Blanche in the 80s. 1,no-one talks about crazy uncle Vinlum anymore: he got the berzerker mohawk, swore fealty to the death gods, and lives to slay [BUTT-HOLES]


0,___________________________________________events which might normally happen to a humanoid 1,marauded by [BUTT-HOLES], and then [BATTLE_THEN] 1,Adventurers attack the character`s home, kill [Dice.2d4] family members and steal the family`s [CC-Gifts-Legacies.RANDOM_THING] 1,Character is driven out by home village for being “different.” 1,Character participates in several raids against human-kind in which they slays [Dice.2d3] opponents. Gains at least Rank 4 skill in a natural or cultural weapon. 1,The character has an unmonsterlike craving for fresh fruit vegetables 1,The character is a natural master of an occupation (Rank 6 skill);goes to live peacably among men to practice the profession. [CC-Occupations.BARBARIC_OCCUPATIONS] 1,Character learns all the basic of occupation (Rank 3 skill) and goes to live on the outskirts to practice this job: [CC-Occupations.BARBARIC_SPECIAL] 1,Character receives a [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.U_WEAPONS] from his grandfather (Plus:[Dice.1d4], Power: [Artifacts-D20.Imbued], colored [Color.metallic] , crafted from [Odd-Spells.SUBSTANCE] 1,Character befriends a human. [Fantasy-CC-Traits.OTHER_GROUPS] was of the type of person befriended. 1,Character learns to read and write , and speak [Dice.1d3+1] common human languages at Rank 4 proficiency. 1,Character knows of a great treasure owned by rival monsters of the same species. Character must determine whether or not one would betray their own kind for reward. 1,Character has a natural ability to either appear as a benign humanoid, or to at least effectively disguise the more monstrous aspects of their appearance. 3,Character`s male relatives joined [crew]; then went and lost [killglory] sadly to [BUTT-HOLES] 1,[BUTT-HOLES] attacked the slum you lived in, family had to move to [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.LOCALE_DISTANCE] 1,a senior [BUTT-HOLES] got interested in your life, now they are your nemesis: [CC-Rivals.RIVALS] 1,While foraging, you found a [CC-Gifts-Legacies.RANDOM_THING] 1,Your Grand-dad was a [CC-Adventurers.ADVENTURER_TYPE], taught you much.


0,_______________________skills valued in Hobbit or Halfling culture 1,Cooking 1,Singing 1,Archery 1,Pickling and Canning 1,Ale Brewing 1,Honey & Bees 1,Farming 1,Slinging stones 1,Story-telling 1,Riddle Mastery 1,Speechifying 1,Sheepdog Herding


0,____________________________what might happen after war or skirmish 1,suffered injuries ‎[CC-Tragedies.SERIOUS_WOUNDS] 1,suffered social setback (poorer) 1,everyone you knew was [tenderized] 1,suffered family losses 1,lost,family had to move to [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.LOCALE_DISTANCE] 1,learned magical secrets for fighting this type of foe 1,you and your family helped massively in their defeat and gained social status after the battle. 1,you and your family helped massively in their defeat and gained nobility after the battle. 3,you survived the battle but were almost [tenderized]


0,________________________list of D&D professions Dwarves prefer 4,artisan 2,brewer 1,baker 1,architect 1,mason 2,stone-crafter 1,metal-crafter 1,leatherworker 1,jeweller 1,engraver 1,gold-smith 1,[BUTT-HOLES] slayer 1,[BEASTIE] slayer 1,master weaponsmith 1,siege engineer 1,gem-cutter 1,armor-smith 2,like Grand-dad was a [CC-Adventurers.ADVENTURER_TYPE]


0,________________________list of D&D Humanoids that live mostly underground 1,Orks 1,Stone Giants 1,Goblins 1,Hobgoblins 1,Gremlins 1,Jermlaine 1,Bugbears 1,Kobolds 1,Gnolls 1,Duergar 1,Derro 1,Minotaurs 1,Myconids 1,Drow 1,Dark-Elves 1,Dark Stalkers 1,Ogres 1,Trolls 1,Ghouls 1,Petty-Dwarves; or other loser tribe 1,Morlocks 1,Grimlocks 1,Meenlocks 1,Kuo-Tua 1,Skaven a.k.a. Rat-Men 1,Mind-Flayers


0,________________________list of D&D monsters that live normally underground 1,cave creeper 1,umber hulk 1,cave fisher 1,flumph 1,trapper 1,khargra 1,cave spider 1,cloaker 1,hook horror 1,piercer 1,beholder 1,carrion crawler 1,aboleth 1,deep-spawn


1,beaten in a sack 1,chained to a monolith 1,hung from bridge over chasm 1,clubbed unconscious 1,cooked into stew 1,deboned 1,drowned in excrement 1,firmly tied to a post 1,flayed and roasted alive 1,ground into a pulp 1,hacked to pieces 1,staked down


1,a band of adventurers 1,a bunch of folks who met while drinking at that one tavern 1,a few close childhood friends who dreamt of adventure 1,a military expedition 1,a mob of angry villagers 1,a pack of so-called adventurers 1,a ragtag bunch of misfits 1,a young nobleman seeking glory and his hired retinue 1,an inexperienced crew of delvers 1,an uncouth bunch of murderhobos 1,several other unfortunates who read a posting at that one inn.


1,melee combat 1,toe-to-toe smashing 1,a desperate defense 1,a pitched battle 1,a reckless attack 1,like a blade-dance 1,glorious combat 1,praiseworthy combat 1,song-worthy battle 1,vainglorious battle 1,valorous combat


0,MONSTERS subtable {blessings chart} 0,(♂)-(♀)-for later 0,[CC-Gifts-Legacies.RANDOM_THING] 0,[Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.LOCALE_DISTANCE] 1,zzzzzz