Benign Urban Encounter

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The content (initially) used for this table came from Roleplaying Tips. You should subscribe!

Short Phrases of Sensory ‘Local Color’ (call “main”):

Longer, More Complete Sentences (call “intro,+,main”):



1,As you go down in the streets today and open your eyes 1,As you sit, sit and stare, like a book on a shelf rustin’ 1,As you stand there, idly pondering your next move 1,Even as you slouch around slackjawed, hands in pockets 1,Just when you thought everything was under control 1,Just when you thought it was safe to have left the dungeon 1,Walkin’ in the park just the other minute, whattaya think 1,While noting that folk down here really don’t care 1,While you pause for a moment to tie your shoelaces 1,While you wait for the other members of your party 1,You take a good look at your surroundings and


5,, 2,… 1,


1,you [se2]


2,see 1,behold 1,come across 1,encounter 1,happen upon 1,notice 1,observe 1,spot 1,witness


2,smell 1,catch a whiff of 1,detect a smell of 1,perceive the delicate scent of 1,sniff out 1,notice an odor of


3,[product] 1,a fecal stench 1,a floral fragrance 1,a pungent stench 1,offal 1,perfume 1,skunk 1,something cloyingly sweet 1,urine 1,vomit


1,delicious deep-fried goodness 1,exotic warm spiced drinks 1,fresh-baked savories 1,hot pretzels 1,some icky ethnic food that smells really off 1,tasty street food 1,tropical refreshments


2,find 1,chance across 1,discover 1,happen on 1,spot


3,[metal] piece 1,discarded, tattered cloak 1,rusty old weapon in a gutter 1,old ring sticking out of the dirt 1,shopping list for potions


1,brass 1,copper 1,electrum 1,gold 1,lead 1,platinum 1,silver


1,you [hr2]


2,hear 1,become aware of 1,catch 1,discern 1,make out 1,perceive 1,think you hear


