Blues Names

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Blues Names

Test to see if a Blues Name Generator is easy enough to create. Text taken from




1,[FirstName] [MiddleName] [LastName]


1,Abscessed 1,Achy 1,Acne-faced 1,Addicted 1,Alcoholic 1,Allergic 1,Anemic 1,Anguished 1,Anorexic 1,Anxious 1,Arthritic 1,Asthmatic 1,Backachy 1,Bald 1,Big 1,Bilious 1,Black-Eyed 1,Bleeding Gums 1,Blind 1,Bronchial 1,Bruised 1,Bulimic 1,Carbuncled 1,Cirrhotic 1,Colitic 1,Compulsive 1,Congested 1,Consumed 1,Cramping 1,Crippled 1,Croupy 1,Deaf 1,Deformed 1,Demented 1,Depressed 1,Diabetic 1,Distressed 1,Edematous 1,Epileptic 1,Fainting 1,Fat 1,Feverish 1,Flatulent 1,Fractured 1,Gassy 1,Goitered 1,Gouty 1,Hammertoed 1,Heartburned 1,Hiccuping 1,Hunchbacked 1,Hung-over 1,Hurt 1,Hyperactive 1,Impaired 1,Infected 1,Itchy 1,Jaundiced 1,Lame 1,Leprous 1,Lock-Jawed 1,Lumbago 1,Lupus’d 1,Malnourished 1,Miserable 1,Muddy 1,Obese 1,Odoriferous 1,Old 1,Osteoporotic 1,Palsied 1,Parasitic 1,Pink Eyed 1,Pleuritic 1,Pox’d 1,Restless Legs 1,Rickety 1,Sciatic 1,Senile 1,Shaky 1,Sickly 1,Skinny 1,Smokin’ 1,Starvin’ 1,Strok’in’ 1,Stumpy 1,Stutterin’ 1,Sufferin’ 1,Thyroidal 1,Toothless 1,Tormented 1,Typhous 1,Ugly 1,Whoopin’ Cough 1,Wormy 1,Wretched 1,Wrinkled


1,Apple 1,Apricot 1,Avocado 1,Banana 1,Blueberry 1,Cantaloupe 1,Cherry 1,Clementine 1,Coconut 1,Crabapple 1,Cranberry 1,Durian 1,Fig 1,Grape 1,Grapefruit 1,Guava 1,Honeydew 1,Kiwi 1,Kumquat 1,Lemon 1,Lime 1,Loganberry 1,Lychee 1,Mango 1,Melon 1,Mulberry 1,Nectarine 1,Orange 1,Papaya 1,Peach 1,Pear 1,Persimmon 1,Pineapple 1,Plantain 1,Plum 1,Pomegranate 1,Prune 1,Raisin 1,Raspberry 1,Strawberry 1,Tangerine 1,Watermelon


1,Washington 1,Adams 1,Jefferson 1,Madison 1,Monroe 1,Jackson 1,Van Buren 1,Harrison 1,Tyler 1,Polk 1,Taylor 1,Fillmore 1,Pierce 1,Buchanan 1,Lincoln 1,Johnson 1,Grant 1,Hayes 1,Garfield 1,Arthur 1,Cleveland 1,Harrison 1,Cleveland 1,McKinley 2,Roosevelt 1,Taft 1,Wilson 1,Harding 1,Coolidge 1,Hoover 1,Truman 1,Eisenhower 1,Kennedy 1,Nixon 1,Ford 1,Reagan 2,Bush 1,Clinton 1,Obama


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