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1,Your bloodline is that of [Bloodline]


1,a CALIBAN - You were born under a witch's hex, or in the vicinity of dark magical rites being practiced. You are stunted, gnarled, bestial, or deformed in some way.
Born Under a Black Sign: Early exposure to witchery leaves a Caliban resistant to magic. They take 2 fewer points of damage when hit by offensive arcane powers, and add a +2 bonus to Save vs. Magic. On the downside, they have to Save vs. Magic against beneficial effects too.
Horrific Visage: Due to their malformed countenances, Caliban have -2 to their Charisma.
Broken-Bodied Brute: Though misshapen, Caliban tend to be as tough as iron. Caliban add +2 to their Constitution.
Shambling Gate: Caliban have -1 Speed due to the tortured movements of their gnarled limbs. 1,a CHANGELING - You are not truly human at all; rather, the Fae stole a human baby from its crib, and left you in its place. Tell-tale signs of your inhuman lineage include your [FaeSigns].
• Faerie Glamor: Once per day, Changelings can use a limited Disguise power to alter their own appearance. This functions like a “Charm Person” spell against everyone in the Changeling’s presence strictly for the purpose of disguising them for a number of Turns equal to their level.
• Frail and Fey: -1 Constitution.
• Mystified by Mortal Devices: Changelings always suffer a -2 to the Tinkering skill. Additionally, when the character fumbles a roll while using a man-made device of any kind, the device breaks.
• Unearthly: When the Changeling is created, randomly roll one 1st level spell. They can cast it a number of times per day equal to their Level.
• Don't Charm a Charmer: Sleep and Charm spells don’t work on Changelings.
• Weakness (Iron): Changelings take double damage from iron weapons, but can handle iron items normally. 1,something CREATED - You were not truly born at all; rather, you were created alchemically, or galvanically by a rogue experimenter. Your body might bear the marks of having been stitched together, or there might be inorganic material assimilated to your physiognomy.
• Immunity: Created do not suffer from Poisons or Diseases, and do not take double damage from critical hits.
• Inhuman Stamina: Created start with an extra 1d6+1 Constitution.
• Less Than Human: Created heal at half the speed/rate that humans do, and get half the benefit from healing magic.
• Outsider: Painfully aware of their nature, Created are never fully able to integrate into society. They suffer -(1d6+1) to Charisma.
• Unfeeling Resilience: Created get a +1 bonus to Willpower checks, and +2 to resist all negative environmental effects. 1,a DHAMPIR - One of your ancestors was a vampire. This taint manifests physically as [DhampirSigns].
• Children of the Night: Dhampir have nightvision, and (usually) retractable fangs that can deal 1d4 damage.
• Damned: Due to their vampiric lineage, Dhampir possess the Undead quality. Negatives - they can be Turned or affected like any Undead creature, and they can’t benefit from healing magics. Positives - they cannot be Poisoned, cannot contract a Disease, and, for every 2 hit points worth of blood they drain from a human, they regain 1 of their own. When hurt, and in the presence of a bleeding human, they must make a Willpower check to avoid drinking from them.
• Hypnotic Gaze: Dhampir are supernatural beguilers. They can make a contested Charisma vs. Willpower check to create an effect like “Charm Person” for one command. Once they fail a check against an individual, they can't Charm them again.
• Self-Correcting Problem: Dhampir deal out double damage against Vampires.
• Weakness (Holy): Holy/Lawful weapons and damaging Miracle powers cause +2 damage to Dhampir.
• Weakness (Sunlight): Dhampir are at -1 to all actions in direct sunlight. 1,the MOON-BLOODED - Though not a were-creature yourself, one of your progenitors bore the curse. Your bloodline manifests as animal-like features, and a predatory temper.
• Frenzy: Moon-Blooded fly into a bestial rage when attacked, or openly threatened/mocked. They can only restrain themselves from lashing out if they make a Willpower check at a +4 penalty. If the Moon-Blooded's bloodthirsty nature is known, they suffer -4 to Charisma. On the positive side, they’re at +1 to hit and +1 damage with their bare hands/feet/teeth during these episodes.
• Keen: Moon-Blooded have extraordinary senses of hearing, sight, or smell; they get a +1 to Tracking, or Searching.
• Low Light Vision: Moon-Blooded have (weak) infravision up to 20 feet.
• Monstrous Fortitude: Moon-Blooded are difficult to wound; they have +1 Constitution.
• Red of Tooth and Claw: You have [MoonBloodedSigns].
• Weakness (Silver): Moon-Blooded take double damage from silver weapons. 1,a NEPHILIM - The celestial seed of a traitorous angel begot your bloodline. This taint makes you seem otherworldly, and has imbued you with a terrifying beauty.
• Accursed: Since their angelic ancestor broke commandments by lying with a mortal, the Nephilim bear the ill-will of the divine. -2 penalty to save vs. any curse or cursed item.
• Angelic Benefactor: Nephilim are driven by their angelic blood to help others. Willpower check at +2 difficulty to avoid helping those in need.
• Lay on Hands: Calling upon their divine heritage, a Nephilim can heal themselves, or others. 1d6+(Level) hp, a number of times per day equal to their level.
• Terrifying Beauty: Their beatific and perfected form gives them +2 to Charisma. 1,the SEA-BLOODED - Somewhere in your lineage lurks an ancestor who was a “deep one.” This taint manifests itself in a somewhat frog- or fish-like aspect to your appearance.
• Call of the Sea: A Sea-Blooded can never drown in water, and gains a d6 to their Speed while swimming.
• “The Look”: All Sea-Blooded have something fish- or frog-like about their appearance. This unfortunate aspect of their bloodline gives them -2 to Charisma. Even when magically disguised, they suffer from this penalty. People can tell that there’s something “off” about you.
• Things Man Was Not Meant to Know: Distant and nightmarish beings communicate with the Sea-Blooded while they sleep. These dreams are dimly remembered, but still give Sea-Blooded a +1 to Arcana. Such uncanny knowledge comes with a price to one’s sanity, -1 Willpower. 1,the HELL-BLOODED - Included in your ancestry is a progenitor who fornicated with devils. This corruption manifests in [HellBloodedSigns].
• Burn, Baby, Burn!: Half damage from fire and heat.
• Infernal Will: +2 bonus to most Willpower checks, and +2 to all attempts (even magical ones) to Intimidate or cause Fear. The opposite is true when dealing with Clergy or other True Believers.
• Silver-Tongued Devil: The natural cunning a Hell-Blooded gains from their demonic lineage allows them to “Charm Person” a number of times per day equal to their Level.
• Weakness (Holy): Hell-Blooded take double damage from holy weapons, and damaging Miracle powers. Additionally, they feel uncomfortable in sacred places.


