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SLAVE NOTES sub-chart for Cent.Casting, reworked by Egyptoid


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10,The owner was [OWNER]   Enslaved worked as:[OCCUPATION]   Slavery lasted: [DURATION]  
Freedom came when:[FREEDOM]   ; Social Status became: [SOC_STAT]   Work side-effects were [SKILL-FX]  
Rehomed?: [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.LOCALE_DISTANCE]     Events during Enslavement: [EVENTS]  


5,[RACE] ,   [GENDER] , [ADJECT] ,     [CC-Occupations.ADVENTURER_PROFESSION]. 5,[RACE] ,   [GENDER] , [ADJECT] ,     Wealthy [OCCUPATION]. 5,[RACE] ,   [GENDER] , [ADJECT] ,     Boss of [CRIME] gang. 5,[RACE] ,   [GENDER] , [ADJECT] ,     Fantasy Guild.main. 5,[RACE] ,   [GENDER] , [ADJECT] ,     [NOBLE]. 5,[RACE] ,   [GENDER] , [ADJECT] ,     [CC-Occupations.MERCHANTS]. 2,[MONSTER] ,  [GENDER] , [ADJECT] ,    [CRAZY]. 5,[MONSTER] ,  [GENDER] , [ADJECT] ,   5,[RACE] ,   [GENDER] ,  [CRAZY] ; [ADJECT],  . 1,Avatar of [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES] , [ADJECT]. 1,Cruel Teacher from School you Hated; [ADJECT]. 1,[GENDER] Guild-Master of [CC-Occupations.MIDDLE_CLASS] ; [ADJECT]   1,[GENDER] Breeder of [Beasts.main] ; [ADJECT]   1,a real treasure to the community: [CC-Crimes.Dastard]


60,Lady 69,Gentleman 2,Eunuch 2,Non-Gendered


3,Landed Gentry 3,Lord/Lady 3,Sir/Madame 3,Upper Class 3,Upper Crust 3,Duke/Duchess 3,Baron/Baroness 3,Earl/Earline 3,Chieftain 3,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishArmyOfficer] 3,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishSpecialReligiousProtestantMaleChurchofEngland] 3,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishRoyaltyMale] 3,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishSpecialMale]


2,Paranoid 2,Geriatric 2,Senile 2,Delusional 2,Dipsomaniac 3,Miserly 4,Drug-Smoker 3,Alchoholic 1,Racist who said junk like: [CC-So-Racial.LOC_RACIST] 2,Crotchety 3,[CC-Blessings-Curses.DARKSIDE] 3,[CC-Blessings-Curses.DARKSIDE] and [CC-Blessings-Curses.NEUTRAL] 3,[CC-Blessings-Curses.NEUTRAL] 3,[Fantasy-CC-Traits.EXOTIC_PERSONALITY_TRAITS]


5,Uruk-Hai 5,Hobgoblin 3,Dark Elf 3,Janni 3,High-Intelligence [Astonishing Tales Creatures.inspiration] 1,Cult Leader 5,[Fantasy Male Military Hero.HumanRacialEnemies] 5,[CC-Race-Events.BUTT-HOLES] 5,[Weird Monster NPCs.WeirdoNPC]


3,(Same Race as Character) 3,(Unpopular human Culture, like [CC-Fantasy-Lives.BACKGROUND]) 3,[FRUtility.LanguageElvishDialect] 3,[Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.SENTIENT] 3,[Fantasy Male Military Hero.HumanRacialEnemies] 2,[Master-Magic.Racial]


3,Hard-nosed 3,Stingy 1,Exceptional 3,Frugal 3,Business-oriented 3,Miserly 3,Fair-minded 2,Racist who said junk like: [CC-So-Racial.LOC_RACIST] 3,[Random Noble.personality] 3,Austere 4,[Quirk.main] 3,[Quirk.Physical] & [Quirk.Mental] 3,[Quirk.Physical] & [Quirk.Emotional] 3,[Quirk.Mental] & [Quirk.Emotional] 3,[CC-Occupations.OCCUPATION_PERFORMANCE]


