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Blackstaff Missions

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1,[Agents] wants you to recover [MacGuffin] from [Enemies] before [Complicated] get it. Bring it to [Locations] and beware of interference from [Enemies]. 1,[Agents] wants you to recover [MacGuffin] from [Delve] before [Complicated] or worse, [Enemies], get it. Bring it to [Locations] and beware of interference from [Enemies]. 1,Recently [MacGuffin] was stolen from [Complicated] by [Enemies]. Recover it before they do (or worse, [Enemies] do) and bring it to [Agents]. You will be assisted by [Organizations]. 1,[Agents] wants you to assist [Allies] in a mission to disrupt the local agents of [Enemies], disguised as members of [Complicated]. 1,To repay [Enemies] for their treachery, steal [MacGuffin] from them! Be aware that [Complicated] will also be trying to do so and that [Enemies] will do anything to prevent you from obtaining it. 1,[Agents] has disappeared during a mission against [Enemies]. Work with [Allies] and, if necessary, [Complicated] to find and recover them. 1,[Agents] has disappeared during a delve into [Delve], possibly having fallen into the hands of [Enemies]. Work with [Allies] and, if necessary, [Complicated] to find and recover them. 1,A strike force led by [Agents] and accompanied by members of [Allies] is going on a raid against [Enemies]. Accompany them and see if you can get any assistance from [Complicated]. 1,Although they have been allies to us in the past, it appears that [Complicated] are working with [Enemies]. Do what you can to undermine their alliance by whatever means necessary. You may call upon logistical support from [Organizations], and [Allies] have pledged their support as well. 1,[Agents] has old enemies among [Enemies] and [Enemies]. Now they've disappeared, and the trail has gone cold. Maybe [Complicated] know something about it? The last place they were seen was at [Waterdeep] at [Waterdeep Locations.Party Locations]. 1,[Agents] has received troubling reports of increased attacks on our interests by [Enemies], who appear to be cooperating with [Enemies]. They have also been targeting [Complicated] so there is the possibility of an alliance against these common enemies. 1,To check the growing power of [Enemies], it is in our interest for you to steal [MacGuffin] from [Enemies] and provide it to [Complicated] in secret. This is the sort of thing that [Allies] would never approve of, so it must be done without their knowledge. 1,Recently [Complicated] managed to obtain [MacGuffin], which will upset the balance of power if nothing is done. It belongs in the hands of [Organizations]! You will steal it, but be aware that [Allies] and of course [Enemies] will also be trying to do the same. 1,There are indications that [Enemies] have managed to plant a spy within [Organizations]. Now, since this intelligence comes to us from [Complicated] it is possible they are trying to manipulate us into suspecting one of our own unnecessarily. Only [Agents] knows of this - report only to them. If you can root out the traitor, bring them to [Locations] for interrogation. 1,Members of [Enemies] have been seen near [Locations]. Work with [Allies] to find out who they are, what they're up to, and whether [Enemies] or [Complicated] are somehow involved. 1,It has reached our ears that [Forgotten Realms Icons.MacGuffin] may be hidden in or near [Delve]. [Agents] will be organizing an attempt to retrieve it, hopefully before [Enemies] or [Complicated] hear anything about it. You will be part of this expedition. If all else fails, call on [Allies] for aid. 1,[Agents] heard from one of our spies in [Complicated] that [Forgotten Realms Icons.MacGuffin] is hidden in or near [Delve]. Take a few members of [Allies] with you to recover it, but do not attract the attention of [Enemies]. Bring it to [Agents] at [Locations] as soon as possible. 1,Our spy with [Enemies] hasn't reported back recently - go see what's become of them. Maybe [Complicated] somehow found out about them and tipped the enemy off? 1,There has been an increase in animosity between [Complicated] and [Enemies], which is an opportunity to forge new ties to the former and inflict harm on the latter. We're sending you to go help out and to find out everything you can. We suspect that [Allies] may get dragged into it at some point, too. 1,There has been an increase in activity around [Locations] by [Enemies]. It's up to you to find out why and whether [Enemies] are also involved. 1,If [Enemies] have really infiltrated [Delve] as has been reported, they must be rooted out and stopped. Assemble a team including a small detachment of [Organizations] and get down there before more damage is done. 1,We think [Enemies] have a spy in the ranks of [Allies] that they remain unaware of. Or at least, [Agents] thinks that's the case. Find a reason to accompany them on a mission and share a bit of disinformation, and lets see if it gets back to our enemies intact. If you can find out who the spy is, so much the better. 1,There are rumors that [Enemies] have established a safehouse near [Waterdeep Locations.Ward Locations] in Waterdeep. We need you to find it without [Complicated] knowing what you're up to. Report back to [Agents] at [Locations]. 1,Our safehouse near [Waterdeep Locations.Ward Locations] in Waterdeep has reported increased activity by [Complicated], who are asking a lot of questions about [MacGuffin]. As you know, its already in our possession - [Organizations] found it a month ago and we have it at [Locations], but if they don't know that, its your job to throw them off the course and make them think that [Enemies] have it instead. 