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101 WAYS to GROW UP, AND TYPES for HEAD-of-HOUSEHOLD <sgdisplay iterations="1">

Character Story

Head of Household: [FAMILY_HEAD]
Social: [SOCIAL_LEVEL]     Head of H's Job: [OCCUPATION]
Num.Siblings: [NUMBER_SIBLINGS]       Born in a region of: [BACKGROUND] civilization.
Regarding Head of Household: [Fantasy-CC-Traits.ITEMS_OF_NOTE]
Regarding Other Parent: [NPC-Events-CC.main]

Birth circumstances

Place of Birth: [Fant CC Birth.PLACE_OF_BIRTH]
Birth Legitimacy: [LEGITIMACY]
Unusual Birth: [Fant CC Birth.UNUSUAL_BIRTH]
Time of Birth: [Birth table CC.BIRTH_HOUR]   On: [Birth table CC.DAY_CHOICE]

Life Path

Childhood Events

~ 7 yrs.: [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.EVENTS_OF_YOUTH]
~ 9 yrs.: [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.EVENTS_OF_YOUTH]

This will become a function called by CC-Fantasy-Lives




0,___________SECOND ATTEMPT at CHILDHOOD GENERATOR 0,_____________ for the Cent.Casting Clone, CALLED BY CC-FANTASY-LIVES 0,_______________ TRYING To REWRITE INTO FLOWHCART FORM, RATHER THAN STRICTLY FOLLOW BOOK 0,---------------- SEE THE LAYOUT COMMENT at the BOTTOM. 7,zero 5,[Dice.1D3] 2,[Dice.2D4] 1,[Dice.1D3] + [Dice.1D3] illegitimate


4,Degenerate 5,Primitive 5,Regressed 5,Nomadic 5,Barbaric 5,Developing 5,Dynamic 4,Stagnant 4,Decadent




66,destitute 77,poor 99,comfortable 44,well-to-do 33,wealthy 22,noble 11,extremely wealthy


99,legitimate 12,illegitimate 10,Not Exactly Sure, Told Yes


11,both parents 1,One parent [GENDER_2] 1,One grand-parent [GENDER_2] 1,One step-parent [GENDER_2] 1,An aunt/uncle 1,An older sibling 1,Grandparents 1,Guardian: [GUARDIANS] 1,Nobody; Had to fend for self 1,Nobody; Was placed in an orphanage 1,a [OTHER_RELATION]


88,(f♀) 88,(m♂) 1,non-gendered


5,[OTHER_RELATION] 2,Later Placed in an orphanage 1,[Fantasy-CC-Traits.OTHER_PEOPLE] [RACE_TYPE] 1,[Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.NON-HUMANS] 1,adopted 1,[CC-Blessings-Curses.MONSTERS] 1,Priests/nuns. 1,Adopted by a [CC-Adventurers.ADVENTURER_TYPE] 1,adopted by a [CC-Occupations.CIVIL_OCCUPATIONS] 1,fended for self 1,Foster Parents of Same Race 1,Foster Parents of Compatible Race [RACE_TYPE] 1,Beggars/thieves--social class drops to destitute 1,Criminal--[CC-Crimes.CRIMES];[CC-Crimes.UNDERWORLD_EVENTS] 1,Passed from relative to relative 1,[CC-Occupations.ADVENTURER] [RACE_TYPE] 1,mysteriously disappeared and reappeared 10 years older, but can`t remember what happened 1,Intelligent Dire Beast 1,[GUARDIANS]; living with [GUARDIANS] 1,sadly was adopted by: [CC-Villains.main]


2,distant relative [GENDER_2] 4,second cousin [GENDER_2] 1,sibling 2,first cousin 1,crazy uncle who was an [CC-Adventurers.ADVENTURER_TYPE] 1,great aunt/uncle 1,great grandparent [GENDER_2] 3,ancestor ([Dice.1D3+1] times removed) 1,mysterious relative [RACE_TYPE]


