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Generate your background. Use all or part of it.
One of the Shadowrun Tools and Plots generators.



<sgdisplay iterations="3">[Description]

Family History and Background

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[Family]


<sgdisplay iterations="3">[LifeFacts]

Life Event

Generally 1 per year of age over 16

<sgdisplay iterations="10">[LifeEvent]



1,A description: [Description] 1,A family: [Family] 1,Character: [LifeFacts]


3,Shadowrunning Highs and Lows: this year you got [SRHiLo] 3,Making Friends and Enemies: this year [FrEnem] 3,Romantic Involvement: this year your lover [RomInv] 1,You had a boring year: this year [BoringYear]


4,and you lived happily ever after. Good dates, good memories. 1,[RomeoandJuliet] [YouDidWhatAboutIt] 2,[TroubleInTheNest] [UnderneathYouFeel] 3,and you, got in lots of good fucking.


1,got lots of nasty looks from your family. They do not have your family's approval. 1,got addicted to drugs. 1,got addicted to BTLs. 1,fell into your family's sights. They are trying to dig up dirt on your lover and you. 1,and you constantly fought. 1,kept too many secrets. Some disturb you. 1,was always pissed off how work followed you home, repeatedly, many times. 1,or you is fucking someone else on the side. 1,had been hired to kill you, or visa versa. 1,and you could never agree on politics and religion. 1,was killed by their other jealous lover, who also tried to kill you, after (attempting?) to seduce you.


1,They really love you though. 1,You really love them though. 1,You both love one another. 1,You both can't stand the sight of the other. 1,They are secretly plotting your downfall. 1,You think they are now planning to kill you. 1,You love them, they hate you. 1,They love you, you hate them. 1,You're both surprisingly neutral about this.


1,was killed by organ leggers and harvested. 1,was killed in an auto accident. 1,went insane. 1,committed suicide. 1,got lost in VR. 1,was murdered by gangers. 1,was murdered by a syndicate. 1,was murdered by rivals. 1,went to Prison, and is serving a [Dice.1d8] year sentence. 1,was killed by a bullet meant for you. 1,was stolen by a rival. 1,tried to kill you.


2,You snapped and murdered [Dice.1d8] innocent people in a wave of misplaced retribution. 2,You snapped and murdered the [Dice.1d8] people responsible. 2,You snapped and murdered the [Dice.1d20] people responsible. 1,You mourned their loss for 41 days. 2,You put the names of those responsible as a tattoo on the inside of your arm, four of the [Dice.2d20] names are crossed out. 1,You pissed your pants and did nothing about it.


1,nothing really happened.


1,you've pissed off a [gender] [race] [Enemy], gain Enemy (Minor) hindrance, by [Cause] and now [Hate] and they will [DoAboutItNow] They will bring [TheirResources] to fuck up your day. They are [Description] 1,you've made a friend, a [gender] [race] [Friend], gain rating 3 Contact (either 2L/1C, or 1L/2C). They are [Description]


1,corporate middleman 1,fixer 1,high class prostitute or street walker 1,decker 1,rigger 1,street sam 1,shaman 1,wizard 1,street meat 1,ganger 1,drug dealer 1,weapon specialist 1,Johnson 1,bar owner 1,syndicate made man 1,adept brawler


4,human 2,elf 2,dwarf 1,troll 1,orc


1,just their own skilled selves 1,a good friend with 1,a small gang 1,a large gang 1,a syndicate 1,considerable funds and thus mercenaries 1,corporate backing


1,attempt to kill you the next time you meet. 1,attempt to get back you through skullduggery and subterfuge. 1,just avoid you at all cost. 1,ignore you but not leave. 1,chew you out every chance they get.