12,you [smell] [odor] 10,you [find] a [thing] 8,[see] a street vendor selling [product] 1,[hear] a howling/barking in the distance 1,[hear] animal calls, and soon a circus wagon trundles past 1,[hear] mewling up in a tree—a kitten is stuck and needs the PCs’ help 1,[hear] rattling coming from a nearby garbage bin; inside is a tied sack of kittens 1,[hear] singing floating out of a nearby building 1,[hear] something buzzing around your head—it’s a large beetle 1,[hear] the wind kick up 1,[hear] unseen people cheering for your party 1,[see] a case of mistaken identity 1,[see] a chess match 1,[see] a child seeking a pet frog 1,[see] a cloud shaped like a holy symbol 1,[see] a cop or guard walking on the beat 1,[see] a criminal held in a public stock 1,[see] a discount holy-water salesman 1,[see] a drunken fistfight 1,[see] a feral cat is trailing the party 1,[see] a few sun-bleached papers blow by 1,[see] a food fight happening 1,[see] a major crime 1,[see] a minor crime 1,[see] a mother seeking her child 1,[see] a parade in honor of a minor saint, hero, etc. 1,[see] a parent scolding their child 1,[see] a partial eclipse of the sun 1,[see] a pimp (“you messin’ with my woman?”) 1,[see] a rainbow in the distance 1,[see] a religious fanatic 1,[see] a sandstorm approaching 1,[see] a small dust whirlwind 1,[see] a street performer(s) 1,[see] a sudden sun shower (a non-PC adds, “Yep… ol’ Devil’s beatin’ his wife agin”) 1,[see] a very active beehive nearby 1,[see] a very friendly cat 1,[see] a wailing baby 1,[see] an angry customer arguing with a shopkeeper 1,[see] an approaching lightning storm 1,[see] an injured bird lying helpless 1,[see] an insect swarm/nest on a building 1,[see] an overturned vegetable cart 1,[see] an unconscious stranger, looted and left for dead on the side of the road 1,[see] an unfortunate wretch, passed-out drunk, with penises crudely Sharpie-d on their forehead 1,[see] birds of prey circling overhead 1,[see] foreigners arguing in their own language 1,[see] graffiti on a building 1,[see] kids playing a game (hide’n’seek) 1,[see] one person chasing another 1,[see] random stray chickens, scratching and pecking in the street 1,[see] rats are following you 1,[see] the still-smoldering corpse of an evil wizard tied to a stake 1,[see] two hooded disciples whispering on the street 1,a bee stings a nearby child, who blindly runs to a PC for soothing 1,a beggar asks for alms 1,a beggar, with his hand down a drain hole, brings up a ring and immediately asks the PCs to buy it 1,a chamber pot is emptied, very nearly onto the PCs 1,a chatty bard walks alongside the party 1,a city watchman follows you for [Dice.2d4] blocks 1,a criminal in custody is marched past 1,a crow squawks repeatedly at your approach 1,a dangerous fish in a tank bumps loudly against the glass 1,a dark storm cloud approaches 1,a dead ox causes gridlock 1,a depressed bard asks singsong, rhetorical questions of the PCs 1,a diseased old man resting in a chair requests your help to stand up 1,a distracted senior totters straight for your party 1,a fashion-victim woman breaks her shoe and stumbles into a PC 1,a fish vendor bends over to vomit, and people point and laugh 1,a fishmonger dumps a cart of rotten fish for scavengers to clean up 1,a hawk scoops up a mole or mouse near your party 1,a known crime boss sits and reads, while a sweating shoeshine boy buffs, and casts the PCs worried looks 1,a large flock of birds flies acrobatics, then darts away 1,a little boy confronts the PCs and shoots them with an imaginary crossbow 1,a local teen wants to join your party 1,a lunatic points at a PC’s equipment and lists its magical properties—and he’s right! 1,a man gets down on one knee and proposes, drawing a crowd and knotting traffic 1,a messenger collides with the PCs and many papers start blowing around 1,a noble is carried past in a sedan chair 1,a paint can spills from above and splashes the PCs 1,a pair of small birds harass you 1,a passing child drops a piece of pottery and starts to cry 1,a politician, speechifying from a soapbox, makes eye contact with a PC 1,a raven lands in your path, stares, then flutters away 1,a ray of light seems to surround one person 1,a religious leader and his incense-burning retinue cuts across the PCs’ path 1,a roof tile falls, barely missing your party 1,a rubbery mass stuck to your boot (gum) 1,a shadow passes across the ground 1,a sheet of music blows into a PC’s face 1,a small bird egg drops out of a nest and lands intact nearby 1,a snake slithers away 1,a spoiled brat wants one of the party’s items 1,a street cleaner sweeps by 1,a street preacher accosts you 1,a swarm of bats rise in the distance 1,a vicious-looking raccoon has claimed an apple cart—the merchant beseeches the PCs for help 1,a visitor stops to ask for directions to an interesting place 1,a weapon sharpener approaches your party 1,a weary knight is mobbed by adoring children 1,a woman drops a fruit basket—can the PCs dodge them before squashing some? 1,a young consumer is watched closely 1,a young noble passes by, trailed by a pickpocket 1,a young, strong, healthy beggar asks for alms 1,an arid, salty dust coats your mouth 1,an elf walks by, with living snakes wrapped around his shoulders 1,an escaped pet rodent, rolling around the street in its ball, bumps up against a PC’s leg 1,an injured mounted scout charges through the street 1,an overturned cart causes gridlock 1,an urchin approaches, hoping to scam your party 1,cats chasing each other dart past 1,children pester your party 1,clothing tossed out a window during a lovers’ spat lands on a PC 1,dogs chasing each other run by 1,emaciated children tug at your party’s sleeves 1,one person develops an intense itch 1,political activists on parade beckon the PCs to join 1,private guards flank a door 1,religious pilgrims, under a vow of silence, are being jeered at 1,smoke rises in the distance (a brush fire) 1,someone asks, ‘please watch this cart for me, just for a minute.’ 1,someone bumps your pouch (luckily, nothing’s missing) 1,someone stomps in a nearby puddle—splash! 1,someone teleports away 1,something scurries away (a chipmunk?) 1,suddenly [hear] how eerily quiet everything has gone 1,three performers in masks surround the PCs and do a ring dance around them 1,two religious processions meet head-on 1,well-armed adventurers pass by 1,you are ‘recognized’ by a drunk 1,you are approached by prostitute(s) 1,you are stung by a bee 1,you feel a howling gust of wind 1,you feel a sense of déjà vu 1,you feel an unusually cool breeze 1,you get a dull, throbbing headache 1,you have an allergic reaction to exotic spice/pollen 1,you step in crap—dog, dire rat, etc. 1,you stumble on a lover’s quarrel 1,you stumble onto amorous teens 1,your party passes an alleyway which is blocked by a new spiderweb