5,Job Already Known that character already knows. 5,Race-Appropriate Job (like mining for dwarf) 5,Culture-Appropriate Job (like herding for nomads) 5,Tinker 3,Butler 5,Soldier 5,Assistant 5,Clerk 3,Servant 5,Farm Hand 3,Cheese-Maker 3,Gladiator 5,Coal Miner 2,Professional Miscreant ( [CRIME] ) 6,[Mining Vein.Product] Miner 9,[CC-Occupations.NOMADIC_OCCUPATIONS] 9,[CC-Occupations.LOWER_CLASS] 9,[CC-Occupations.BARBARIC_OCCUPATIONS] 9,[CC-Occupations.MIDDLE_CLASS] 5,[CC-Occupations.UPPER_CLASS] 5,[CC-Occupations.CIVIL_SPECIAL] 3,[CC-Occupations.ADVENTURER_PROFESSION] 3,[CC-Occupations.GOVERNMENT_JOBS] 5,[CC-Occupations.CRAFTS_A] 5,[CC-Occupations.CRAFTS_B] 5,[CC-Occupations.CRAFTS_C] 5,[CC-Occupations.MERCHANTS] 5,[CC-Occupations.RELIGIOUS]


1,petty theft ; 3,organized guild thievery ; 1,organized crime, racketeering ; 3,gang of [CRIME] miscreants 3,piracy ; 1,banditry ; 1,slave-trading ; 1,trafficking ; 1,drug trade ; 2,black magic ; 2,scamming ; 1,armed robbery ; 1,burglary ; 1,fraud or con ; 1,kidnapping ; 1,murder for hire; 1,picking pockets ; 1,grand theft chariot 1,racketeering ; 1,thuggery ; 1,debt collection ; 1,piracy 1,petty theft ; 1,smuggling 1,contraband 1,selling illegal goods ; 1,linked crimes; [CRIMES] and [CRIMES] ; 1,banditry ; 1,slave-trading ; 1,trafficking ; 1,drug trade ; 1,black magic ; 1,poaching ; 1,horse theft ; 1,livestock rustling ; 1,trying to interbreed [RACE] with [RACE]


5,[Dice.2d12] months 4,[Dice.2d4] years 3,[Dice.2d6] years 2,[Dice.2d8] years 1,[Dice.2d10] years 1,[Dice.2d12] years


4,Best friend bought back. 4,King declared amnesty. 4,Queen declared emancipation. 4,Priests bought for temple labor, freed after 90 days. 4,Senior surgeon bought as orderly, freed after 90 days. 4,Another guild-master bought you for a particular task, freed after 90 days. 4,Slave Owner's estate was ravaged by [CC-Race-Events.BUTT-HOLES] 4,Slave Owner lost a bet with a kind noble lady. 3,Slave Owning Family was killed. [CC-Legacy-Situations.DEATH_SITUATIONS] 3,An alchemist bought you for an experiment, freed after 90 days.


9,Dropped to Destitute. 8,Dropped to Poor. 7,Dropped down 1 step. 6,Dropped down 2 steps. 5,Somehow stayed same. 4,Dropped to Low-Class 3,Floated to Middle-Class 2,Became Upper Middle Class by scrimping and saving. 1,Surprisingly rose a step. 1,Miraculously rose 2 steps. 5,Character can rejoin family, regain old social status.


1,eroded by Hard Exhaustion: all physical skills -1; 4,focused: That Job skill is +2; 4,honed. All work-related or professional skills are +1; 4,useful. All knowledge, professional and work-related skills are +1; 4,necessary. Hard Knock Life: +2 WIS; 4,critical. One Step Ahead: +2 DEX; 4,in this period you call the Toughening CON +2; 4,unrewarded, but your mind was still free: INT +2; 1,rewarded: +1 skill point per year of enslavement.


