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CRIMINAL or PIRACY event generator; Helper table for Egyptoid's Cent.Casting

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[Underworld-Main]





5,[Under-Main] 5,[Pira-Main]


5,The [TYPE_OF_CRIME] . . was committed because of [REASON_FOR_CRIME] . . During the capers the criminal [CRIME_EVENTS].


5,Piracy! the . [PIRACIES] . started because of . [REASON_FOR_CRIME] . and at sea there were . [PIRACY_EVENTS] .


1,petty theft 3,organized guild thievery 1,organized crime, racketeering 1,independent crime, [CRIMES] 1,river piracy 3,ocean piracy 1,banditry 1,`protection` rackets 1,guild prostitution 1,human-trafficking 1,slave-trading 1,hedge wizardry selling illegal sorceries 1,shady potions and snake-oils 1,trafficking 1,drug trade 2,black magic 2,scamming


1,apostasy 1,armed robbery 1,blackmailing 1,burglary 1,coin clipping 1,fraud 1,running a con 1,heresy 1,kidnapping 1,murder 1,picking pockets 1,racketeering 1,offending a noble 1,thuggery 1,trespassing 1,treason 1,murder-for-hire 1,debt 1,member of losing political faction 1,piracy [PIRACIES] 1,harboring criminals 1,petty theft 1,smuggling 1,selling illegal good 1,vagrancy 1,violate taboo 1,[ANIMAL_CRIMES] 1,linked crimes: [CRIMES] and [CRIMES] 1,[CRIME_SPECIAL] 1,banditry 1,slave-trading 1,trafficking 1,drug trade 1,black magic 1,scamming


1,poaching 1,horse theft 1,livestock rustling 1,killing livestock 1,cattle mutilation


2,need for money to pay debts 1,peer pressure 1,a pathological urge 1,a desire defy authority 1,wanted to impress your rebellious lover 1,desire to punish someone for perceived misdeeds 2,desire to live the high-life 1,fell in with the wrong crowd 1,lack of sense {Minus 2 Wisdom} 1,thrill-seeking 1,owed money to a pirate captain 1,owed money to a guild master 1,wanting to wield power 1,being blackmailed by a threat to loved ones 1,admired pirates and rogues as a child 1,sadly you were drafted by : [CC-Villains.main] 5,machinations of [Dastard]


1,joined a gang 1,joined a gang and worked way up to leading it 1,was jailed for a few days in sweep of streets 1,was seriously wounded in fight. The wound was [Fantasy Tragedies.SERIOUS_WOUNDS] 1,automatically was suspected of many crimes because of appearance/background 1,became an informant 1,became an informant and largely loved by the local constabulary 1,participated in large theft, but compatriots vanished with the loot 1,was blamed for a gang-boss being accidentally slain 1,was imprisoned for [CRIMES] 1,acquired proficiency as a thief 1,went straight, but is remembered by underworld 1,stole an item holy to [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES] 1,developed extensive underworld contacts 1,crime sponsors were heretics of [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES] 1,learned sewers and hidden passageways of home-town 1,learned secret passaged in local noble's home/castle 1,stole an accursed [CC-Gifts-Legacies.GIFTS_AND_LEGACIES]. The curse is [CC-Blessings-Curses.CURSES]. 1,a crime-lord becomes character's patron 1,character's criminal friend were being killed off horribly and mysteriously 1,discovered popular local official was actually a crime boss 1,improved thieving skills 1,stole valuable item and hid it until now 1,became leader of a gang/bandit chief/pirate captain 1,actually `helped` the town by killing a [Dastard]


1,knows where pirate captain buried his treasure 1,all the other crew are captured or dead; increase starting cash by [Dice.2d4] times 1,learned excellent sailing & sea skills 1,kept losing crew in bar-fights 1,actually killed a kraken, but lost all but [Dice.2d6] of the crew doing it. 1,stole a book ; [ArcaneBooks.main] ; from the arch-mages guild 1,lost a bunch of crew at various island festivals 1,trespassed on an island holy to [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES] 1,stole a captain's accursed [CC-Gifts-Legacies.GIFTS_AND_LEGACIES]. The curse is [CC-Blessings-Curses.CURSES]. 1,crew mutinied and this person was elected captain 1,kept losing crew to curses of davy jones 1,foolishly fell in love with a pirate captain ; then [CC-Love-Romance.ROMANTIC_EVENTS] 1,discovered a mysterious temple on deserted island. Fell victim to a curse ([CC-Blessings-Curses.CURSES]). 1,mastered use of cutlass or other pirate favorite 1,crew kept becoming undead 1,your favorite treasure item got swallowed by a mother whale, then she dived... 1,successful raid gave a large treasure; increase starting cash by [Dice.2d4] times 1,the pirate captain was cruel and was known for [Fantasy-CC-Traits.EXOTIC_PERSONALITY_TRAITS] 1,became widely travelled and fluent in [Dice.1D6+1] languages 1,became a pirate officer and learned the locations of many rival pirates fortresses 1,character's crew were being killed off or drown horribly and mysteriously 1,execution scheduled, rescued at last minute by your mates 1,kept docking in the same port, and that captain became a rival: [CC-Rivals.RIVALS] 1,[Pirate Oracle Maker.main] 1,hijacked a ship, and kidnapped this passenger: [Dastard]


1,rum-running 1,weapons smuggling 1,drug smuggling 3,brigandage 1,marque & reprisal 1,kidnaps & transports 3,sea-borne adventures 1,illegal whaling 1,cargo ransoms 1,crew ransoms 1,oceanic espionage


6,Framed for [CRIMES] 2,Branded for [CRIMES] 1,Tortured for [CRIMES] 1,Another was convicted instead for [CRIMES] 1,execution scheduled, rescued at last minute by your squad 1,execution scheduled, but you escaped in the chaos of pirate ships bombarding the city 1,execution scheduled, rescued by an evil outsider, and he required an evil favor done.


1,Bard who loves a scandal enough to spark one 1,Childhood rival or member of a rival clan 1,Corrupt official paranoid that crimes will be revealed 1,Deadly foe disguised as a social rival 1,Exiled noble looking for revenge 1,Fiend seeking to tempt the characters to evil 1,High priest who worries the characters are diminishing the temple’s prestige 1,Merchant who blames the characters for any business woes 1,Newcomer out to make a mark on the world 1,Official seeking to restore a tarnished reputation 1,Political opportunist seeking a scapegoat 1,Politician who is concerned that the characters are causing more trouble than they solve 1,Rival adventuring party 1,Scorned sibling or parent 1,Sibling or ally of defeated enemy 1,Spurned romantic interest 1,Traitorous noble looking to foment a revolution 1,Wizard who blames the characters for some recent troubles 1,Would-be tyrant who brooks no opposition 1,Tax collector who is convinced the characters are dodging fees