1,they hate you 1,you hate each other


1,betraying them, 1,killing one of their loved ones 1,spurning their advances 1,just being you (you never liked each other) 1,leaving them behind on a run 1,wrongfully accusing them of something heinous 1,rightfully accusing them and then they lost face 1,shutting down their plans to sell you out 1,kicking their ass 1,stealing their love interest


1,Fixer 1,Corporate exec 1,Police Officer 1,Hooker 1,Fellow runner 1,Lone Star agent 1,Knight Errant agent 1,[Shadowrun Utility.AAA] agent 1,Sibling 1,Contact 1,Childhood enemy


1,[SRHi] 1,[SRLo] You plan to [DoAboutIt]


1,out of a Damn Fine Run, reputation +1 1,paid beyoch!, gain [Dice.1d10],000 nuyen. 1,a lottery jackpot, or a close teammate died and the team sold his gear, gain [Dice.1d10]0,000 nuyen. 1,a new contact, Loyalty 1, Connection 1. 1,a new good contact, Loyalty 2, Connection 2. 1,a new friend and contact, Loyalty 3, Connection 3. 1,a Get out of Jail Free Card, a cop or Lonestar agent owes you one. 1,a Trainer, who can teach you a skill, they have [Dice.2d4] ranks, and/or [Dice.2d6] ranks Instruction. 1,a Favor, a cop, Lonestar, AAA agent, or similar owe you a big favor, Connection 6. 1,skillz, choose one skill and add a rank in it (max of 5).


1,Debt - You owe a guy [Dice.1d10],000 and have yet to pay him back. 1,Jail Time - You spent [Dice.1d10] months in jail. 1,in a Horrible Accident - choose Ugly or Phobia (Minor) hindrance. 1,Betrayed - by a Johnson, choose a Vow (Minor) hindrance. 1,Betrayed - by a lover, choose a Vow (Minor) hindrance. 1,Betrayed - by a friend, choose a Vow (Minor) hindrance. 1,Betrayed - by a runner, choose a Vow (Minor) hindrance. 1,Illness or Addiction - your habits caused either a (Major) Addiction or Anemic hindrance. 1,Murdered - well a loved one did by your hand, choose Bad Luck hindrance. 1,Murdered - well someone else killed that loved one, choose a Vow (Major) hindrance. 1,Falsely Accused - someone set you up, gain the Outsider or Lower Reputation hindrance. 1,Wanted by the Law - a bounty is out for you, choose the Wanted (Minor) hindrance. 1,a Corporate Enemy - you've pissed off a corporation, gain the Wanted (Major) hindrance. 1,a Mental Breakdown - you're nervous and fragile now, choose Nightmares, Secret (minor), Phobia (Major), or Yellow hindrances.


1,make the motherfuckers pay that did this. 1,piss your pants and leave in shame. 1,restore your reputation by framing them for something worse. 1,go after what was taken from you. 1,save everyone you care about, but then move on.


1,Personality: [Personality]. [PersonMostValued] You value [Value] the most, and your most valued possession is [Possession]. [FeelAboutMost] is how you would describe your feelings about most people.


1,Neutral, blargh, 1,I hate them 1,I like most of them 1,We need another plague 1,Persons are cool, people suck 1,Everyone has something to offer 1,Use them like tools 1,Don't trust anyone 1,They better not get in my way 1,I love people!


1,a pet 1,a collector's item 1,a trusty weapon 1,a family heirloom 1,a piece of technology 1,an entertainment program 1,a computer agent program 1,a book 1,a family album or recording 1,a bullet removed from your body 1,a weapon from a vanquished enemy


1,your family 1,nuyen 1,love and romance 1,sex and conquests 1,fun and good times 1,education 1,your word and your bond 1,revenge 1,being the best 1,your life and survival


3,[Person] is the person you value most. 1,You can't count on anyone.


1,A parent 1,A sibling 1,Yourself 1,Your lover 1,A fictional character 1,Your best friend 1,Your mentor 1,A Politician 1,An entertainer 1,A sports hero


1,Secretive and withdrawn 1,Distant and aloof 1,Apathetic 1,Impassioned 1,Comedic and sarcastic 1,Cynical 1,Positive and upbeat 1,Quick to anger 1,Egg head 1,Serious and formal 1,Very friendly


1,Growing up, you come from a [FamilyRanking] family. Your [Parents]. That [FamilyStatus]. [Sibblings]


8,You are an only child. 8,You have one: [Sib]. 6,You have two: [Sib], and [Sib]. 4,You have three: [Sib], [Sib], and [Sib]. 2,You have four: [Sib], [Sib], [Sib], and [Sib]. 1,You have five: [Sib], [Sib], [Sib], [Sib], and [Sib]. 1,You have six: [Sib], [Sib], [Sib], [Sib], [Sib], and [Sib]. 1,You have seven: [Sib], [Sib], [Sib], [Sib], [Sib], [Sib], and [Sib].