1,A poorly planned escape attempt fails. Character is branded: [B-COLOR]; on [Fantasy-CC-Traits.BODY_LOCATIONS] - shape: [Fantasy-CC-Traits.BIRTHMARKS] 1,An exotic event happens on the estate. the DM will decide how this set you free: [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.EXOTIC_EVENTS] 1,Another slave remains with the character as a Companion. [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.COMPANIONS] 1,Character becomes a bedroom plaything of the owner (or their spouse); and has few other duties. Character gains Rank 4 skill at the skill of seduction (or something similar), but drops one Rank in all other occupational skills 1,Character is branded. & the brand is smallish may be mistaken for blemish unless inspected closely. [B-COLOR]; on [Fantasy-CC-Traits.BODY_LOCATIONS] - shape: [Fantasy-CC-Traits.BIRTHMARKS] 1,Character is healthy, & if older than 13, character is used as slave breeding stock. Male characters will father ~[Dice.2d6] children each year of captivity. (Female characters will give birth to one child each year of captivity. At player's discretion, determine the gender and eventual fate of these children. Medieval times were ugly. 1,Character is promoted to a position of authority among the slaves. 1,Character is resold [Dice.1d4+1] times during a bad economic year. Side effects were [SKILL-FX]; Latest owner is [ADJECT],  [RACE],   [GENDER] 1,Character learns an additional occupation at Rank 1 skill. Select occupation appropriate to the owner's current Business/Culture/Race. 1,Character participates in a slave revolt. But, nothing happened except a lot of yelling. 1,Character participates in a slave revolt. Character led it. and [SUCCESS] 1,Character participates in a slave revolt. Someone else led this. and [SUCCESS] 1,Character participates in a slave revolt. Success, now [Dice.1d4+1] former slaves follow the character and call them boss. 1,Character saves the owner's life. Out of gratitude, the owner frees the character and gives the character a parting gift. [CC-Gifts-Legacies.GIFTS_AND_LEGACIES] 1,Character was often severely beaten by owner's guards. 1,Owner decides to free the character: at end of the enslavement, & owner becomes the character's patron. [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.IN_THE_SERVICE_OF] 1,Owner decides to free the character: at end of the enslavement, & owner tags along: [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.COMPANION_WHY] ; [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.COMPANION_WHAT] 2,Owner decides to free the character: at end of the enslavement, good riddance, so say we all. 1,Owner decides to free the character: at end of the enslavement, the character and the owner become good friends. 1,Owner dies, will frees the character and names them as an heir. The character assumes control of many of the owner's possessions, lands, wealth and other slaves. Disposition of all this lies with the PC. 1,Owner dies, will frees the character and names them as an heir. The character assumes control of many of the owner's possessions, lands, wealth and other slaves. Ongoing legal battle: owner's family seeks to have the will voided and the character enslaved again. 1,Owner dies, all of their slaves pass on to one of the relatives: [ADJECT],   [GENDER],  Wealthy [OCCUPATION]. 1,Owner dies, character accused of killing them. Cause of death was: [CC-Legacy-Situations. DEATH_SITUATIONS]. Character escapes the sham trial, but must live knowing that death-sentence is still out for that region of the world. 1,Owner dies, character is freed due to an accounting and guard error. 1,Owner dies, character sold to new owner: [RACE],  [GENDER],   [NOBLE]. 1,Owner dies, the will states that ALL their possessions be interred in the grave. The character escapes this gruesome ceremony. 1,Something odd happened to your master: [NPC-Events-CC] - and during the confusion, you escaped: 1,The character escaped & stole an item of value during the caper. Owner (or heirs) desperately want the item back. Item: [CC-Gifts-Legacies.GIFTS_AND_LEGACIES] 1,The character escaped: A family member of Owner is secretly in love with the character (wants what is best for the beloved) and without the character's knowledge they engineered the caper. 1,The character escaped: The [CC-Fantasy-Lives.RELATIVES] of the owner aided slaves in their escape. Character ended up killing owner during the escape. If caught, both their lives will be forfeit. 1,The character escaped: [Dice.2d4] slaves accompanied the character. 1,The character escaped: government pays a bounty of 350 gold pieces on escaped slaves. 1,The character escaped: reward of 750 gold pieces is still offered. 1,The character is reunited with his or her relatives, including those that may have been enslaved also. 1,The owner dies and his or her will specifies that all slaves are to be freed and that his or her estates are to be divided amongst them. = 1250 gp. 1,The ruler of the land declares slavery illegal. All slaves are freed and given 50 acres and 2 donkeys as reparation by their owners. 1,The ruler of the land declares slavery illegal. All slaves are freed and given 75 gold pieces as a partial reparation by their owners. 1,Through careful saving, character is able to buy freedom. Because of needing money to live, they remain as an employee of the owner for [Dice.2d4] more months. 1,Unable to find work in his or her chosen profession (freed slaves are not popular), the character enlists in the military. [CC-Military.main] 1,character is the owner's favorite, & becomes senior slave in the household. Many hate the character for this and one becomes a Rival. [CC-Rivals.RIVAL_WHY] and so [CC-Rivals.RIVAL_WHAT] about it. Notes: [RACE],  [GENDER] 1,good working improves his occupation related skill by [Dice.1d4+1] Ranks. 1.The owner converts to a religion that abhors slavery and sets all slaves free along with a small cash payment (Dice.2d12]0 gold coins of the realm). 2,Not bad for slave labor. 2,Worked to exhaustion 3,Wow! [EVENTS] and then later: [EVENTS] 3,Actually rewarded for good labor. = 250 gp. 3,Hard work, but nurtured by priestess of [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES] 3,Often left unsupervised. 3,Owner was [D-OWNER] 3,Strangely nice working conditions. 3,Treated like animals. 3,Treated like family. 3,slaves did [CRIME] after work. Bounty still on head. 2;and really beaten: [CC-Tragedies.SERIOUS_WOUNDS]


