Burning Wheel Skills

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The list of Skills in BW is so extensive that it's difficult to get a good representative slice of the ones available when selecting them for a new character. So I thought presenting a handful of randomized ones, picking one that is most suitable, and repeating a few times would give me a broader range and increase the chance something quirky would come up, and reduce the number of stereotypical skills a character ends up with.

Some Skills

<sgdisplay iterations="5">[skill]</sgdisplay>

Some Wises

<sgdisplay iterations="5">[wise]</sgdisplay>



1,Accounting 1,Acting 1,Administration 1,Almanac 1,Amercement 1,Animal Husbandry 1,Apothecary 1,Appraisal 1,Architect 1,Armor Training 1,Armorer 1,Arson 1,Artillerist 1,Artillery Hand 1,Atilliator 1,Aura Reading 1,Axe 1,Baking 1,Begging 1,Bird Husbandry 1,Blacksmith 1,Boatwright 1,Bow 1,Bowyer 1,Boxing (Martial Arts) 1,Brawling 1,Brewer 1,Bureaucracy 1,Butchery 1,Carpentry 1,Cartography 1,Cartwright 1,Carving 1,Chandler 1,Child Rearing 1,Church Law 1,Climbing 1,Cloth Dyeing 1,Cobbler 1,Command 1,Composition 1,Conspicuous 1,Cooking 1,Cooper 1,Coppersmith 1,Counterfeiting 1,Crossbow 1,Cryptography 1,Cudgel 1,Dance 1,Demonology 1,Digging 1,Disguise 1,Ditch Digging 1,Doctrine 1,Drinking 1,Driving 1,Drum Maker 1,Dye Manufacture 1,Embroidery 1,Empyrealia 1,Engineering 1,Engraving 1,Estate Management 1,Etching 1,Extortion 1,Falconry 1,Farming 1,Fence Building 1,Field Dressing 1,Firearms 1,Firebuilding 1,Fishing 1,Fletcher 1,Folklore 1,Foraging 1,Foreign Languages 1,Forgery 1,Formation Fighting 1,Fortifications 1,Gambling 1,Games Of Chance 1,Garrote 1,Great Wolf Husbandry 1,Haggling 1,Hammer 1,Hauling 1,Heraldry 1,Herbalism 1,Hunting 1,Illuminations 1,Insect Husbandry 1,Instruction 1,Interrogation 1,Intimidation 1,Jargon 1,Javelin 1,Jeweler 1,Knives 1,Knots 1,Lance 1,Lapidary 1,Lock Pick 1,Locksmith 1,Logistics 1,Mace 1,Martial Arts 1,Mason 1,Meditation 1,Mending 1,Midwifery 1,Miller 1,Mimicry 1,Mining 1,Mounted Combat Training 1,Mounted Combat: Bowman Training 1,Munitions 1,Music Composition 1,Musical Instrument 1,Navigation 1,Observation 1,Oratory 1,Orienteering 1,Pilot 1,Playwright 1,Plumbing 1,Poetry 1,Poisons 1,Polearm 1,Potter 1,Prospecting 1,Ratiquette 1,Religious Diatribe 1,Riding 1,Rigging 1,Ritual 1,Saddlery 1,Scavenging 1,Sculpture 1,Seamanship 1,Seduction 1,Sewing 1,Shield Training 1,Ship Management 1,Shipwright 1,Siege Engineer 1,Signaling 1,Sing 1,Skirmish Tactics 1,Sleight Of Hand 1,Soldiering 1,Soothing Platitudes 1,Spear 1,Spirit Binding 1,Staff 1,Stealthy 1,Suasion 1,Summoning 1,Surgery 1,Survival 1,Sword 1,Tactics 1,Tanner 1,Taxidermy 1,Theatrics 1,Throwing 1,Torture 1,Tracking 1,Trapper 1,Tree Cutting 1,Troll Etiquette 1,Two-fisted Fighting Training 1,Vintner 1,Waiting Tables 1,Weaponsmith 1,Weaving 1,Whitesmith 1,Wine Tasting


1,Althing-wise 1,Ambition-wise 1,Army-wise 1,Artificer-wise 1,Back Alley-wise 1,Bad End-wise 1,Banner-wise 1,Bannerman-wise 1,Bat-wise 1,Beer-wise 1,Bribe-wise 1,Burden Of The Crown-wise 1,Cadence-wise 1,Campaign-wise 1,Cargo-wise 1,Cave-in-wise 1,Cave-wise 1,Champion-wise 1,Chattel-wise 1,Cheating-wise 1,Citadel-wise 1,Clan-wise 1,Contract-wise 1,Countryside-wise 1,Crop-wise 1,Crowd-wise 1,Daily Bread-wise 1,Darkened Street-wise 1,Darkness-wise 1,Drama-wise 1,Drunkard-wise 1,Dwarf-wise 1,Dwarven Art-wise 1,Dwarven Heroes-wise 1,Earth-wise 1,Elf-wise 1,Elven Art-wise 1,Elven Artifact-wise 1,Elven Blade-wise 1,Elven Citadel-wise 1,Elven Ranger-wise 1,Estate-wise 1,Etharch-wise 1,Everybody's Innocent-wise 1,Faith-wise 1,Family Secret-wise 1,Family-wise 1,Fealty-wise 1,Fire And Steel-wise 1,Flock-wise 1,Forest-wise 1,Gas Pocket-wise 1,Genius-wise 1,Gossip-wise 1,Grain-wise 1,Graybeard-wise 1,Great And Black-wise 1,Grift-wise 1,Guilder-wise 1,Handwriting-wise 1,Hatchet-wise 1,Hills-wise 1,Hold-wise 1,Hoof-wise 1,Host-wise 1,Imperfections-wise 1,Infection-wise 1,Intrigue-wise 1,Kingdom-wise 1,Ledger-wise 1,Leverage-wise 1,Maker's Mark-wise 1,Man-wise 1,Mercenary Company-wise 1,Metal-wise 1,Mill-wise 1,Monk-wise 1,Mouth Of Hell-wise 1,Mule-wise 1,Mystery Meat-wise 1,Oath-wise 1,Obligation-wise 1,Orc-wise 1,Ore-wise 1,Pattern-wise 1,Personal Effects-wise 1,Pilgrimage-wise 1,Poison-wise 1,Rediculous Request-wise 1,Reputation-wise 1,Rhythm Of The City-wise 1,Rituals-wise 1,Road-wise 1,Royal Secret-wise 1,Rumour-wise 1,Saint-wise 1,Scutwork-wise 1,Servant-wise 1,Ship-wise 1,Shortcut-wise 1,Slave Deck-wise 1,Sorcery-wise 1,Spiel-wise 1,Structural Weakness-wise 1,Suicidal Bravery-wise 1,Supplier-wise 1,Supply-wise 1,Tall Grass-wise 1,Taskmaster-wise 1,Tavern Tales-wise 1,Terroir-wise 1,Tragic End-wise 1,Trails-wise 1,Treasure-wise 1,Troll-wise 1,Tune-wise 1,Tunnel-wise 1,Vein-wise 1,Village Secret-wise 1,Vine-wise 1,Vintage-wise 1,Visage-wise 1,Wagon-wise 1,Web-wise 1,Well-wise 1,Whip-wise 1,Whispered Secrets-wise 1,Windage-wise 1,Wolf-wise 1,Wood-wise