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Helper generator for Egyptoid's Cent.Casting

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[GIFTS_AND_LEGACIES]



3,weapon--[GIFT_WEAPON] 1,young ward--[Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.COMPANIONS] 1,unusual pet--[CC-Fantasy-Pets.UNUSUAL_PETS] 3,piece of jewelry--[GIFT_JEWELRY] 1,tapestry 1,anachronistic device 1,key 1,locked or sealed book 3,shield 1,sealed bottle 1,helmet 1,staff 1,riding animal 1,deed to property--[GIFT_PROPERTY] 1,musical instrument 3,item of clothing--[GIFT_CLOTHING] 1,sheaf of papers--[GIFT_PAPERS] 1,sealed trunk 2,armor 1,extraplanar gem 1,magic [GIFT_WEAPON] 7,[RANDOM_THING] 3,an expensive looking [GIFTS_AND_LEGACIES] 1,a truly magical [GIFTS_AND_LEGACIES]


1,ornate dagger 1,ornate sword 1,plain sword 1,mace 1,flail 1,ornate spear 1,bow 1,ornate battle-axe 1,crossbow 1,poignard 1,exotic weapon 1,anachronistic weapon 1,ornate battle-axe 1,magical [GIFT_WEAPON]


1,amulet 1,necklace 1,circlet 1,ankle bracelet 1,earrings 1,tiara 1,torc 1,arm band 2,ring 1,brooch 1,bejeweled [GIFT_WEAPON] more valuable than it appears;


1,apartment building 1,low-quality urban dwellings 1,ancient fortress 1,country manor 1,tract of jungle 1,old restaurant 1,old tavern 1,mill 1,theater 1,ancient ruins 1,an island 1,abandoned mine 1,ancient house 1,swampland 1,farm 1,small keep 1,mountain 1,mysterious forest 1,old temple 1,big church 1,inn 1,hostel 1,deed to [GIFT_PROPERTY], at [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.LOCALE_DISTANCE] ; property is far away;


1,hat 1,shoes 1,belt 1,cape 1,tunic 1,pants 1,stockings 1,hose 1,robe 1,boots 1,wig 1,coat 1,military uniform 1,dress 1,gown 1,vestments 1,toga 1,gloves 1,magical [GIFT_CLOTHING]


1,ancestor's letter to descendants 1,map 1,excellent family recipes 1,alchemical formulas 1,detective work on conspiracy theories 1,undelivered letter 1,diagrams for mysterious invention 1,scroll of [Dice.2d4] normal spells 1,scroll of [Odd-Spells.SPELLED] & [Odd-Spells.SPELLED] & [Odd-Spells.SPELLED] 1,wild story of true adventure 1,last will & testament (character is an heir) 1,treasure map 1,true family history 1,Draconic [GIFT_PAPERS] 1,detailed formula and blueprints for making a [RANDOM_THING] 1,the awful truth about this person in town: [CC-Crimes.Dastard]


0,______________________ _________________________________UTILITY CALLS 2,magical [Color.main] colored [Utility.Chitin] [Armor.ArmorMediumUnusual] 2,magical [Color.main] colored [Utility.Fur] [Enchanted] 2,magical [Color.main] colored [Enchanted Items.slaying] detecting broach-pin. 2,the [Color.main] colored [Enchanted Sword.HiltedSwordType] of [Enchanted Items.slaying] slaying 2,the [Color.main] colored [Enchanted Sword.Legendary] [Enchanted Sword.HiltedSwordType] - [Enchanted Sword.ofLegend] 2,worn copy of [ArcaneBooks.main] 2,[Color.main] colored [Jewelry.StartItemOnly] that does [PDD magic item.minor power] 2,[Enchanted Items.main] 2,lock of hair from your grandmother, the [ArcaneBooks.ArcaneProfession] 2,stylish [Enchanted] of [Color.main] colored [Utility.Chitin] shell trimmed with [Utility.Fur] fur

</sgtable> from your boy Egyptoid