Bad Year in Bear Lake

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Howdy, young feller! Come set a spell by th’ farr …
an’ let Grampaw tell yuh all ’bout th’ good ol’ days, here in Bear Lake …!





1,[¶] 2,[¶] [¶] 2,[¶] [¶] [¶] 4,[¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] 4,[¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] 6,[¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] 4,[¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] 4,[¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] 2,[¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] 2,[¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] 1,[¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶] [¶]





1,[⌘] 2,[⌘] [⌘] 3,[⌘] [⌘] [⌘] 3,[⌘] [⌘] [⌘] [⌘] 2,[⌘] [⌘] [⌘] [⌘] [⌘] 1,[⌘] [⌘] [⌘] [⌘] [⌘] [⌘]



1,Back ’round [year] 1,H’it all happened along back ’bout [year] 1,H’it was [year] 1,H’it was [year], quite a dif’nt time 1,H’it would’ve been [year] 1,Had t’ be [year], that was when [hero] died, as I recall 1,Th’ time shore do fly … [year], that was 1,Yuh wanna hear ’bout [hero]…? That takes me back t’ [year]


1,[yr] 1,[yr][aside_chance] 1,[yr][approx_chance][aside_chance]


1,189[Dice.digit] 1,19[Dice.1d4][Dice.digit] 1,19[Dice.1d4][Dice.digit]ish 10,[modifier] th’ [era]


4, 1,, back jes’ afore’n we got electrified 1,, back when we bought ever’thin’ out’n th’ Sears catalog 1,, in th’ ol’ days, a right smart spell ago 1,, bootleggers out at th’ lake 1,, [ij]


1,along ’bout 1,jes’ afore’n 1,jes’ atter 1,mebbe 1,nigh on 1,right afore’n 1,right atter


1,damn Spanish-American War 1,days afore’n they built th’ fish house … [modifier] 192[Dice.digit] 1,dust bowl … [modifier] 193[Dice.digit] 1,depression … [modifier] 193[Dice.digit] 1,early forties 1,early thirties 1,mid-twenties 1,roarin’ twenties 1,start o’ th’ Great War 1,turn o’ th’ century


2, 1, nelly ’bout 1, or so 1, or they’bouts 1, pert-near 1, plum nelly


1,[INTRO] [hero]


10,[m_end]. [END] 1,Say whut yuh want ’bout [hero] … he [strength]. [fun_tale]. 1,[IH] [entered_contest]. [fun_tale]. He sure as hell din’t win. 1,[IH], he [action]. He was obsest [timespan] with this [object]. 1,[IH], he found him a [object] right atter [event]. He [strength]. 1,[IH], he got hisse’f kilt in [accident]. Caused quite a ruckus at th’ time – [year]. 1,[IH], he had him this [object] whut, frankly, made ever’body [emotion]. He [weakness]. He [strength] though. 1,Darn [hero], he made us all [emotion], whut with th’ [object] and all. He [weakness]. 1,Th’ thing with [hero] an’ th’ [object][exclamation] He jes’ [action]. 1,That thing whut happened [place][exclamation] Damn [hero] an’ th’ [object]. He jes’ [action]. 1,[IH] was as strong’s a [dangerous_animal]. Man[persistence]. [END] 1,I gotta hand it t’ [hero][persistence]. Jes’ a-lookin’ fer th’ [object]. We [town_action] … [END] 1,He [action]. Still makes me [emotion][exclamation] [END] 1,I seed whut [hero] did[exclamation] [END]


1,[IH], he [action]. He [weakness] 1,[IH], he done got aholt o’ a [object] [place] 1,[IH], he got involved [place] atter [event] 1,[INTRO] that was th’ time [hero] [fought] that [bad_adj] [villain] [place]. [fight_end] 1,[INTRO] that was when that [bad_adj] [villain] holed up at [location]. He [weakness]. Had a [weapon] on ’im, too. Later, we [town_action] 1,[INTRO] that was when [hero] [acquired][badcase] th’ [disease]. He [treatment] [result]. He [strength] 1,[town_ire]. We [town_action] 1,That [villain], he was [det] [bad_adj] [insult]. He [weakness] 1,We [town_action]. [town_ire] ’cuz he’d [action] 1,Ye’d go [place] an’ see [hero] ever’ night, a-lookin’ [emotion]. He [strength]