3,distant relative 8,2nd cousin (parent`s 1st cousin) 10,first cousin 15,sibling 8,nephew or niece 10,aunt or uncle 1,crazy aunt who was an [CC-Adventurers.ADVENTURER_TYPE] 4,great aunt or uncle 8,grandparent [GENDER_2] 3,great grandparent [GENDER_2] 1,mysterious relative [RACE_TYPE] 6,child 10,spouse 15,parent [GENDER_2]


22,Human 5,Wood Elf 3,High Elf 3,Dark Elf 3,Grey Elf 5,Half-Elf 5,Dwarf 5,Gnome 5,Halfling 3,Half-Ork 2,Half-Ogre 2,Reptile-Man 2,Fish-Man 2,Beast-Man 1,Cross-Breed 1,Other Race 1,Exotic Race 1,DM-Special 1,Construct 1,War-Forged 1,Player Choice


13,Head(s) of Household only (not extended family) 3,Extended family, including Head(s) of Household, [Dice.1D3] grandparents and [Dice.1D3] aunts/uncles and cousins. 3,Also with Grandparents. from [GENDER_2] side of family tree. 3,Single [GENDER_2] Grandparent. from [GENDER_2] side of family tree. 3,Older Aunt and Uncle. from [GENDER_2] side of family tree. 2,Older Aunt, from [GENDER_2] side of family tree. 2,Older Uncle. from [GENDER_2] side of family tree. 2,Additional Guardian lived with you like family [GUARDIANS] [GENDER_2]


1,Who followed you from home? 1,Why did you kill the duke`s nephew? 1,What did you inherit from your great-grandmother? 1,Why aren`t you married? 1,Where did you get that sword? 1,What profession did you almost take up? 1,Why was your family so disturbed at your birth? 1,What really happened that day between you and the guardsman? 1,What did you draw up from the well on Delver`s Hill that day? 1,Why do you always keep your left hand covered? 1,Why did the hooded stranger ask for you last year? 1,What`s carefully hidden at the bottom of your pack? 1,Why did your sister leave home alone? 1,You threw an entire purse of coins into the river. Why? 1,Why were you found dazed and bleeding under the woodpile? 1,What almost killed you when you were nine? 1,Why did you bury your father *there*, of all places? 1,Who`s your uncle, and why do you never talk about him? 1,Why did your family hurriedly abandon its home? 1,What happened to you when the boat capsized? 1,You were just a child - how did you survive the bandit attack? 1,What ruined your reputation in your hometown? 1,What fearsome monster did you kill when you were just a child? 1,You`ve never forgotten the vivid dream you had during that fever. What was it? 1,Was your family`s house really haunted? 1,Why did the baron summon you to his keep? 1,What happened to your best friend? 1,What did you find in the forest that day? 1,What terrifying scene have you never been able to forget? 1,What contest did you win? 1,Whose offer did you spurn? 1,How did you save your bitter enemy`s life? 1,Which of your possessions has a very distant origin? How did you get it? 1,What nobleman`s command did you disobey? 1,What huge exception did you make to your personal alignment or ethics? 1,Where did you end up the day you got badly lost? 1,What was stolen from you? 1,How did you once share a private meal with the King? 1,What nasty rumor about your family have you never been able to live down? 1,What terrible accident were you involved in? 1,What did your grandfather confide to you about the war? 1,Why did you have to kill the family pet? 1,How was your family saved from financial ruin? 1,What is your big brother famous for? 1,Why do travelers look forward to visiting your hometown? 1,Who is your mother in hiding from? 1,Why didn`t you go with when your family moved? 1,Nobody believes your first memory is real. What is it? 1,Your teenage crush was... not like the usual. How so? 1,What do wish for future bards to sing about you ?


1,Revenge 1,Work out the Past 1,Faith 1,Discover the Truth 1,Find True Love 1,Greed 1,Serve the Gods 1,Honor Family Name 1,In the Name of Science 1,Serving Humanity 1,Pleasure 1,Knowledge 1,Seeking Power 1,Insight 1,Be the Best 1,Goal-Seeking 1,Survival