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Bully Pulpit Games is the originator of the Business Solutions game.

Nauseating Business Lingo from the Copy Repairman’s Handbook

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1,[full term] 2,[amalgamation]

full term

1,Customer Satisfaction 1,Effectiveness 1,Excellence 1,Finesse 1,Interoperability 1,Performance 1,Professionalism 1,Q-Factor 1,Sangfroid 1,Six Sigma 1,The BS Way 1,The Edge 1,The Stuff 1,Total Quality 1,Value 1,l337 Sk1llz


1,[adjective][noun] 1,[adjective][suffix] 1,[adjective][noun] [suffix] 1,[noun] [suffix]


1,Absolute 1,Complete 1,Complete 1,Corporate 1,Customer 4,Customer 1,Effective 1,Flawless 1,Full 1,Inter- 1,Matrixed 1,Over- 1,Perfect 1,Positive 1,Professional 1,Quality 1,Strategic 1,Thorough 1,Total 1,Ultra- 1,Undeniable 1,Utter 1,Wabi-Sabi 1,Zen 1,[adjective][adjective]


1,Achievement 1,Attention 1,Business 1,Collaboration 1,Excellence 1,Finesse 1,Fulfillment 1,Innovation 1,Integrity 1,Interoperability 1,Leadership 1,Love 1,Management 1,Perseverance 1,Productivity 1,Professionalism 1,Quality 2,Service 1,Skill 1,Strategy 1,Success 1,Teamwork 1,Value 1,Value 1,Zaibatsu 1,Zeal


1,Assurance 1,Attitude 1,Benefit 1,Commitment 1,Competence 1,Culture 1,Focus 1,Guarantee 1,Habit 1,Motivation 1,Path 1,Plus 1,Principle 1,Process 1,Solution 1,System 1,Vision 1,Way of Life </sgtable>


  • adjective
  • amalgamation
  • full term
  • noun
  • suffix