<-- use to redden lines for debugging: debug_line -->


1,a 1,the biggest 1,one 1,some kinda


1, – he might like-t’ been [emotion], but he’d make th’ trip [direction] t’ [location] ever’ day anyhow 1,, he hounded that [bad_adj] [villain] [timespan] 1,, he was one persist’nt [insult]. He din’t care if’n h’it hare-lipped granny, he wun’t ’bout t’ let it be 1,, he was one obst’nate [insult]. He wouldn’t give in 1,, he wouldn’t let it be 1,, th’ [insult] b’lieved in persev’ration 1,, that [insult] wouldn’t quit 1,, that feller jes’ kep’ atter h’it


3,[sure_as], 1,An’body c’da tol’ yuh 1,An’body’d tell yuh 1,As I recall, 1,Back then, 1,Back’n them days, 1,Don’t rightly recollect, but 1,Ever’body knowed 1,I ’member 1,I do b’lieve ’twas ’roun’ then, yep, 1,I reckon 1,I swear 1,I think 1,I’m a-tellin’ yuh 1,I’m sure 1,If’n I ain’t mixed up, 1,If’n I recall rightly, 1,H’it’s sartain 1,Lessee now, 1,Thet thar takes me back … [intro] 1,Well now, 1,Welp, 1,Why, 1,Y’know


1,Abrum 1,Alvin 1,Billy Ray 1,Boss Tyler 1,Br’er Bob 1,Buck 1,Charlie Poole 1,Chester 1,Clarence 1,Cullom Hodapp 1,Dale 1,Doc Wilson 1,Elmer 1,Enos 1,Ernest 1,Floyd 1,Herman 1,Hobo Bill 1,Jasper 1,Jed 1,Jimmy 1,Judge Purvis 1,Melvin 1,ol’ Harv 1,Orville Hicks 1,Preacher Casey 1,Redd 1,Sheriff Johnson 1,Tiny 1,Tom Firby 1,Virgil 1,Walt 1,ol’ man Weatherby 1,Wesley 1,Wilbur


1,Ace Maddox 1,Alton 1,Anderson boy 1,Billy Joe 1,Bobby Lee Hunter 1,Bubba 1,carpetbagger 1,Casey 1,Cecil 1,Clem Walters 1,Clyde 1,Cooter 1,Darryl 1,Delbert McCoy 1,Eddie 1,fish-house hermit 1,Gaylord Gannon 1,Gunnar Hansen 1,Hank McCaffrey 1,Harry 1,Horace Spuckler 1,Jerry Bellows 1,Jesse 1,Junior Munroe 1,Kane 1,Leroy 1,Lloyd 1,Luther 1,Merle 1,Muley 1,Nash Murdock 1,Obie Jessup 1,Roy 1,Silas 1,Vern 1,whutzis-name 1,Willie 1,Zeb Hines 1,Zeke McKade


3,[ending]. 2,[ending] … [ending]. 1,[ending] – [ij], [ending].