1,We've heard that [Enemies] are planning some kind of big attack on [Organizations]. But, if you can somehow get [Allies] to attack them first, they will be too distracted to carry it out. As a last resort, offer to help our allies recover [MacGuffin] they've been looking for - we think [Complicated] may have it. 1,Go undercover as members of [Complicated] to find out if they are somehow working with [Enemies] as we suspect. Nobody but [Agents] will know you're really working for us, so even if you get into a scrape with [Allies] you're on your own. 1,We suspect [Enemies] are trying to establish some kind of new base or bolthole in or near [Delve]. Obviously this would consolidate their power in the area and serve as a base to attack both us and our allies [Allies]. Find this secret location and take it over as a base for [Organizations], some of whom will accompany you. 1,[Agents] has been making some decisions that seem like they could favor the interests of [Enemies] of late; it is possible they've been compromised in some way. One of our contacts in [Complicated] hinted as much and it is possible they were on to something.Find out if we have a mole, what leverage they have against them, and how our contacts knew about it before we did. 1,Protect [Agents] on a diplomatic mission to [Enemies]. Make sure [Allies] don't hear anything about it, they'd only mess it up. 1,[Agents] along with a few members of [Organizations] are trying to work out some kind of deal with [Complicated], but it all went south and they were all taken captive by [Enemies]. Formulate a plan with [Organizations] to find them, free them, and return them to [Locations] 1,An important member of [Enemies] recently showed up at [Locations] and wants to defect to [Organizations] if they can be protected. [Agents] will be questioning them for intelligence, but we will be sending you to establish whether any of it can be trusted. It's entirely possible that it's a setup, a trap, or a wild goose chase masterminded by [Enemies]. 1,Remember that [MacGuffin] that you helped steal? Well, [Enemies] know you were involved and are coming after you. We have to distance ourselves from you for a while so they won't suspect you gave it to [Organizations], so we need you to go work for [Allies] or [Complicated] for a while to throw them off the scent. We'll contact you via [Agents] when the threat has died down a bit. Don't get too comfortable. 1,Armed agents of [Enemies] have [Agents] surrounded in a safehouse near [Waterdeep Locations.Ward Locations] in Waterdeep and its up to you to rescue them. Allegedly [Allies] are sending forces there so hopefully that will distract the assailants but you may be entirely on your own. 1,Our allies [Allies] have gotten into a pitched battle with [Enemies] in or near [Delve]. We're sending you and a small contingent of [Organizations] to help our allies, vanquish our enemies, and hopefully steal [MacGuffin] from them. 1,Adventurers just returned from [Delve] report having encountered [Enemies] in force there as well of indications of involvement by [Complicated] in the vicinity. It is likely that both are hunting for [MacGuffin] which is rumored to be nearby. If you can get there first and and acquire it before either of them do, then so much the better. Try not to get in any fights. 1,Ok, remember when we heard [Allies] managed to steal [MacGuffin] from [Enemies]? Well it turns out it was really stolen by [Complicated] and so now you and a small team of [Organizations] need to find it, acquire it for us, and bring it to [Agents] at [Locations]. 1,Somewhere in or near [Delve] there is a new hardhold controlled by [Enemies]. Make your way there and destroy them. Make it look like the work of [Complicated] if at all possible. Our allies [Allies] are aware of this operation and may be able to accompany most of the way there through the dungeon. 1,Help our erstwhile allies [Complicated] establish a new footing in Waterdeep - you can use that old safehouse of [Organizations] near [Waterdeep Locations.Ward Locations] as a starting point - you know the one?. It will forge a stronger tie with them, and hopefully we can use them against [Enemies] in the near future, plus supposedly they know something about [MacGuffin] in or near [Delve] (see what you can find out). Meet their agent at [Waterdeep Locations.Taverns] to discuss the details, but be careful - that area is frequented by members of [Allies] who might not approve of what you're doing. Kill or otherwise discourage anyone from [Enemies] that gets in your way. 1,Organize a raid on [Delve]! Take a couple fighters from [Organizations] and maybe a spellcaster from [Organizations]. This will be a joint operation with [Allies] so there will be a few of them along as well - meet at [Waterdeep Locations.Taverns] to get started. Be warned that [Enemies] have some kind of operation in the area of the delve as well, so you will want to be prepared to deal with them. 1,Our spellcasters in [Organizations] need some very rare spell components, and you're in charge of procuring them. Supposedly [Complicated] know how to get them - there's some kind of source in or near [Delve] that they're familiar with. But of course, that will mean going up against [Enemies], so be careful. Maybe you should pose as members of [Complicated] just in case. 1,Safeguard a member of [Organizations] who will be traveling near [Delve] for a secret meeting with our allies [Allies]. They have enemies among [Enemies] and even [Complicated], so be prepared for any eventuality.


