Benign Waterborne Encounter

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<sgdisplay iterations="5">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,Fallen tree along the shore - branches a haven for birds and fish 1,Rogue wave rocks ship 1,Bird circles ship overhead and follows 1,Dolphins race ahead 1,Wreckage spotted 1,Whale sighting 1,Sea monster sighting (kraken, giant turtle, sea serpent) 1,Short squall passes over, drenching all 1,Ship hull burned to water level in the distance 1,Lone rock covered in gulls 1,Large bird nest spotted in tree along shore 1,Flying fish 1,Life preserver floats by 1,Secret compartment found on board; Captain mystified 1,Shark fin sighting 1,Buoy marking a sunken crab trap or shallow ground 1,Fishing lure dredged up 1,Debris crashes against ship 1,A box floats past. If investigated, it is found to contain [crate] 1,Iceberg in the distance 1,Wind picks up 1,Clouds form and skies darken 1,Sea lions 1,Large school of fish at the surface of water cross ship's path 1,Rigging comes loose 1,Food supplies are destroyed by vermin 1,Someone gets seasick 1,Tide of coloured seaweed/kelp 1,Gull droppings bombard one person over the course of several days 1,Smoke in the distance 1,River/wave carries the ship miles past it's intended port 1,Wave grounds ship 1,Port closed due to plague 1,Captain develops dementia 1,A female crewmember finds she is pregnant 1,A foundering, plundered ship 1,Shipboard pet constantly steals small items from one PC 1,A sailor who "plays a bit of [[Musical Instruments.WoodwindType]" challenges a PC bard to contest 1,Ship hits a Sargasso Sea, weeds choke movement 1,Other stuck ships are visible, some with rotting sails 1,Ship is boarded and searched by the Navy 1,Sky fills with immense flock of migratory geese that stream by for five minutes 1,Surface of the water is covered with an oily, coloured film 1,Random rubble along sea floor resolves in your mind as a pattern of roads 1,Ruins appear beneath the surface of the water 1,An iceberg calves or a cliff face shears off and tumbles into the water 1,Boat swept into a localized current flowing contrary to intended direction 1,A low dark cloud appears and sweeps in your direction to engulf the ship 1,Approaching low bank of fog is actually a swarm of insects 1,Columns of kelp float on the surface while passing through what should be deep water 1,Dull grey waters become strangely crystal clear as the sun zeniths 1,Bioluminescent algae float in the water, giving off faint light and revealing dark shapes 1,Your hair stands up as the rigging coruscates with electric blue light while balls of lightning move overhead 1,A rain of stinging jellyfish falls from the sky; a waterspout roils water in the distance 1,The navigator muses about two new stars that move each night 1,Aurora Borealis in the night 1,Globes of light move beneath the surface of the water 1,Animals along shore migrate in the same direction, visibly agitated 1,Unchecked forest fires burn along the shoreline 1,Water calms, humidity rises to 100%, temperature climbs, you are driven mad with unquenchable thirst, the sun seems to stand still 1,As a tentacle wraps itself up the side of the ship, though not over the railing, the ship lists until the suckered arm detaches 1,A black cloud roughly the size of your boat is fixed above you, emptying sheets of rain in a permanent squall 1,A flag pole protrudes from the water ahead of the ship--it is the top mast of another ship, submerged but upright, having achieved neutral buoyancy at this unlikely depth 1,Alone on high seas, you are overtaken by another vessel under full sail but without a soul on deck 1,Approaching port, no ship responds to your hails, and doors and windows are hung with black cloth; a single solid yellow flag flies from the end of the pier 1,A rogue wave travels under the ship, lifting then dropping it 1,A rogue wave crashes upon deck 1,A floating, watertight chest knocks up alongside--it might contain a relic, [ArcaneBooks.main], [Jewelry.startItemOnly], [Found in a crate.main], or junk 1,The classic "message in the bottle" arrives 1,One of the sails tears loudly 1,A shipmate goes harmlessly insane, spouts prophecies 1,A shipmate gets hit by the mast and slips into a coma 1,An artist paints or carves in wood a portrait of a sunset 1,Someone drops and chases something valuable that slides across deck 1,A fishing net catches something valuable 1,Someone is stealing rations from the ship's supplies 1,There is a stowaway that nobody knows about 1,Snow or a freezing rain storm causes slippery decks 1,Someone plays a prank 1,Beautiful coral reefs 1,Something big and heavy falls and rolls across a deck 1,Something absurdly large is discovered in the hold; nobody realized they were transporting it (large mammal, ancient statue, fountain) 1,Decayed body floats by 1,Ship tilts to one side and corrects itself before anyone finds out why 1,Nets or fishing lines are pulled by something massive, dragging ship along 1,A gust of wind brings vomit back over the rail to hit someone 1,Crew experiences scurvy 1,Crew experiences communicable diseases picked up at port 1,Whirlpool grabs ship, spins it, then ceases 1,Navigation charts/equipment are lost causing the crew to navigate by more primitive methods 1,Eclipse of the sun or moon 1,Smell of flowers comes on the wind and lingers 1,Bird drops dead on ship 1,An eerie glowing ghost-ship can be seen in the distance 1,Bird lands on ship carrying an unknown plant 1,Clouds appear that are unmistakable representations of crew members, then fade 1,Whole crew falls asleep 1,A battle between a giant squid an a sperm whale seen in the distance 1,dolphins swim with ship 1,Cargo is discovered to be different, but of equal value 1,Fisher man seen fishing with dynamite (or fireballs) 1,Dragon catching fish 1,A floating piece of wood carrying the sign of [Secret Society Title.SecretSocietyName].


1,nothing 3,[Found in a crate.main] </sgtable>

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