1,’spect I’d’a done th’ same, frankly 1,ain’t that sump’n? 1,all’s well whut ends well 1,an’ right afore [event], too 1,an’ that’s jes’ th’ way ’twas 1,as th’ twig’s bent, so grow th’ tree 1,best laugh t’ keep from cryin’ 1,but that’s jes’ how ’twas 1,cain’t change it now 1,cain’t git ahead fer tryin’ 1,don’t I know it 1,don’t that tear yuh fer a duster? 1,don’t wanna talk ’bout that no more 1,end o’ story 1,ever’ tub must stand on ’tsown bottom 1,h’ain’t much else t’ say ’bout that 1,h’it was sump’n else 1,h’it’s jes’ how it goes 1,I heared tell he up an’ died by th’ time [tragedy] 1,I seent it all 1,let bygones be bygones, I allus say 1,not much choice, rilly 1,still get [emotion] thinkin’ ’bout it 1,still got th’ [object] ’roun’ here sum’ers 1,th’ last time we seent ’im, we [town_action] 1,things was shore dif’nt back then 1,those’r th’ days 1,too late now, though 1,too little, too late, I reckon 1,whut’s done is done


1,[tale_start] [tale_mid]. [tale_end]


1,At [happy_event], 1,At [meeting] [place] 1,He was [place], an’ 1,He was at [happy_event], an’ 1,I ’member [meeting] [place]. He come up an’ 1,Once’t, at [happy_event] [place][exclamation] 1,One time [place],


1,[ij], he [funny_action] 1,[ij], he done [funny_action] 1,he – or was’t t’other time? … Welp, I reckon he [funny_action] 1,he [funny_action] 1,he [funny_action], with his [object] 1,he jes’ [funny_action] 1,he started wavin’ this [object]. [ij], he [drank]


1,Ever’body had a big laugh over that 1,Had us all rollin’ with that one 1,Still gimme a good chuckle, even now 1,Like-t’ th’ dumbest thing I ever seed 1,Folks jes’ couldn’t stop laughin’ 1,I tell yuh, [ending]


1,cut up some monkeyshines 1,had a damn-fool grin on his face 1,kep’ on funnin’ us th’ whole time 1,started a-skippin’ right frisky-like 1,tole a yarn none o’ us c’d b’lieve 1,tried t’ do … oh Lordy … 1,tript an’ fell plumb over his’n chair 4,[drank]


1, – hot damn. 1, – that was bad. 1, – who th’ hell knew? 1, – who’d’a thunk it? 1, … dadgummit. 1, … damn right. 1, … h’it was bad. 1,, aw hell. 1,, shoot. 1,, still cain’t b’lieve it. 1,, sunuvagun.


1,afeart 1,all het up 1,all misty-eyed 1,angry 1,ashamed 1,compunctious 1,fit t’ be tied 1,nervous 1,remorseful 1,restless 1,sad 1,shameful 1,sick 1,sore 1,suspicious 1,uncomfortable 1,uneasy 1,worried


1,’splaint th’ situation t’ ’im 1,buried ’im with h’it 1,called th’ Sheriff, but they din’t take ’im up 1,cut down on ’im with a [weapon] 1,din’t ax no questions ’bout that 1,give ’im th’ whut-fer 1,made sure it din’t never happen agin 1,never brung it up agin 1,never lookt at ’im th’ same atter 1,run ’im outta town 1,set ’im a-sparkin’ with a purty gal from Junction City 1,shot ’im in th’ [Body Parts.Head] [place] 1,strung his sorry ass up, [place] 1,tried t’ he’p ’im, honest t’ God we did 1,tried t’ reason with ’im 1,tuck ’im out back fer t’ ’splain things t’ ’im 1,tuck ’im out drankin’, tried t’ git his mind off’n it


1,[ij], [ti] 1,[ti]


1,folks was right [emotion] 1,got all o’ his’n kinfolk [emotion] 1,people git all riled up, an’ [emotion] 1,some disliked th’ notion, but we had t’ git ’er done 1,th’ whole damn town was in a uproar 1,we did whut we had t’ 1,we’s all fixin’ t’ do sump’n, but [hero] tole us t’ wait 1,it done stirred ever’body up


0,interjection (maybe split into pre- and -post versions) 2,[sure_as] 1,I kid yuh not 1,I tell yuh whut 1,I’m a-tellin’ yuh 1,oh Lordy 1,mercy sakes 1,shoot 1,well sir 1,welp 1,yuh best b’lieve