1,pointed ears 1,oddly-colored eyes 1,heterochromatic eyes 1,unnaturally-colored hair 1,slightly pointed canine teeth 1,[FaeSigns], and [FaeSigns] 1,[FaeSigns], [FaeSigns], and [FaeSigns]


4,an extreme pallor 2,an eerie aura of morbidity (-1 to positive social interactions, +1 to Intimidate or Frighten) 1,fang-like teeth that can't be retracted (1d6 damage/blood-drain) 2,an extreme pallor, and an eerie aura of morbidity (-1 to positive social interactions, +1 to Intimidate or Frighten) 1,having no reflection 1,having no reflection, an extreme pallor, and an eerie aura of morbidity (-1 to positive social interactions, +1 to Intimidate or Frighten)


4,irretractable fangs (1d6 damage) 4,claws 1d6+(STR bonus) damage 3,nightvision (but your eyes reflect any light in the area) 3,powerful legs (leap up to STR feet vertically, and STRx2 feet horizontally) 3,a tough hide and tasteful fur (half damage from cold) 2,nightvision (but your eyes reflect any light in the area), and irretractable fangs (1d6 damage) 2,irretractable fangs (1d6 damage), and claws 1d6+(STR bonus) damage 1,irretractable fangs (1d6 damage), claws 1d6+(STR bonus) damage, nightvision (but your eyes reflect any light in the area), powerful legs (leap up to STR feet vertically, and STRx2 feet horizontally), and a tough hide and tasteful fur (half damage from cold)


4,horns 4,a forked tongue 4,a third nipple 4,cloven hooves 4,a tail 1,[HellBloodedSigns], and [HellBloodedSigns]


19, 1,[BloodlineIntro]