1,Laeral Silverhand 1,Savengriff of The Covenant 1,Eiruk Weskur of the Moonstars 1,Kyriani Agrivar of the Moonstars 1,Meloon Wardragon of the Moonstars 1,Myrmeen Lhal of the Moonstars 1,Nuvian Eyes-Ashen of the Moonstars 1,Osco Salisbuck of the Moonstars 1,Eaerlraun Shadowlyn of the Moonstars 1,Presper of The Covenant 1,Grimwald of The Covenant 1,Olanhar Wands of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors 1,Khondar Naomal of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors 1,Mhair Szeltune of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors 1,Aleena Paladinstar of Blackstaff Tower 1,Jalarra of Blackstaff Tower 1,Maresta Rhanbuck of Blackstaff Tower 1,Sydon Gundwynd of Blackstaff Tower 1,Tamar Harpell Wands of Blackstaff Tower 1,Malchor Harpell of the Tower of Twilight in Neverwinter


5,the Moonstars 5,the apprentices at Blackstaff Tower 2,the Covenant 1,the Church of Mystra 1,House Eltorchul 1,House Wands 2,the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors


4,Blackstaff Tower in Waterdeep 1,Eltorchul Academy in Waterdeep 1,Wands Manor in Waterdeep 1,Covenant Tower in Neverwinter 1,the Tower of Twilight in Neverwinter 1,the Tower of the Order in Waterdeep


5,[Open Lord.Organizations] 5,[Lady of the North.Organizations] 5,[Moon Priestess.Organizations] 1,the vampire Artor Morlin and his servitors


1,[Harpers.Organizations] 1,[Black Network.Organizations] 1,[Shadow Prince.Organizations] 1,[Dwarf King.Organizations] 1,[Paladins Brotherhood.Organizations] 1,the Dragon Mage Maaril of Waterdeep and his minions


5,[Lich Zulkir.Organizations] 5,[Orc Warlord.Organizations] 4,[Daemonfey.Organizations] 5,[Dragon Triumvirate.Organizations] 2,Halaster's Heirs in Undermountain 1,Trobriand and his constructs 1,the doppelgangers of the Unseen 1,the Kraken Society 1,the Skulls of Skullport

an agent of

1,a known agent of 1,who reports to 1,a known associate of 1,who takes orders directly from 1,an underling of 1,a trusted agent of 1,an operative of 1,who as far as we can determine is loyal to 1,who we have linked to 1,a suspected associate of 1,a possible ally of 1,who was last seen working for

Enemy Agents

5,[Lich Zulkir.Agents], [an agent of] the Lich Zulkir 3,[Orc Warlord.Agents], [an agent of] the Orc Warlord 4,[Daemonfey.Agents], [an agent of] the Daemonfey 5,[Dragon Triumvirate.Agents], [an agent of] the Dragon Triumvirate

Complicated Agents

1,[Harpers.Agents], [an agent of] the Harpers 1,[Black Network.Agents], [an agent of] the Black Network 1,[Shadow Prince.Agents], [an agent of] the Shadow Prince 1,[Dwarf King.Agents], [an agent of] the Dwarf King 1,[Paladins Brotherhood.Agents], [an agent of] the Paladins Brotherhood

Ally Agents

5,[Open Lord.Organizations], [an agent of] the Open Lord 5,[Lady of the North.Organizations], [an agent of] the Lady of the North 5,[Moon Priestess.Organizations], [an agent of] the Moon Priestess


1,[Forgotten Realms Icons.MacGuffin]


3,[Waterdeep Locations.Dungeon Locations] 4,[Forgotten Realms Icons.Ancient Ruins]