1,jes’ as sure as [sa] 1,sure as [sa] 1,sure’s [sa]


1,brook t’ run t’ river 1,death an’ taxes 1,eggs in April 1,eggs is eggs 1,fishes swim an’ birds do fly 1,I’m a-settin’ here 1,my gun’s iron 1,shootin’ 1,th’ coat’s on yer back 1,th’ sun come up in th’ East 1,th’ sun come up over Pig Holler 1,ye’re born


1,borne that shame [timespan] 1,bottled it up [timespan] 1,carried a great burden [timespan] 1,ignored it [timespan] 1,kep’ on a-yappin’ ’bout it [timespan] 1,watched an’ waited [timespan] 1,wouldn’t let up [timespan] 1,ent up a-kill’n’ hisse’f over it 1,kep’ pushin’. Th’ [insult] wouldn’t quit 1,let ’er all go t’ hell 1,tried so hard. No use in that, o’ course 1,tried t’ “make it right” … as if he could 1,gone out a-fishin’ an’ never come back


1,’til it all come undone 1,’til it blowed up in his face 1,’til one day, he finally snapt 1,’til th’ day he died 1,all them years 1,at least ten, twenty year 1,fer years 1,his whole life


1,decided t’ run in th’ big race 1,entert th’ pie-eatin’ contest 1,filed him a sham lawsuit agin’ [villain] 1,run fer mayor 1,tried t’ win th’ “Man o’ Th’ Year” contest


1,drunk hisse’f into a stupor 1,drunk ’til he fell over 1,got drank plum nelly under th’ table by [villain] 1,was so drunk he c’d barely stand


1,used a [bottle] 1,chugged down a [bottle] 1,drunk up a [bottle] 1,tried th’ [bottle]


1,bottle o’ snake-oil 1,deadly pizen 1,flask 1,jug o’ moonshine 1,quack cure-all, whut [hero] liked 1,snort 1,vial o’ medicine


1,’cuz he jes’ couldn’t take no more 1,an’ that holp, fer a spell 1,but it din’t do no good, no how 1,tryin’ anythin’, y’know … hopin’ 1,tryin’ t’ dull th’ pain


1,beat th’ tar outta 1,beat up 1,brawlt with 1,fit with 1,give a lickin’ t’ 1,had him a dis’greement with 1,handed out a attitude adjus’ment t’ 1,opent up a can o’ whoopass on 1,pickt a fight with 1,pickt on 1,set to it “fist an’ skull” on 1,started a ruckus with 1,tuck him a run-ago at 1,wanted t’ duel


1,[hero] come up an’ put a end t’ it, lick’ty-split 1,You’d’a thunk that’d learn ’im, atter he like-t’ got hisse’f knockt into th’ middle o’ nex’ week 1,He got whupped, but … [ij], we had us a laugh 1,Th’ best was when [hero] come up an’ got jobbed in th’ [Body Parts.Head] askidently 1,Then that [bad_adj] [villain] pult a [armed] an’ [ij], things got right dicey


4,[weakness], an’ [weakness] 1,drunk like a fish 1,got a li’l too crazy with that [armed] 1,had a [armed] he was allus wavin’ at folks 1,had him this [bottle] he couldn’t let go of 1,let us all know, he hated that [bad_adj] [villain] 1,jes’ wun’t th’ same atter’n he come back from th’ war 1,liked t’ show off a touch too much 1,made sev’ral enemies 1,smoked like a chimbley 1,was a right [insult] 1,was a real womanizer 1,was dangeris. [town_ire] 1,was one [bad_adj] [insult] 1,was sure a [bad_adj] [insult]


