Bullet Ballet Oracle

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...for In a Wicked Age ...thanks for using it! ...German players, download my HK action game here: http://drop.io/bamspiel

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,[person] [destiny]


1,A Triad killer 1,An honest cop 1,A noodle shop owner 1,A student from abroad 1,A Triad mook 1,A gang boss 1,An old lady 1,A disillusioned cop 1,A private investigator 1,A snotty street kid 1,A street bum 1,A corrupt police boss 1,A rich businessman


1, who wants to get out of business. 1, who'll meet his soulmate 1, with a terrible secret 1, whose naivete will seal his fate 1, headed for destruction 1, willing to risk his love for success 1, looking for a long lost partner 1, trying to make ends meet 1, struggling with a violent temper 1, looking for dad 1, destined to be king of the underground 1, who cares only about himself 1, falling in love with the spouse of a Triad boss </sgtable>