0,________________________________________SUB CHARTS ___________________________________ 2,Spectacular Success. Owner got angry, but all Escaped. 3,Success. some escaped, but some friends still in chains, and owner [D-OWNER] 4,Failure. some escaped, but character & some friends still in chains, and owner [D-OWNER] 4,Spectacular Failure. none escaped, and owner [D-OWNER] 5,Mixed result. Character Escaped, but was recaptured by bounty hunters after [Dice.1d4+1] weeks of freedom. 4,Abysmal failure, every slave died except character, and owner [D-OWNER]. 2,revolting failure, the character is tortured and receives a serious, permanent injury. [CC-Tragedies.SERIOUS_WOUNDS] 1,moderate success, character escapes with a major head wound [CC-Tragedies.HEAD_INJURY] 2,Character is recaptured and branded. Scar is large and unmistakeable a slave brand. [B-COLOR]; on [Fantasy-CC-Traits.BODY_LOCATIONS] - shape: [Fantasy-CC-Traits.BIRTHMARKS] 1,murphy's law: you escaped but were recaptured by … [CC-Crimes.Dastard]


1,was killed accidentally. 1,got murdered. Death Warrant. 1,got angry. 1,got sick of these slaves, sold them all to [CC-Race-Events.BUTT-HOLES] company of [Mining Vein.Product] miners. 1,got so angry they had a stroke, and the slave's lives were much easier for the last [Dice.1d4+1] months till the owner died.


1,blackish 1,brownish 1,pink 1,tawny 1,beige 1,mocha 1,pale 1,reddish 1,faded 1,yellowish 1,tanned


massive rewrite of Cent.Casting's gigantic slaving table.