4,[strength], an’ [strength] 1,c’d chop more wood’n yuh c’d shake a stick at 1,c’d drive a post like nobody’s bidness 1,had him a right gentle soul 1,had a way with fixin’ up machines 1,made some o’ th’ best damn geegaws ’round these parts 1,raised him some decent boys 1,shore liked havin’ a time 1,treated most folks with respect 1,was powerf’l gen’rous 1,was right jovial, th’ most days 1,was allus ready with his [weapon] 1,was allus there t’ lend a hand 1,was one o’ th’ smartest fellers I ever knowed 1,was right kind t’ them whut he liked 1,wun’t so tough once’t yuh got t’ know ’im 1,would piss on a sparkplug if’n he thought it’d help


5,[bad_adj], [bad_adj] 1,boozin’ 1,cheatin’ 1,consarned 1,crooked 1,dadburnt 1,damn fool 1,dimwitted 1,dirty 1,doggone 1,flea-bit 1,greedy 1,ignint 1,low-down 1,lyin’ 1,mangy 1,no-good 1,orn’ry 1,sigogglin’ 1,sleazy 1,slimy 1,sorry good fer nothin’ 1,swindlin’ 1,tetched 1,thickheaded 1,two-bit 1,yellow-bellied


1,bastard 1,goober 1,jerk 1,jughead 1,mongrel 1,ninc’mpoop 1,piece o’ work 1,son-of-a-gun 1,sumbitch 1,varmint


1,[book] 1,[bottle] 1,[letter] 1,[money] 1,[toy] 1,[armed]


1,Bible 1,bit o’ “evidence” he had 1,box o’ “French” pi’tures 1,damn manuscript 1,ledger


4,[weapon] 2,[weapon] (like th’ one [hero] allus had) 1,thing he brought back from th’ war


1,bay’net 1,blunderbuss 1,bowie knife 1,cap’n’ball gun 1,Civil War off’cer’s sword 1,club a-wrapt in bobwar 1,Colt Peacemaker 1,derringer 1,farmer’s scattergun 1,Gatlin’-gun 1,hog rifle 1,huntin’ knife 1,pitchfork 1,rifle gun 1,Winch’ster 12-gauge


1,letter from [address] 1,letter t’ [address] 1,[document]


1,his chirrens 1,his fambly 1,his ol’ granny 1,his sweetheart 1,th’ gubmint 1,th’ military


1,confession 1,deed t’ [hero]’s farm 1,notarized letter 1,plan he wrote out 1,sketch o’ [location] 1,weird map o’ [location]


1,bag o’ money he stole 1,bunch o’ money he needed 1,buried jar o’ gold 1,load o’ cash in that mattress 1,wallet [hero] lost 1,windfall he inherited


1,hand-me-down doll 1,key t’ th’ cellar 1,piece o’ jewelry 1,stupid toy [villain] give his sweetheart 1,thing whut he give that gal


1,bear 1,coon 1,ox 1,polecat 1,rabid hound dog 1,ragin’ bull 1,snake 1,wolf


1,combine 1,hog oiler 1,thresher 1,tiller 1,traction engine 1,tractor 1,winnowing machine


2,[special_event] 1,[holiday] 1,[funeral] 1,[birth] 1,[wedding] 1,[meeting]


1,Christmas 1,[villain]’s birthday 1,Easter 1,Thanksgivin’ 1,th’ Fourth o’ July 1,his big ann’vers’ry 1,th’ one day a year he’d up an’ git pie-eyed


1,his Pa’s funeral 1,his Mother’s funeral 1,th’ time his boy died 1,th’ time his wife died


1,his boy was born 1,his daughter was born 1,that freak was born


1,he got married 1,he finally got hitched 1,his sweetheart done married that feller [place] 1,he run off with whut’s-her-name


1,th’ circus 1,th’ tent revival 1,th’ vigilance committee


2,[sad_event] 1,[happy_event]


1,[hero]’s hootenanny 1,Ida’s big weddin’ 1,th’ barn dance 1,th’ big church supper 1,th’ corn-shuckin’ bee 1,th’ county fair 1,th’ fiddlin’ festival 1,th’ harvest hoedown 1,th’ hay balin’ contest 1,th’ quiltin’ frolic 1,th’ tri-county jamboree 1,th’ welcome-home party fer [hero]


