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Does your tap need some flavor to it? Well … here are some suggestions on what NOT to call your home brew:



9,[Starters]’s [Liquids] 7,[Starters] [Finishers] 5,[Names]’s [Adjectives] [Starters] [Finishers] 5,The [Adjectives] [Starters]


3,[Letters (uppercase).normal]. [American Surnames.surname] 3,[NorthlanderMale.main] 3,[ScottishMale.main] 3,St. [Catholic Saint Names.main] 2,[NorthlanderFemale.main] 2,[Orc Tribe Name.main] 2,[ScottishFemale.main] 1,[Fantasy Place Name.main] 1,[Fantasy Town Names.main]


20,[Liquids] of 15,Tongue-[Tongue Finisher] 12,[Grrr] 8,[Brew]-Brewed 4,[Elixir] Elixir of 1,Best-Ever 1,Better 1,Bottle-Fermented 1,Bottom-Fermented 1,Brown 1,Bubbly 1,Dastardly Draught of 1,Exceptional 1,Exquisite 1,Extra-Special 1,Extra-Spicy 1,Famous 1,Fiery 1,Fine 1,Fizzy 1,Foamy 1,Frozen 1,Grand Old 1,Green 1,Hearty 1,Heavy 1,Honey Brown 1,Ice-Cold 1,Illustrious 1,Magical 1,Mysterious 1,Mystical 1,Red 1,Secret 1,Thick’n’Creamy 1,Thick’n’Hearty 1,Thick’n’Rich 1,Thoroughly-Stirred 1,Trusty Ol’ 1,Ugly 1,Unbeatable 1,World-Famous 1,World’s Finest 1,Red-Hot 1,Scorchin’ Hot 1,Smokin’ Hot 1,Blisterin’ Hot


1,Batch 1,Cask 1,Cold 1,Craft 1,Fresh 1,Ice 1,Naturally 1,Slow


1,Elusive 1,Exceptional 1,Mysterious 1,Secret


1,[grr]ing 1,[grr]in’


6,[tf] 1,Ailment-Cur 1,Bone-Burn 1,Booty-Blast 1,Dead-Rais 1,Enemy-Smit 1,Hard-Hitt 1,Hard-Kick 1,Heart-Stopp 1,Heavy-Hitt 1,Mouth-Burn 1,Tongue-Melt 1,Undead-Revivify 1,Unrest-Foment

Tongue Finisher

3,[tf]ing 1,[tf]in’


0,good verbs that use -er /-ing 1,Assault 1,Blast 1,Blister 1,Break 1,Burst 1,Bust 1,Crunch 1,Crush 1,Demolish 1,Destroy 1,Flatten 1,Foam 1,Kick 1,Melt 1,Punch 1,Roast 1,Slash 1,Smash 1,Steam 1,Wallop 1,Wreck 1,Blind 1,Bubbl 1,Decimat 1,Flam 1,Goug 1,Grabb 1,Ripp 1,Slapp 1,Smok 1,Stabb 1,Wast


1,Naga 1,Lamia 1,Hyena 1,Hydra 1,Medusa 1,Orc 1,Head 1,Toad 1,Squid 1,Druid 1,Kobold 1,Wasteland 1,Blood 1,Leopard 1,Lizard 1,Centipede 1,Brownie 1,Pixie 1,Snake 1,Eagle 1,Jungle 1,Crocodile 1,Mule 1,Gargoyle 1,Flame 1,Gnome 1,Wolverine 1,Ape 1,Ogre 1,Fire 1,Manticore 1,Horse 1,Warhorse 1,Eye 1,Elf 1,Wolf 1,Werewolf 1,Dwarf 1,Halfling 1,Evening 1,Morning 1,Dog 1,Worg 1,Cheetah 1,Lich 1,Witch 1,Nymph 1,Shark 1,Hawk 1,Camel 1,Weasel 1,Hell 1,Gnoll 1,Troll 1,Ghoul 1,Kraken 1,Chicken 1,Raven 1,Brain 1,Goblin 1,Hobgoblin 1,Ettin 1,Dragon 1,Lion 1,Scorpion 1,Baboon 1,Bison 1,Triton 1,Unicorn 1,Bear 1,Werebear 1,Bugbear 1,Owlbear 1,Boar 1,Spider 1,Badger 1,Tiger 1,Viper 1,Sister 1,Centaur 1,Minotaur 1,Rhinoceros 1,Pegasus 1,Cat 1,Rat 1,Treant 1,Elephant 1,Giant 1,Ailment 1,Serpent 1,Heart 1,Desert 1,Forest 1,Gut 1,Drow 1,Sandy 1,Donkey 1,Monkey 1,Pony 1,Harpy


30,[tf]er 1,Breach 1,Gristle 1,Hide 1,Inquisitor 1,Judgment 1,Justice 1,Obliterator 1,Revenge 1,Secret Recipe


10,[Sdrink] 1,Ale 1,Blood 1,Brew 1,Concoction 1,Cure-All 1,Dew 1,Distillate 1,Double Draught 1,Draught 1,Drink 1,Elixir 1,Ferment 1,Fermentation 1,Fluid 1,Foam 1,Grog 1,Juice 1,Lager 1,Liquid 1,Magical Elixir 1,Moonshine 1,Percolation 1,Pilsner 1,Porter 1,Precipitate 1,Punch 1,Tongue Teaser 1,Tongue Trapper 1,Tonic 1,Water 1,Wine


4,[%adj][stuff] 2,[%adj][%adj][stuff] 1,[%adj][%adj][%adj][stuff]


3, 1,Secret 1,Special 1,Super 1,Super-Duper 1,Soothing 1,Serious


1,Sauce 1,Seltzer 1,Serum 1,Slag 1,Sludge 1,Slurry 1,Slush 1,Spritzer 1,Stout 1,Stuff