Biopunk Elements

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<sgdisplay iterations="5">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,[mechthing] with [mechpart] 1,[mechthing] with a mechanical system inspired by [biopart] 1,[mechthing] with a biomech interface to [biopart] 1,[biothing] with [mechpart] mechanically attached 1,[biothing] with a biograft of [biopart] 1,[person] with [mechpart] 1,[person] with [mechpart] and a personality like [biopart] 1,[person] with [biopart]


1,A humanoid android 1,A single-pilot jet 1,A tank 1,A submarine 1,A motorcycle


1,A hunting dog 1,A horse 1,A lion 1,A dolphin


1,An assassin 1,A soldier 1,An orphan 1,A mechanic 1,A mercenary


1,built-in nightvision 1,an earth-boring drill 1,chainsaw attachments 1,a high-frequency spread-spectrum burst transmission system 1,flamethrowers 1,a monofilament wire net gun 1,grenade launchers


1,cat's eyes 1,the skin of a chameleon 1,a chitin exoskeleton 1,the teeth of a shark 1,a gorilla's muscles 1,the venom of a cobra 1,a python's coils 1,the horns of a bull