1,[accident] 1,[tragedy]


1,a car axident 1,a axident while they’s a-huntin’ [dangerous_animal] 1,th’ [farm_equipment] incident 1,th’ axident with th’ [farm_equipment] 1,th’ axident with th’ [armed] 1,th’ catastrophe with th’ [farm_equipment] 1,th’ mishap with th’ [armed] 1,th’ tramplin’ axident 1,that [dangerous_animal] attack 1,that one awful axident with [hero]’s [farm_equipment]


1,that animal disease [arrival] 1,that damn swarm [arrival] 1,that awful ice storm [arrival] 1,th’ big blizzard [arrival] 1,th’ big crop failure [arrival] 1,th’ blight [arrival] 1,th’ flood [arrival] 1,th’ hailstorm [arrival] 1,th’ heat wave [arrival] 1,th’ hurricane [arrival] 1,th’ tornado [arrival] 1,th’ dust storm at [location] 1,we got snowed in at [location]


1,come 1,dropt in 1,happened 1,hit 1,rolled in 1,struck


1,[intensifier] [direction] [adv] [location]


2, 1,along 1,way


1,out 1,up 1,down 1,over 1,yonder


1,at 1,by 1,near 1,next t’ 1,not far from 1,right by


1,[hero]’s place 1,[villain]’s farm 1,Bent Crick 1,Deep Gap 1,Hog Lick 1,Junction City 1,Pig Holler 1,Puckett’s 40 1,Route 28 1,th’ broke-down cooperage 1,th’ crossroads 1,th’ dry-goods store 1,th’ fish house 1,th’ lake 1,th’ laurel hell 1,th’ ol’ tumble-down farmstead 1,th’ park 1,th’ pharmacy 1,th’ swamp 1,th’ woods


2,come down with 1,b’come afflicted by 1,b’come ill with 1,b’come indisposed on account o’ 1,got hisse’f knockt out by 1,got hit with 1,got knockt down by 1,got laid out by 1,got sidelined by 1,got taken down with 1,had him 1,took to ailin’ on account o’ 1,was laid up with


6, 2, a bad case o’ 1, a right nasty case o’ 1, a plum awful case o’


1,ague 1,apoplexy 1,bad blood 1,Black Dog 1,black lung 1,Black Rose 1,Blue Boar 1,brain fever 1,catarrh 1,chilblains 1,croup 1,dropsy 1,Egyptian Inheritance 1,English disease 1,Fever o’ th’ Spirits 1,foul disease 1,fourteen-day fever 1,framboesia 1,French crust 1,French pox 1,frog tongue 1,grippe 1,inanition 1,King’s Evil 1,lockjaw 1,palsy 1,purpelia 1,putrid sore throat 1,quinsey 1,ragpicker’s disease 1,red gum 1,Risin’ o’ th’ Lights 1,rosy drop 1,scrumpox 1,shinbone fever 1,Spanish fever 1,squinzey 1,St. Anthony’s Farr 1,summer c’mplaint 1,sweatin’ sickness 1,tick-fever 1,tissick 1,water on th’ knee 1,yellerjacket



note: internal table names and contents subject to change (Oct. 2014)
  • accident; acquired; action; address; adv; approx_chance; armed; arrival; aside_chance; birth; book; bottle; dangerous_animal; direction; disease; document; drank; emotion; END; ending; entered_contest; era; event; exclamation; farm_equipment; fight_end; fought; fun_tale; funeral; funny_action; happy_event; hero; holiday; IH; ij; intensifier; INTRO; letter; location; m_end; main; meeting; modifier; money; insult; object; persistence; place; pre; prelude; bad_adj; result; sa; sad_event; special_event; strength; sure_as; tale_end; tale_mid; tale_start; test; ti; timespan; town_action; town_ire; toy; tragedy; treatment; villain; weakness; weapon; wedding; year; yr
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