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Inheritances, Wills, and Deaths of Parents and Relatives : Helper generator for Egyptoid`s version of Cent.Casting

<sgdisplay iterations="1">

[ELDER-F] [Fem-Elder] passed away. Will means [INHERITANCE].

[ELDER-M] [Man-Elder] just died. Inheritance will be [INHERITANCE].

[ELDER-F] [Fem-Elder] has expired. Last will was [INHERITANCE].

[ELDER-M] [Man-Elder] died last week. Finally inheriting : [INHERITANCE].




1,Loved one dies: Character inherited [INHERITANCE]; and then [OTHER_DEATH_EVENTS]


3,receives [Dice.2D8] * starting money in gold. 3,receives [Dice.2D20] * starting money paid in [Utility.Jewels] 1,estate is liquidated for debts, [CC-Gifts-Legacies.DEBTS]; leaving character in arrears. 1,estate is liquidated for debts, [CC-Gifts-Legacies.DEBTS]; family pays, character gets [Dice.3d8] g.p. 1,nothing included. Last will condemns character's lifestyle 1,receives a map, key, and strange gift; [CC-Gifts-Legacies.GIFTS_AND_LEGACIES] 1,heir to the estate 3,-- conditional (heir to the estate must [ESTATE_CONDITIONS]).


1,nothing unusual 1,awful times: [OTHER_DEATH_EVENTS]; and then: [OTHER_DEATH_EVENTS] 2,papers found reveal a secret: [SECRET_OF_THE_PAPERS] 1,grave is empty: [GRAVE_EMPTY] 1,surviving spouse remarries in [Dice.2d3] years 1,surviving spouse remarries [Dice.2d20]days later ! 1,close friend confides that he believes loved one was murdered. 1,surviving spouse blames character for death: [DEATH_SITUATIONS] 1,when tries to collect inheritance, already taken by relative: [CC-Fantasy-Lives.OTHER_RELATION] 1,loved one's ghost appears to character and demands injustice be righted 1,journal reveals hints of treasure 1,mysterious stranger offers to buy effects for much more than they could be worth: [Dice.1d4],[Dice.2d4][Dice.1d8]5 g.p. 1,spell book found 1,charismatic but evil stranger claims the estate; legal battle ongoing 1,siblings fight over inheritance 1,loved one was declared dead, but may be merely missing... 1,loved one was simulacrum; real one is missing 1,loved one has become undead 1,the awful truth about a nearby cult is revealed


1,nothing further; no explanations though. 2,casket empty, but full of papers - secret: [SECRET_OF_THE_PAPERS] 1,empty grave appears to be a monster nest. 1,empty casket rattles, only a single [Dice.2d6][Dice.2d6]5 g.p. [Utility.Jewels] rolling around in it. 1,no casket, instead there is a skeleton of a [] 1,instead of the casket, is a strongbox filled with high quality weapons and armor. 1,the deceased has obviously become an undead, and gone away 1,horrible things happen [‎CC-Blessings-Curses.HORROR], and [OTHER_DEATH_EVENTS] 1,no casket, just a lockbox containing 777 g.p. the book: [ArcaneBooks.main] 1,the body was stolen by: [CC-Villains.main] 1,just a thank-you note from an awful NPC: [CC-Crimes.Dastard]


3,no appreciable remaining debt 1,owes [Dice.1D100] * starting money 1,owes [Dice.2D12] * starting money 1,owes [Dice.2D20] * starting money; must be paid in pure electrum 1,owes [Dice.2D20] * starting money; must be paid in pure platinum


1,marry well and produce an heir 1,change lifestyle (steady job) 1,change lifestyle (community involvement) 1,perform quest 1,perform task 1,must donate 90% of wealth to charity 1,must assassinate a corrupt local nobleman. 1,must embarrass or other-wise ruin a corrupt local nobleman. 1,protect worshippers of [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES] 1,champion the poor 1,champion the weak 1,champion the downtrodden 1,ensure surviving mothers and grandmothers are extremely well provided-for. 1,perform a specific act of revenge 1,make amends for some real wrong-doing 1,make amends for some perceived wrong-doing 1,sadly the estate has been foreclosed by: [CC-Villains.main]


1,rough draft of the book: [ArcaneBooks.main] 1,actual last will and testament of the wealthy great-granduncle. 1,loved one was secretly an exiled noble 1,loved one was a bastard step-child from the wrong side of the family. 1,evidence that proves the genealogy goes back to the [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES] 1,loved one was a powerful wizard 1,loved one was bastard of former ruler 1,loved one was a monster who could assume human form: [CC-Blessings-Curses.MONSTERS] 1,secretly, the loved one was errand runner for: [CC-Villains.main] 1,secretly, the loved one was errand runner for: [CC-Crimes.Dastard]


1,accident 1,premeditated, violent murder 1,killed in a fit of blind passion 1,assassination 1,died in duel 1,poisoned (perhaps accidentally) 2,killed during commission of a crime[CC-Crimes.CRIMES] 1,killed in self-defense 1,driven to suicide 1,snuffed out of the way by: [CC-Villains.main] 1,driven insance, then died 1,dies of starvation 2,sacrificed his life [SACRIFICE_LIFE] 1,died in prison 1,tortured to death 1,sold into slavery, then died 1,died of disease 1,friends of victim seek killer [CC-Rivals.RIVALS] 1,victim's spirit haunts person responsible 2,curses person responsible--([CC-Blessings-Curses.CURSES]) then [DEATH_SITUATIONS].


3,to save character 2,to save relative 1,to fulfill a debt of honor 1,to save [‎‎‎Fantasy-CC-Traits.OTHER_PEOPLE] 2,to save [CC-Fantasy-Lives.OTHER_RELATION] 2,to save [CC-Fantasy-Lives.RELATIVES]


1,Great Aunt 1,Aunt 1,Grandmother 1,Great Grandma 1,2nd Cousin 1,Step-Mother


1,Great-Grandfather 1,Grunkle 1,Grandpa 1,Godfather 1,Grandad 1,Granfather 1,Great-Uncle 1,2nd Cousin 1,Uncle


1,[SGNP german.maleall] 1,[SGNP danish.male1] 1,[SGNP psuedo-english.male] 1,[SGNP venerian.male] 1,[Germanic Tribe.first][Germanic Tribe.middle][Germanic Tribe.last] 1,[Wizard Names.first][Wizard Names.middle][Wizard Names.last]


1,[SGNP venerian.female] 1,[SGNP danish.female1] 1,[SGNP englishy.begin][SGNP englishy.mid][SGNP englishy.end] 1,[Germanic Tribe.first][Germanic Tribe.middle]rena 1,[Wizard Names.first][Wizard Names.middle]rina