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1,The Chief of SIS, cold and aloof, concerned about his political career. 1,D-Ops of SIS, brutal and jaded, but still patriotic and clever. 1,A mole, endangering the lives of both foreign assets and British spies. 1,An old spymaster, forced into retirement, but still capable of using his old network. 1,A top special operative, expected never to let personal affairs get in the way of operations. 1,D-Int at SIS, an academic who sees everything in black and white, but who holds his views better than those of Operations. 1,An MI5 surveillance team trailing a foreign trade delegate. 1,A lonely MI5 computer forensics technician, longing to be noticed by a top agent. 1,An ambitious young agent, worried her good looks keep her superiors from taking her seriously. 1,An Irish splinter revolutionary, bent on revenge towards the UK. 1,An aging MI5 Ops man, tainted by long competition between departments, hoping to catch MI6 in the wrong. 1,A dead drop in Madrid, primed and marked for pickup by a Spanish agent. 1,A tourist resort in Italy where an MI5 analyst is meeting his Russian handler, tailed by SIS. 1,A London safehouse, tended by an old woman who has seen and done many things over decades of service. 1,A Chinese restaurant with a secret cellar used for human trafficking, and its proprietor. 1,An MI5 interrogation room, with interrogator, suspect, and watchers behind a one-way mirror. 1,The defection of a foreign general which, if genuine, will be a career-maker for his handler. 1,A top British agent detained and jailed in a country where she may never be heard from again. 1,A false passport for an SIS officer, obtained without proper permissions. 1,A single red rose, left on the desk of a female agent by a secret admirer within the department. 1,A scheduled meeting with an IRA source has to be canceled due to "more pressing" business. 1,The burglary of state secrets from a Minister's home in the country. 1,An apparent gang killing of a Ukrainian man with suspected ties to weapon smuggling. 1,An envelope full of cash intended for an agent, but pocketed by her handler. 1,Incriminating photographs of an illicit affair between two SIS officers. 1,A top SAS commando forced to leave the Regiment after a deadly accident. 1,The Under-Secretary of the Foreign Office, who views everyone as a pawn to be manipulated. 1,A powerful oil executive with friends in high places who will shield him from his own wrongdoings. 1,A Member of Parliament with a strong anti-immigrant bent. 1,A squad leader of the SAS, ashamedly hiding his homosexuality from the men he leads. 1,A cryptologist from GCHQ with more brains than tact. 1,The gentlemen's club of the Home Secretary, where he dines each afternoon with his mistress. 1,The beating of an Indian shopkeeper by racist skinheads, one of them the brother of an MI5 officer. 1,The funeral of a soldier, his meaningless death the final nail of disillusionment for his sergeant. 1,The wedding ring of an MoD Under-Secretary, left behind in a cheap hotel room. 1,The laptop of a Home Office accountant lost or stolen, containing records of payments to confidential informants. 1,A young crew of idealistic terrorists from a broken country, hoping to call attention to their cause. 1,A wily old terrorist financier, living undercover and biding his time. 1,A Colombian drug smuggler and the young woman whose life he controls. 1,An Egyptian chemist preparing to manufacture sarin gas in a lab deep in the Libyan desert. 1,A beautiful mosque, worship place of a radical imam and his fanatical students. 1,An underground parking garage, with a black Mercedes sedan carrying a Libyan intelligence agent and a briefcase full of cash. 1,An airplane, hijacked and forced to land in Malta, with negotiations dragging from hours into days. 1,A cache of plastique, smuggled in a diplomatic pouch. 1,The CIA's liaison in London, a woman as deadly as she is pretty. 1,A visiting French minister, his arrogance hiding his true intentions. 1,A pushy American Secret Service agent prepping for a visit from the US President. 1,The unwitting girlfriend of an agent, believing every lie he tells her. 1,An old friend, accidentally mixed up in things beyond her control, and in need of help. 1,An agent's sister and her loud, abusive husband, humiliating her in public. 1,The offices of a US Senator on the Intelligence Committee, and his Chief of Staff apparently under foreign control. 1,Glossy black and white photographs from a hotel room in Jakarta that French Intelligence uses for honeytraps. 1,The gravesite of a dear friend and colleague, the circumstances of his death a secret even within the SIS. 1,The murder of an SIS agent's wife and her lover, made to look like an accident by professional hands. 1,An embassy party where everyone seems to be drunk, but one woman is completely sober and ready for the task at hand. 1,Christmas dinner with the extended family, and an uncle who doesn't know when to stop prying into official business. 1,A bug in the office of the German ambassador that transmits everything to a surveillance van. 1,An exclusive London card club, used as a front for money-laundering. 1,A night at the opera with MI5's liason to SIS; the best way to keep him from noticing that MI6 is operating where it shouldn't. </sgtable>