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Egyptoid's Table of Nobilities
- First half is just titles weighted by rank / rarity
- Second half is equally random noble titles
- Third half is random noble titles including brief description

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10,[NOBLE-RANK], cousin of [NOBLE-LIST], related to: [NOBLE-TEXT]


0,______________________________ Mostly Europe oriented for ease of use. 0,______________________________ Egyptoid's Cent.Casting Attempt. 0,______________________________ Other Nobility tables exist on Abulafia 1,Emperor (Empress) 2,High King 4,King (Queen) 8,Archduke (Archduchess) 16,Prince Royal (Princess Royal) 24,Palatine 32,Prince (Princess) 40,Prince-Elector 48,Crown Prince / Crown Princess 56,Foreign Prince 64,Prince du Sang 72,Infante / Infanta 80,Dauphin / Dauphine 88,Duke (Duchess) 96,Marquis (Marquese) 99,Margrave 101,Castellan 111,Chieftain 122,Viscount (Viscountess) 133,Jarl / Eorl 144,Subchieftain 155,Count (Countess) 166,Earl / Earline 177,Baron (Baroness) 188,Baronet (Baroness) 199,Knight ("Sir” / “Lady") 101,Hetman (Hetwoman} 101,Thane / Alderman 101,Ridder / Chevalier 199,Lady / Lord 199,Esquire / Laird


1,Emperor (Empress) Rules over other kings and princes. 1,High King Rules over lesser kings, often an elected position. < Common in Barbarian Cultures. 1,King (Queen) Ruler who is the supreme authority in his land. A king normally owes fealty to no other. 1,Khan Powerful nomad. Rules a great tribe or tribal federation. 1,Archduke (Archduchess) Royal duke, possibly next in line for the throne, always a sibling of a king. 1,Prince Royal (Princess Royal) Direct Child of a king or an emperor, and of his Queen or Empress. 1,Duke (Duchess) Rules over one or more marquises. 1,Marquis (Marquese) Rules over one or more viscounts. 1,Margrave Duke or Prince: but rules a border province, and therefore must have more soldiers, and do more to defend the home country 1,Chieftain Tribal leader, usually leads a single tribe. 1,Viscount (Viscountess) Rules over one or more counts. 1,Jarl or Eorl Barbarian equivalent of a marquis, count or baron. May be hereditary, but often appointed. 1,Subchieftain A tribal chieftain 's lieutenant. 1,Count or Earl (Countess or Earline)- Rules over barons. 1,Baron (Baroness) Rules a barony, smallest sized fiefdom. 1,Baronet (Baroness) Below a baron, given to commoners. 1,Palatine Count who rules the area around the capitol region, may do regent duties when king is at war. 1,Prince (Princess) Child of a Noble. Also may be the ruler of a Principality in which case he is equal to a king. 1,Knight ("Sir or “Lady") An earned title which cannot be inherited. Usually granted by a king. 1,Castellan appointed ruler of a small region, usually one with a castle and a large prison. 1,Hetman (Hetwoman} A village leader. 1,Thane / Alderman rules a city 1,Prince-Elector descendants of previous kings who still have political power, though they are not in line for throne directly themselves. 1,Crown prince / Crown Princess A Crown Prince will assume the throne. Slightly higher rank than other siblings. 1,Foreign Prince child of the ruler of a colonial region. 1,Prince du Sang direct line descendant of a king or queen {usually not those on throne currently} 1,Infante / Infanta youngest child of the king. 1,Dauphin / Dauphine heir apparent, often practicing to be king by managing a province. (like being an assistant manager before you get your own store) 1,Ridder / Chevalier earned title from a nation where horsemanship is highly valued. 1,Lady / Lord various kind of lower Nobility. May rule a region, township, state, city, or just one valley. 1,Esquire / Laird Rules 1 to 5 estates.


1,Emperor 1,Empress 1,High King 1,King 1,Queen 1,Archduke 1,Archduchess 1,Prince Royal 1,Princess Royal 1,Palatine 1,Prince 1,Princess 1,Prince-Elector 1,Crown Prince 1,Crown Princess 1,Foreign Prince 1,Prince du Sang 1,Infante 1,Infanta 1,Dauphin 1,Dauphine 1,Duke 1,Duchess 1,Marquis 1,Marquese 1,Margrave 1,Castellan 1,Chieftain 1,Viscount 1,Viscountess 1,Jarl 1,Eorl 1,Subchieftain 1,Count 1,Countess 1,Earl 1,Earline 1,Baron 1,Baroness) 1,Baronet 1,Baroness 1,Knight 1,”Sir” 1,“Lady” 1,Hetman 1,Thane 1,Alderman 1,Ridder 1,Chevalier 1,Lady 1,Lord 1,Esquire 1,Laird