1,[Age] [Gender] [SibFeelings]


1,dislikes you 1,likes you 1,neutral to you 1,reverence towards you 1,hates you


5,Older 4,Younger 1,Twin


1,male 1,female


1,on the tough streets, alone 1,jacked into BTL's because life sucked so bad 1,in a safe megaplex under heavy guard 1,in a sare archology under heavy guard 1,relegated to living in a derelict squatter house in the barrens 1,in a gang war zone 1,in Corporate territory in a posh skyscraper 1,in a slave shop 1,non-existant. You grew up in a human organ farm and escaped 1,in a boring area and sought vandalism as a form of excitement 1,in a crime family house, safe and secure


4,status remains the same to this day, and growing up your childhood and family was [ChildEnviron] 6,status changed the day your family [FamilyTragedy] Before that you grew up with your family [ChildEnviron]


1,was betrayed and lost everything to a parent's business partner/coworker. 1,lost everything through horrible investments or an investment crash. 1,was captured by organleggers. 1,was experimented on. You escaped. 1,was murdered in front of you. 1,arrested, put on trial, and imprisoned. You escaped. 1,was killed by a violent criminal gang. 1,was killed by a violent syndicate. 1,was killed by a violent political group or non-state. 1,suffered the suicide of one or both parents from stress. 1,suffered as your parents pissed away money on BTLs and drugs.


1,high corporate profile 1,mid corporate profile 1,corporate tech development 4,corp wage slave 2,average income 4,poor income 2,Shadowrunning 3,street urchins 4,borderlanders 1,megaplex dwellers


1,father is alive, your mother was [SomethingHappenedToParent] 1,mother is alive, your father was [SomethingHappenedToParent] 4,parents are both alive 1,parents were both [SomethingHappenedToParent]


1,killed in gang crossfire 1,died in an accident 1,murdered 1,hurt and currently on life support in a hospital 1,never known to you 1,being hunted and left to protect you 1,never around, you were raised by relatives 1,never known to you, you were raised on the streets 1,never known to you, you grew up in an orphanage 1,in need of money and sold you


1,[MaleDescription] 1,[FemaleDescription]


1,dressed in [MaleClothes], their hair is [Hair], and they have [MaleAffections]; their ethnicity is [Ethnicity].


1,dressed in [FemaleClothes], their hair is [Hair], and they have [FemaleAffections]; their ethnicity is [Ethnicity].


2,Anglo-American 1,African 2,European 1,Japanese/Korean 1,Chinese/South Asian 1,Pacific Islander 3,Hispanic-American 2,South American 2,Black American 1,Central Asian


1,biker leather 1,blue jeans 1,fancy suit 1,ripped clothing 1,short shorts 1,high fashion tux 1,military fatigues 1,worn military fatigues 1,piecemeal military fatigues 1,day worker clothes 1,general contractor clothes 1,80's retro 1,30's retro 1,50's retro 1,combat armor


1,biker leather 1,blue jeans 1,fancy suit 1,ripped clothing 1,hot shorts 1,high fashion dress 1,military fatigues 1,skintight jumpsuit 1,worn military fatigues 1,piecemeal military fatigues 1,day worker clothes 1,general contractor clothes 1,office casual 1,80's retro street 1,30's retro pants suit 1,50's retro office suit 1,elegant dress 1,skimpy dress 1,form fitting combat armor


1,a mohawk 1,long and grungy 1,punked out 1,crazy colors 1,nonexistant, they are bald 1,in dreds 1,cut and clean 1,cut and propper 1,shaggy 1,an afro 1,long and straight 1,in a ponytail


1,tattoos 1,kick ass attitude glasses 1,glowing tattoos 1,spiked gloves and belt 1,interesting piercings 1,stretched ear piercings 1,a nasty goatee 1,platform boots 1,crazy colored contacts 1,scarification art 1,a big mangy beard 1,a leather jacker 1,a biker jacket 1,a fu man chu


1,tattoos 1,kick ass attitude glasses 1,glowing tattoos 1,spiked gloves and belt 1,interesting piercings 1,stretched ear piercings 1,nail polish that changes color 1,high heels 1,crazy colored contacts 1,scarification art 1,a huge rack 1,expensive jewelry 1,an exposed midriff 1,a gaudy necklace